Are Frogg Toggs Good For Backpacking?

Frogg Togg

One of the worries of hiking, hunting, or any backpacking trip during the pouring season is the fear of getting drenched. Since the 1990s, the Frogg toggs company has been known for making lightweight rain gear. With most of their products are relatively available for under $50. You can comfortably use their products during the … Read more

Are Eno Hammocks Good For Backpacking?

Eno Hammocks

With the growing popularity of camping, Eno Hammocks has been on almost every camper’s Instagram pictures. You would see pictures of different Eno Hammocks having various colors and sizes. I’m sure you must have come across some of these pictures or even thought of buying one for your next camping. Are they good for backpacking? … Read more

Are Backpacking Chairs Worth It?

Backpacking Chairs

For some people, a backpacking chair is a must-have while for others it is a waste of money and space. Backpacking chairs are smaller in shape and less bulky than camping chairs. Several people use it when on the trail. With spending most of your time on the trail, is a Backpacking Chair worth spending … Read more

Does A Backpacking Backpack Count As A Carry On?

backpack on ground

Although traveling with a Backpack can seem less stressful. Sometimes it’s no different than carrying a piece of actual luggage. Irrespective of either luggage or a carry-on, there are items you can not take. Some backpacking backpacks can meet the requirements for a carry-on while others may not. There are general rules that apply to … Read more

Are Clif Bars Good For Backpacking?

clif bars

Are you planning on going backpacking and you are wondering if Clif bars are suitable for backpacking? Clif Bars have become a popular choice for backpackers in recent years. But are they the best option? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Clif Bars and see what makes them a good choice for … Read more

Are MREs Good For Backpacking?


Whenever you’re out hiking or backpacking, you’ll need to eat and stay energized on your adventure. For many people, cooking while hiking or backpacking can be a bit of an inconvenience and time-consuming. However, many ways are quick and easy ways to get a meal while backpacking, and one of those ways is MREs. Most … Read more

What Should I Inflate My RV Tires To?

rv tires

Determining the correct pressure to inflate your Rv tires to is an easy but careful task as rvers have recorded a loss of life and tires through tire blowout as a result of failing to know the exact pressure to inflate their tires to or getting the information of the tire pressure from a non-reliable … Read more

Can You Travel With Pins On Your Backpack?

backpack for backpackers1

When planning for a trip far or near, you also plan for how to carry the necessary things you may need and how comfortable to carry them. Whether you are going for a long or back in a short while.    Backpack is also known as booksack, bookbag, schoolbag,rucksack, rucksac, backsack, knapsack, sackback or pack. … Read more