Are Backpacking Chairs Worth It?

Backpacking Chairs

For some people, a backpacking chair is a must-have while for others it is a waste of money and space. Backpacking chairs are smaller in shape and less bulky than camping chairs. Several people use it when on the trail.

With spending most of your time on the trail, is a Backpacking Chair worth spending on? Owning to the fact that you only get to use it for a short period while hiking. 

Are Backpacking Chairs Worth It?

Yes, backpacking chairs are worth it. Although not a necessity, you’ll need it for more comfort when you wish to sit and relax. A backpacking chair can be used either for backpacking or car camping. A lot of people have argued that it is not worth it but I dispute that. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a couple of dollars on a chair you can you for sitting down at camps. People who feel it is not worth having because they feel you can use other alternatives like a hammock, bear canister, or sleeping pad. No doubt you can use all the above mentioned as an alternative but having a lightweight portable backpacking chair wouldn’t hurt. 

For car camping, the need for a great chair is important because it makes it more comfortable. A backpacking chair will come in handy at a country campsite that doesn’t have picnic tables or benches.

Above all the choice of backpacking, chair depends on whether you want it or not. But having it either for car camping or backpacking makes your time at the camp or while hiking more comfortable.

Why Do You Need A Backpacking Chair?


You deserve a comfortable place to perch after a long day of camp adventure or hiking away from your initial camp base. Having a backpacking chair with modern features can be one way you can rest. Recently chair designs have gone wild, adding various features like, a headrest, coffee holder, and feet rest among others.

While it is my opinion that purchasing a backpacking chair is worth it, always go for light packs with quality and durable fabrics to enjoy the extra comfort. At the end of the day it is your choice to prioritize if you need a backpacking chair or not and the type of camper you are as an individual. If you do not have the money to spend on a backpacking chair, you can rest using other camping items like sleeping bags, hammock amongst others. One major reason why you need a backpacking chair is to keep you off the floor. You can also have comfortable sit-down chitchat with your camp friends while sitting around the fire during cold seasons.

Factors/ Features To Look Out For When Buying A Backpacking Chair


When buying a backpacking chair, the following are some of the factors and features to consider:

  1. The weight and size should be key for backpacking while comfort should be added to the former for country camping.
  2. The size and height should also be put into consideration. Low chairs are better for sandy terrain or even concerts. But higher chairs are easier to get in and out of. You should weigh your options as to what is the best fit for you.
  3. You might also want to consider the design of the chair. There are various options to choose from ranging from two-legged, and three-legged, gliders, rockers, and so on. Always give your chair choice a sit test to feel how comfortable it can be.
  4. You can check for extra designs on the chairs. Some chairs come with removable headrests, footrests, or cup holders while others come with different additional bonus designs. Some chairs come as two-person ‘loveseat’ camping chairs which will be a good choice when going camping with your significant other.
  5. Some chairs are made with cheap materials and as a result, don’t last long. The bags used for storage should be made from quality fabrics. This makes it easy to carry your chair along from a campsite to anywhere at all. Nylon materials are the best fabrics for these types of bags. They are easy to clean and do not get spoilt when rained on.
  6. The price and durability of the chairs should always be considered. When spending more, ensure you are getting value for your money. So also, avoid going for cheaper options that are mostly under $10 but not durable.
  7. Check the carrying capacity of the chair, all chairs do not support the same weight.
  8. Most times the quality of the material both from the fabrics to the frame reflect in the price. Some chairs even come with ultralight features.
  9. Check for the complexity of the chair. Some chairs are a simple pop open and plunk yourself type of chair while some might take a little time to set up.

Any model of backpacking chair you choose, always ensure it is lightweight, portable, durable, and most importantly comfortable. Avoid buying a heavy and bulky chair to save yourself the stress of worrying about where to store it at home. With a bulky and heavy chair, transporting it to different places can be stressful.

Different Types Of Backpacking Chairs


There are different types and designs of backpacking chairs in the market. Depending on what you want and your budget, some might be more pricey than others according to their distinct features. Most of these features provide a little extra comfort for relaxation. The quality of the material both fabric and frame also determine the price. 

Different backpacking chairs include:

  • Rockers/ Gliders are very comfortable and you might end up taking a short nap in them.
  • Scoop does not have a back seat and some people still find it comfortable.
  • Classic camp chairs are the normal four-leg chair with a straight back and a flat seat. They’re high enough, easy to sit and stand up, and quite affordable.
  • Low chairs are good for both sand and ground. It is a good option for outdoor events like concerts and is less tippy than some other types.
  • Suspended chairs are among the newer designs which means they cost more than older designs. This design has the chair hanging down the frame like a swing.
  • Two-legged chairs also have their fan, although this particular design is an acquired taste. Your feet provide the chair more support in the front, acting as the extra legs of the chair which allows you to rock a little in the chair.
  • The three-legged is not quite stable compared to a four-legged chair. They cannot withstand much weight and are simply like stools.




I strongly believe backpacking chairs are worth spending your money on. It provides you extra comfort and also come in handy at campsites where there are no picnic tables or bench. However, some people feel, that you can use other alternatives for the same purpose like a hammock or sleeping bag. Having a backpacking chair that is lightweight, portable, and durable gives a more comfortable rest after a day-long camp adventure. In recent years backpacking chairs have been made with features to make them more comfortable and look luxurious. Some of these features include a headrest, footrest, and coffee holder amongst many others. Whether a simple or more luxurious quality, a backpacking chair is essential. You might think you don’t need one until you try them.






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