Can You Take a Chihuahua Hiking?

chihuahua bolonka

Chihuahuas are small dogs with short legs and short tails. They are known for their friendly and loving personalities. Chihuahuas are often referred to as parlour dogs. In recent times, they are mostly used for putting ambience into homes, as opposed to being used for companionship or security. Chihuahuas are often kept as pets by … Read more

Can You Take a Dachshund Hiking?


Dachshunds are the best dogs in the world. They’re loyal, friendly and ready for anything you throw at them. They go so far as to have been used by hunters to hunt small game such as rabbits. But, with all of that energy and enthusiasm comes some questions about whether Dachshunds are able to handle … Read more

Are Sorel Boots for Hiking?

Hiking shoe on pavement

Sorel boots are classic hiking boots. They’re designed to be durable and long-lasting. They’re also made to be both comfortable and fashionable. They are great for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities. They’re also a fantastic option for everyday wear. They are a great choice for a variety of activities and styles.  However, sorel … Read more

Can You Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts?

Hiking boots

There are different types of protective clothing that you can wear to protect yourself from the elements that are ever-present in the outdoors. These include rain, wind, snow, sleet, and hail. You also might encounter dangerous animals or insects. It depends on the terrain you choose to hike in. As hiking is a great way … Read more

Can You Take a French Bulldog Hiking?

french bulldog

The French Bulldogs are excellent hikers. They have a good sense of balance and can move quickly over uneven terrain. French Bulldogs need a lot of exercise, so hiking is a perfect way to give them a varied and challenging workout. The French bulldog is a great companion. They are strong, agile, and also protective … Read more

Can You Go Hiking With an Infant?

infant child

For someone who has spent years moving from mountains to falls, hiking with dogs and groups of hikers, being cooped up in the house for months of pregnancy can lead to this feeling of isolation. So, it is understandable that you want to reconnect with nature and your body back to the booze of hiking … Read more

Can You Go Hiking With a Torn Meniscus?


A torn meniscus is a common injury amongst athletes, especially those involved in contact sports. It is a partial or complete tear of the meniscus of the knee joint. The meniscus is a cartilage-like tissue that covers the inside of the knee joint. The meniscus is located between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia … Read more

Can You Get Shin Splints From Hiking?


Shin splints are a common injury that can result from the overuse of the muscles in your feet. Shin splints are caused by inflammation of the soft tissue in the front of your shin. Shin splints develop as a result of overusing the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue. Athletes often get shin splints when they … Read more

Are Hiking Boots Supposed To Be Tight?

hike shoes

Hiking boots are one, if not the most important piece of gear you need before going on a hiking adventure. For a boot to be considered safe and good, it has to possess some attributes, which include but are not limited to traction, durability, and comfort.  Some people believe that if a hiking boot is … Read more

Can You Use Ski Pole for Hiking?

ski poles

Ski poles are primarily used for balance and stability. They are mainly created for people who ski or glide in a snowy area. Ski poles are usually made of wood and are usually made of light material. Since ski poles are mainly used for balance and stability, can they be used for hiking?  This article … Read more

Are Hiking Boots Slip Resistant? Importance and Tips

Hiking boots

Hiking is a form of outdoor event, it involves walking for some time in a specific area. However, hikers are expected to wear some protection since their routes most of the time are places they have never been to. Some of this protection includes a jacket, hat and boots.  A hiker’s boots have to be … Read more

Can You See Amicalola Falls Without Hiking?

Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls is located in the Amicalola River Gorge, which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Amicalola fall is situated in northern Georgia’s mossy national forest, which is set in the Appalachian Mountains.  But can Amicalola falls be seen without hiking? These are the questions tourist often asks. This article will answer the … Read more