Reviews of 9 Best Camera for Hiking, FAQs and Guide

Camera for Hiking

Photos help to immortalize your hiking adventures. When your adventure comes to an end and all that you have left are memories, then, the photos you took become priceless. The photos become a way to look back on the adventures you had. This is why it is important to have the best hiking camera for your adventures.

You might be overwhelmed with the number of cameras out there so picking a good camera might be difficult. We will therefore be covering some of the best cameras that you can use for your hiking adventures.

So, let’s get started.

Reviews of the Nine Best Cameras for Hiking, FAQs, and Guide

We have done some digging and we have come up with nine of the best cameras for your hiking adventures. We know that this guide will help you pick the best camera for your hiking experiences.

Keep reading as we explore these cameras.

1. Sony α7R Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Camera

This light and the compact high-resolution camera come in to deliver superior image quality. It features a CMOS sensor that helps it to deliver high-quality images across the board. It comes in as a great fit for hiking and backpacking adventures.

This camera comes with an AF tracking system just in case you want to track an object to focus on in the photo. The Pixel Shift mode of this Sony camera will get you to a whopping 240 MP image quality. This camera also features a full burst mode with auto-focus. The build of this camera is quite solid and it comes with weather sealing to help with waterproofing abilities.

The placement of the buttons and dial of this camera makes it quite easy to handle even when you are wearing gloves. It also comes with an excellent battery life which means that the camera will last long as you go about your adventures.

This camera comes with a 4K video with a full-frame sensor or APS-C crop to ensure that it has advanced video shooting abilities. This Sony camera combines high resolution, superb image quality, and easy handling into a portable package.

Highlighted Features:

  • CMOS sensor for high-quality images.
  • AF tracking system.
  • Pixel Shift mode.
  • Water sealing to aid waterproofing capabilities.

2. Sony RX 100 VII Premium Compact Camera

This camera comes with a 20.1 MP sensor that ensures that you can acquire high-quality images with speedy performance. This speedy performance will be needed as you go about hiking and this has been reinforced by the processor of this camera.

The 4K capability of this camera allows you to shoot true-to-life videos. This means that the videos that you shoot with this RX 100 VII camera will be real and natural. This camera also features a rotatable flip screen that helps you shoot videos from different angles. The viewfinder of this camera also helps you see what the videos will look like when you take them.

This camera also comes with incredible autofocus tendencies. This means that you can be at a high altitude and still capture an object even when it is on an unlevelled surface. The camera will ensure that you take steady images. 

The ISO sensitivity of this camera helps you work with any light situation in that you have to take clear pictures. This means that even if you are hiking at dawn, you will still be able to take quality pictures.

Highlighted Features:

  • 20.1 MP sensor for high-quality images.
  • Autofocus to capture objects.
  • Rotatable flip screen to shoot videos from different angles.
  • ISO sensitivity for clear images in low light.

3. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III Camera

Olympus has engineered this camera with exceptional resolution and speed. This camera comes with a low-light capacity that ensures that darkness would not stand in your way of taking clear images as you go about hiking.

This camera features a C4K video capability that allows you to shoot smooth videos with high quality. The videos will come with cinema qualities with good resolution. You can also use the live composite feature of this camera to take clear pictures at night. You can take the picture of a beautiful star with ease.

This Olympus camera comes with pinpoint AF precision. It features an AF system that comes with 121-phase deduction points. All these points are cross-type which means you can take images with pinpoint precision.

This camera also comes in compact and lightweight. It features a sleek lightweight body that makes it quite appealing. It also comes with a deep and comfortable grip that helps you take pictures with perfection.

Highlighted Features:

  • Low-light capacity for taking pictures in the dark.
  • C4K video capability for taking smooth videos.
  • AF system for shooting with pinpoint precision.
  • Lightweight and compact.

4. Sony Alpha 6000 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera

The swift image processor and fast AF system rank this Sony Alpha 6000 camera as one of the speediest cameras around. With this camera, you can take pictures in diverse light conditions with ISO sensitivity.

This Alpha 6000 camera features a hybrid AF system that helps you take precise images with a sharp focus. The AF system comes with 179-point phase detection and 25-points of contrast detection. These features of the AF system will help you lock the focus of the camera in an instant.

This camera also comes with an OLED viewfinder that helps you get a glimpse of what you are shooting before you take them. This will help bring accuracy to your shooting experience as you go about hiking.

This Alpha 6000 camera comes with a 24.3 CMOS sensor that helps to have improved resolution. It also features an image processor that helps with the texture and details that are necessary for your images.

Highlighted Features:

  • ISO sensitivity to take pictures in diverse light conditions.
  • Hybrid AF system for precise images.
  • OLED viewfinder.

5. GoPro Hero 9 Digital Action Camera

This camera features a high-end sensor that makes the resolution deliver high-quality images. It also features 5K video quality that makes videos appear unreal and ethereal. The enhanced quality of this camera will make you not miss out on any action.

This camera offers you 1080p of resolution in the Livestream mode. As a result of this incredible resolution, it is a great option for action recording. The inadequate lighting on your trail won’t in any way affect the transparency of the video. You can seize the action as you want with this camera.

This camera comes with a very advanced stabilization. This means that your still images and videos will come with immense clarity. The hyper smooth 3.0 will add the necessary stabilization as it will eliminate all the shakiness and vibration.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-end sensor to deliver high-quality images.
  • 5K video quality to have high precision action videos.
  • 1080p resolution in Livestream mode for great recording action.
  • Advanced stabilization for immense clarity in still and video shoots.

6. Sony Alpha 7R III Mirrorless Camera

This camera comes with a 42.4 MP sensor that helps it deliver keenly detailed images as you can capture vast scenes with high colour accuracy. This means that you will get refined results of any situation you shoot with this camera.

The speedy performance and pro-class operations of this camera make it well suited for your hiking adventures. So, you can trust it to deliver a good performance on your trails. This Alpha 7R III camera comes with an ISO sensitivity that helps it work impressively even in diverse lighting conditions.

With the precise autofocus feature and a shooting pace of 10 fps, this camera ensures that you have iconic shots with high precision and well-distributed colours. The sharpness of the images will also be top-notch.

This Sony camera also comes with an OLED electronic viewfinder. This means that you can capture scenic views well with bright appearances and eye-level monitoring. The tilting touchscreen LCD of this camera helps you control its intuitive settings.

Highlighted Features:

  • 42.4 MP sensor for high colour accuracy.
  • Speedy performance and pro-class operations.
  • Autofocus and 10 fps shooting pace.
  • OLED electronic viewfinder.

7. GoPro Hero 8 Digital Action Camera

The aesthetic features of this camera make it a great fit for your hiking adventures. The camera helps you capture 12 MP images with enhanced HDR. With this feature, you don’t have to bother about whether you shoot while moving or standing, the quality of the image is not compromised.

This camera features a 4K UHD recording for shooting iconic videos. With this feature, your iconic moments will be well captured and preserved in your camera roll. The super stable time-lapse will also help you deliver great images.

This GoPro Hero 8 camera features a hyper smooth 2.0 to help you deliver smooth results. So, you don’t have to bother about whether your hands are steady during your shots. This stabilization ability is beneficial at all resolutions.

The streamlined design of this camera makes it one of the most versatile around. The camera has been designed quite comfortably to handle as it comes with a portable fit. So, it is quite easy to use. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 4K UHD recording.
  • Hyper smooth 2.0 stabilization.
  • Portable and comfortable fit.
  • 12 MP imagery with improved HDR.

8. Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 Digital Camera

This camera features an abundance of zoom powers that helps you capture dramatic vistas. It comes with a high-resolution viewfinder that helps you acquire the area of view that you desire as you go about hiking.

The view range of the camera will help you capture vast areas. It also features a bright 1,170K dot that ensures you get optimal results even in low lighting. This camera will help you deliver overall bright images. It comes with 4K resolution traits for impressive outputs in your videos. This 4K capability makes this camera versatile.

The focusing abilities of this camera are a stand-out feature. The advanced post focus feature of this camera means that you can capture vast hiking scenes without any constraints. You won’t miss out on any detail as you take your pictures.

The multimedia sensor of this camera is rated at 18 MP to give you some of the best stills you can have. This Panasonic camera helps you record videos at an impressive rate of 30fps to give you flawless outcomes.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-resolution viewfinder to acquire any view.
  • Bright 1,170K dot for bright images in low light conditions.
  • 4K resolution for impressive video outputs.
  • Advanced autofocusing abilities.

9. Olympus TG-6 Waterproof Camera

This Olympus camera features an impressive battery life that makes it ideal for long hiking adventures. It comes with a comfortable fit that is quite easy to hold even when you are going through the most challenging climbs.

You can record your adventures with the 4K UHD video abilities to help you deliver cinematic qualities with creamy details and precise colors. The three modes of white balance of this camera help to bring life to your view.

This camera comes with an effective impression of speed and sensitivity. It combines a 12 MP BSI CMOS sensor and a True PIC VIII image processor to help it deliver on such speed and sensitivity.

This Olympus camera comes with a robust construction that makes it easily preferred over others. It can perform heavy-duty activities even in the most challenging situations. The tough seal of this camera makes it resistant to dust, shock, crush, and freeze.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comfortable fit.
  • 4K UHD video abilities to deliver cinematic qualities.
  • Three modes of white balance.
  • High speed and sensitivity.


Capturing moments as you go about hiking can come in quite priceless. This is why you need a high-quality camera for your hiking adventures. We have therefore covered some of the best cameras that will be great fits for you as you go about hiking.

So, look through our reviews, make the purchase and immortalize the moments.

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