13 Interesting Things to do in the College Station (Freshman and tourist guide)

things to do in college station

College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas, and is best known for housing Texas A&M University. Students are known as Aggies, and the university is known as Aggieland. In addition to the institution, there are various museums on campus where you may learn about the city’s college traditions. It may be difficult to escape Aggieland even if you aren’t a student anymore. It’s home to live music events, brewery tours, eateries, memorials, and athletic venues. Below are the best things to do at the college station.

Check out the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Image credits: George Bush Library

Texas A&M University hosts the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. This museum, devoted to the 41st President of the United States, is unique in that it features a replica of the Oval Office. Not to mention the Presidential Limousine and a slew of other mementos from George H.W. Bush’s life and career. You’ll even find a fragment of the Berlin Wall and a collection of gifts given to the President by visiting dignitaries. You can sit in the presidential chair in the Oval Office and picture yourself in the White House. The library and museum provide guided or audio tours for those interested in learning more about the things on display.

Take a Look at the Bonfire Memorial

Bonfire 01
Image credits: Nordenson

The Aggie Bonfire was a tradition that originated in 1909 when the College Station team challenged the University of Texas. However, in 1999, the bonfire was built wrongly, resulting in the deaths of 12 individuals. One of the victims’ hometowns is represented by each of the monument’s twelve stone arches. The memorial is located in a parkland setting, making it a tranquil area to visit for many visitors to College Station. You can take a guided visit to the monument, where volunteers will explain you all about the bonfire’s history and its tragic fall in 1999.

Take a Stroll around Research Park

Image credits: Daily Dose of Texas

Taking a stroll around the research park is one of the things to do in the college station. After seeing the (model) Oval Office, Research Park is a nice place to enjoy an afternoon stroll. The community park is surrounded by lush College Station landscape and features a pond with many local ducks, and students here love nothing more than coming to the public park with a blanket for a late-afternoon picnic to soak in the sights. If you’re already in the neighborhood for the library, don’t forget to stop at this peaceful and beautiful nature park. 

Catch a Game at Kyle Field

Image credits: SB Nation

Catching a game at kyle field is one of the things to do in the college station. Many Aggies will tell you that a trip to College Station isn’t complete without a visit to Kyle Field. Kyle Field is the home field of the Texas A&M Aggie football team. The stadium seats over 100,000 people, making it one of the largest in the United States, and is also a must-see if you’re in town for an all-American football game. In addition, the Aggie mascots, all Border collies named Reveille, are buried outside the field in the Reveille Mascot Cemetery. To ensure that it can always watch the games, after the mascot dies, it is buried outside Kyle Field, with a view of the scoreboard.

Sip a Few Wines at Messina Hof

Estate Tasting Room
Image credits: Messina Hof

To try local wines while taking in the scenery, visit Messina Hof, College Station’s resident winery. Tourists can take tours of the winery and tasting rooms to see how the wines are made from the moment the grapes are picked from the vines to the final bottle. In addition to seeing the vineyard, you may partake in a wine tasting or dine at their on-site restaurant. Tourists can learn about the history of winemaking in College Station on the property’s wine excursions, which last about an hour.

Say your Prayers at St. Mary’s Catholic Center

Image credits: The Eagle

The St. Mary’s Catholic Center is a parish helps the surrounding community, particularly Blinn College and Texas A&M University students. St. Mary’s Catholic Center in College Station, Texas, near the university, trains and support apostles for the Church and the world. They also hold weekend masses in the morning and evening on Saturdays and Sundays, with a 5:30 pm weekday mass.

Get an Idea about the History at the Museum of the American G.I.

Image credits: KBTX

The Museum of the American G.I. in College Station is a living history museum dedicated to preserving the memories, uniforms, equipment, and other belongings of men and women who have served in the US military. The military history museum has one of the best collections of restored and operational military vehicles from World War I, World War II, and later in the country, including M18 Hellcats, WWII Sherman tanks, and a WWI FT-17 tank, among other military tanks. The Museum of the American G.I. also has a collection of vintage uniforms and equipment.

Explore the Nightlife of Northgate

Image credits: PE

Exploring the nightlife of Northgate is among the things to do in the college station. If you want to have a good time, head to College Station’s Northgate district. Visitors can find restaurants and pubs all over Northgate, and you may also enjoy native Texas specialties like barbecue or Tex Mex, a fusion of American and Mexican food. During the warmer months, many of the restaurants here include outside seating and live music.

Appreciate the Art at Benjamin Knox Gallery and Wine Depot

BKG 720x390 1
Image credits: Jacody Construction

U.S. artist Benjamin Know lives and works out of the Benjamin Knox Gallery and Wine Depot in Austin. The gallery also offers art collectors the chance to examine and purchase fine art prints and original works of art by Benjamin Knox. The Wine Depot Bar, located within the Depot’s glass-covered porch and neighboring decks, serves over fifty different types of beer and wine.

Go on a Tour of New Republic Brewing

Going on a tour of the new republic brewing is among the things to do in the college station. Go to New Republic Brewing, a craft beer brewery in downtown College Station, for a few beers. Visit the brewery’s acclaimed taproom, where you may sample a selection of craft beers before choosing one to take home. The brewery’s founders lead tours, so you’ll hear about the brewery’s history and mission directly from them. On weekends, there are live music performances, and a local food truck serves great local foods to accompany the beer.

Taste the Delicacies at C & J Barbeque

swp 2 orig
Image credits: CJ BBQ

The history of C & J Barbeque in College Station, Texas is fascinating. In 1981, Jo and Chip Manning bought a convenience shop on Harvey Road. When Chip launched the business, it offered soda, beer, cigarettes, and gas. People began to come for gas and a sandwich, and the barbecue grew in popularity over time. Since 2000, C & J Barbeque has won the Readers Choice Award for “Best BBQ in the Brazos Valley” for the last seventeen years.

Check out the Local Legend of Dixie Chicken

If you’re hungry in College Station, look no farther than the Dixie Chicken, a local legend. Since the 1930s, the Dixie Chicken has served customers local favorites like fried chicken, burgers, and cheese fries. It’s also a great spot to go for a domino game, a pool tournament, or to listen to country music. Many tourists come here to check whether the rumor is real and to have a few cold glasses themselves, as the Dixie Chicken is also popular for being the place where people drank the most beer in one night in the United States.

Learn about the Natural History at Brazos Valley Natural History Museum

Image credits: The Eagle

Visitors can find the Brazos Valley Natural History Museum in Bryan. The visitors recognize it for being the only museum in the region that focuses on natural history, and as a result, many tourists come here since it is a fantastic location to bring younger guests. The museum concentrates on all things related to plants, animals, and minerals in the Brazos Valley area, and some of the highlights include an observation beehive, butterfly exhibits, and a discovery room with fifteen different types of live animals. Throughout the year, there are both rotating and static displays, including fossils, taxidermy specimens, and historical agricultural equipment from the region among the highlights.

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