How Do You Travel With Kids In a RV?

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As a parent, you probably fantasize about getting away from it all to spend quality time with your family. And while you may love the idea of travelling in an RV, you might be concerned that it’s not the right fit for your family.

But don’t worry! Travelling in the RV can be a great way to bond with your kids and create lasting memories together. Here are some tips for how to make sure that your trip goes smoothly.

How Do You Travel With Kids In an RV?

Truly, travelling with kids in an Rv is so challenging and an adventure on its own, and this requires you to make proper planning before embarking on the trip. Plans to make before embarking on  a journey include,

– Get a Suitable Rv

Do not just choose any kind of Rv for your family, you know your family and the nature of your kids.

Kids get bored or sick when they are too far from home at the same time they want to enjoy the trip so it is your duty as parents to either buy or rent an Rv that looks like a home to them, check what it can accommodate.

– Plan The Trip together

When going on a trip with your kids, do not plan where to visit for them, ask them to give you a list of where they want to visit themselves and then check it out with them or give them a list of beautiful places and ask them to select.

– Set Rules

Kids are known to always violate rules but when you give them reasons, they will follow them if those reasons are actually true.

To start with, make a schedule of what each will be doing daily if they are within the school age or already old, and give them rules of what appliances to touch or not and how to handle them. Make them know running around in the Rv is limited especially around the kitchen area.

– Plan Hours of Travelling

Kids are funny creatures created by God and you need to understand them. Kids get bored and exhausted easily but it all depends on their age group and you have to plan the hours you use on road with their age group.

When travelling with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, you have to keep your travelling as short as possible by having stopovers, especially for a potty break. Potty breaks can be very frustrating if you don’t encourage all to visit the potty at the scheduled place. (I’m very sure you don’t want a kid screaming “I want to pee” at your back 30 minutes after you had a potty break)

Older children should be able to travel for 8 hours on a stretch without a stop-over.

– Set up a Playroom

Create a space inside the RV, make it colourful, arrange their toys, get board and card games for them put kids’ comics, picture books, and magazines there if possible make movies and music box available as this will be your saving grace during the rainy days when you have to spend your days in your RV(Home away from Home)  and they can’t play outside.

Avoid putting old comic books or magazines in the room, make sure they are interesting ones and they have not read them before.

– Create an Outdoor Playspace

The indoor playroom is not spacious enough for them to enjoy themselves and if care is not taken, they will soon get bored of that same game.

And don’t forget to arrange an outdoor play space with outdoor games whenever you have a stopover for them to have fun.

– Pack Enough Snacks

Kids tend to eat more when they are on a trip so pack enough store-bought snacks, healthy snacks such as fruits, chocolates, juice, and water bottles for them and place them close to the kids.

Make sure you are conscious of each kid’s allergies and do not pack snacks that will cause indigestion as you don’t want a sick kid as your passenger, besides it will slow down your journey.

– Get a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of the things you must not forget when going on a trip. You can not predict anything that might come up.

– Choose An Rv Park

Your destination must be decided along with your kids and you must give them the rules to abide by at the RV park. For the comfort of your kids, suggest a family-friendly park full of kids’ activities to them.

What Not To Do When Travelling With Kids In an RV?

There are certain things you are not to do when you are travelling with kids, a few of them are listed below

  • Do not allow your kids to seat in the front passenger seat.
  • Do not travel for long hours
  • Do not allow your kid to operate any of the appliances without your thorough supervision.
  • Do not restrict them from visiting family and friends on your trip
  • Do not give them the liberty to choose what they want to do especially when it comes to chores.

Tips for A Child Safety when on an Rv Adventure.

Your Trip will be ruined and stressful if any of your kids are injured so you need to ensure they are safe, these are a few tips that will help your kids stay safe during your trip.

i. Keep Them Seated

Gallops, Bumps on the road, or turns can cause things to fall off in the Rv which could be dangerous to the kids so it is important you keep them seated with their seat belts buckled and give them warnings like anyone that stands without my permission will not be given chocolate and burger for the next two days. 

Trust me, they won’t, and if anyone does it, use that kid as a sample and you can be sure others will not want to be a victim because kids love sweet things.

ii. Find A Baby Sitter Or Nanny

Kids need careful attention, especially when riding in an Rv. Employ a babysitter or a nanny to watch over them especially when you have infants, toddlers, or pre-schoolers as your passengers.

iii. Get Car seats

When dealing with infants toddlers, and pre-schoolers, it is advisable you go for car seats following the federal recommendations, manufacturers’ law, and Rv prescription for car seats.

However, do not make the mistake of not checking on your kids as the inquisitive ones might have fumbled with it.

iv. Get an Alternative Passengers Vehicle

You can be sure of your kids’ safety if they are riding in a passenger’s vehicle with the car seats(if needed) and the seat belts well buckled with an adult with them. The passenger’s vehicle does not contain any basic appliances or items that could be a threat to their lives.


Planning efficiently before Rving with kids is important though it might be costly, you having your kids in the Rv with you is a lot of fun as kids are fun themselves.

I believe with what you have read in this article you should be encouraged to go with your kids in your Rv this summer.

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Written by Jane Miller

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