20 Amazing Things to do in Page, AZ (Places and Attractions)

things to do in page

Page, AZ, is a little town with a surprising number of world-class attractions for such a small population. Furthermore, it serves as a convenient launching point for day trips to other nearby attractions.

Although there are a few fast food restaurants and a Wal-Mart in this Arizona desert town, most roads are residential. The surrounding sandstone mountains and mind-blowing slot canyons make it one of the most popular tourist sites in the Southwest. As a result of the dramatic increase in the number of people who seek to see both Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in recent years, Page has emerged as a must-visit destination for all travelers. So, here are some of best things to do in Page, Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Gary
Image credits: City of Page

The Colorado River carved Horseshoe Bend near Page, AZ, over thousands of years. Located in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, this magnificent treasure will awe outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike. Visitors will enjoy a picturesque walk to the bend, with many of photo possibilities. Grainy minerals like garnet, platinum, and hematite are used to construct the spectacular rock walls that surround the river. The overlook is 4,200 feet above sea level, compared to the river’s 3,200 feet.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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Image credits: Trip

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which stretches from the Orange Cliffs in southern Utah to Lees Ferry in northern Arizona, encompasses more than 1.25 million acres and hundreds of kilometers. The site provides guests with unequaled chances for wilderness and water-based recreation. The recreation area is a treasure trove of human history, breathtaking landscapes, and geological wonders. In addition to tours of Glen Canyon Dam, visitors can learn about pioneer life at Lees Ferry and enjoy smooth-water rafting down the Colorado River, among many other activities.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Image credits: KNAU

Rainbow Bridge National Monument spans a small canyon and streams in Lake Powell, Utah. The monument lies about 30 miles northeast of Page, AZ, and is easily accessible for day trips. Rainbow Bridge boat trips are led by Aramark, the park’s concessioner, and cost $5 per person. Bullfrog and Wahweap marinas are 50 miles apart, so plan on spending the entire day there. Every year, around 85,000 visitors worldwide come to see this geological wonder for themselves. Hiking paths, Red Rock formations, and infinite photo opportunities are all available in the area, which they will enjoy.

Vermilion Cliffs National Park

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Image credits: Peakvisor

It’s roughly an hour southwest of Page, Arizona, to find yourself in Vermilion Cliffs National Park, a 294,000-acre wilderness preserve. The monument’s geological wonders include Paria Canyon, Coyote Buttes, Vermilion Cliffs, and the Paria Plateau. Deep gorges and towering cliffs provide visitors with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Paria Canyon offers guests a superb multi-day backcountry backpacking excursion in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The colorful swirls generated by the cross-bedded sandstone attract visitors from all over the world to Coyote Buttes National Monument. Visitors can expect to observe a variety of animals, including California condors.

Antelope Canyon

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Image credits: Visit Arizona

Eight miles southeast of the town of Page, AZ, is Antelope Canyon, a geologically significant formation. Upper Antelope Canyon (The Crack) and Lower Antelope Canyon are separate slot canyons in the canyon (The Corkscrew). Erosion, primarily driven by flash flooding, created the canyon out of the adjacent Navajo Sandstone, which was then filled in. The rushing rainwaters have left magnificent wave-like properties in the narrow passageways and cavernous halls, which are very attractive. Visitors can take guided hiking tours through one of the slot canyon sections, or both, of the canyon. Throughout the year, sunlight rushes into the canyons from above, creating some of the most stunning shooting opportunities.

Powell Museum

Image credits: Museums of the World

Powell Museum was founded in 1969 to honor Major John Wesley Powell’s life and achievements. Located along North Lake Powell Boulevard in the heart of the town of Page, Arizona, the museum is easily accessible. In a building that the United States Bureau of Reclamation originally constructed as a concrete testing lab for the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, the museum now serves as a permanent home for visitors. The museum is consists of historical archives and collections, interpretive exhibitions, an information center, and a gift shop that sells maps, books, local art, and things that have a relationship to the Colorado Plateau. The museum is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition, visitors will appreciate the fact that this attraction is free to enter; nevertheless, donations are much appreciated.

Lake Powell

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Image credits: CN Traveller

Lake Powell is a beautiful reservoir located halfway between downtown Page, AZ, and the Utah border. Visitors can also discover hundreds of kilometers of the breathtaking landscape by exploring the lake’s beaches on a personal watercraft, kayak, motorboat, or houseboat, which can be rented. Along the way to the lake, you can take pictures of Glen Canyon Dam, slot canyons, and the surrounding Red Rock desert. There are numerous water sports available to tourists on the lake, including paddling boards, jet skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, and waterskiing. Fishing is also available on the lake. In addition, discover historical artifacts, interpretative exhibitions, and archives at the Powell Museum for a unique educational experience.

Carl Hayden Visitor Center

CHVC hundred 001
Image credits: National Park Service

In a glass enclosure, the Carl Hayden Visitor Center is located at the western end of Glen Canyon Dam. This visitor center opened in 1963 to accommodate and enlighten the thousands of tourists who visited Lake Powell. It is also possible to get broad, panoramic views of Lake Powell and the dam from the east end of this spectacular, modernistic structure, which juts out over a towering structure like the dam itself. Visitors to the Glen Canyon Dam can take advantage of guided tours provided by the Glen Canyon Natural History Association members. In addition, the trip takes roughly 45-60 minutes and provides views of the dam’s crest, a large stretch of green grass (which serves as a cooling system), and eight gigantic hydropower generators, among other things.

Water Holes Canyon

Image credits: Walk my World

Water Holes Canyon, near Lake Powell, is a watercourse that cuts through red sandstone, forming multiple slot canyons. It is only a few miles south of downtown Page, Arizona, that you will find this breathtaking stretch of canyon. After following both sides of the major road (U.S 89), the water eventually continues much deeper downstream, passing multiple sheer waterfalls that are similar to those found in Antelope Canyon. After squeezing their way down the narrow corridors, visitors may take in the spectacular panoramas of the breathtakingly beautiful rock formations, which are meticulously twisted and twisted again through different colored sandstone and illuminated by rays of sunlight shining through from above. In addition, visitors to Water Holes Canyon will love the numerous photo opportunities that are available to them throughout their visits.

Antelope Point Marina Village

antelope point 920x518 1
Image credits: Wake Scout

Antelope Point Marina Village, located in Page, Arizona, is a floating marina that offers a gift shop, excursions, eating, and boat rentals, among other amenities. As an alternative to hiking or kayaking through the canyon, visitors can enjoy a calm, guided boat ride through the slot canyons and towering Red Rock cliffs on the Colorado River. Gliding through the waters of Antelope Canyon is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss. Visitors can also rent a kayak, a jet ski, a powerboat, a patio pontoon, or a houseboat. The Ja’di’ To’oh Restaurant, Grandma Betty’s, and The Sandbar are just a few of the village’s dining establishments. Visitors may dine, shop, and relax while enjoying stunning views of Lake Powell and the surrounding desert.

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

Image credits: The Outbound

The Glen Canyon Dam Overlook is a short down-and-back hike near Page, Arizona. Most visitors take about 20 minutes to go down to the viewpoint, observe the river, and then hike back up. In contrast to the dam and its massive complex, the overlook was a considerably smaller project that only required the construction of a road, a parking area, and a few stairs along the sandstone route to be completed. Visitors will witness the stunning views of the Colorado River, the nearby Red Rock desert, and the dam from the dam’s observation deck. In addition, this is an easy, beautiful, and reasonably priced activity that visitors to the Page region can participate in.

Grand Canyon Helicopters

grand canyon helicopters tours
Image credits: Tour Scanner

Grand Canyon Helicopters – Page/Lake Powell is a helicopter tour company situated in the town of Page, Arizona. Also, tours will take visitors on an unforgettable journey around the sights in and around Page and Lake Powell, with options ranging from the Top of the World Navajo Style Tour to the Skyview Horseshoe Bend Air Tour to the Ultimate with Horseshoe Bend Tour. If you want to add a little excitement to your sightseeing, Grand Canyon Helicopters is the way to go. Visitors will witness the aerial views of popular locations such as the Grand Staircase, Tower Butte, the Glen Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs, Lake Powell, and the Kaiparowitz Plateau from the helicopters.

Hanging Gardens Trail

hanging garden trail
Image credits: Pick A Trail

The trailhead for the Hanging Garden Trail in Page, Arizona, is approximately 500 yards from U.S. Highway 89. The Hanging Garden Trail is also a picturesque trip that begins and ends in Page. It is a beautiful route that leads to a stunning Hanging Garden perched high above Lake Powell and the Colorado River, which is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those who care about the environment. In the midst of a row of buttes, a remarkable green oasis has emerged. It is a sight to behold. The one-mile hike along the ancient jeep trail is marked by rock cairns and has a modest elevation gain; it is acceptable for persons of all ages and physical abilities because of its minimal elevation gain. During the hike, guests will witness the stunning views of the Red Rock desert and neighboring mountains.

Navajo Village Heritage Center

Visitors can learn about the Navajo people’s rich history and culture at the Navajo Village Heritage Center. It is located along Coppermine Road, just north of State Route 98, in Page, Arizona, and is free to enter. Also, listening stations will be available for visitors to sit and listen to oral histories that have been passed down through generations. Through the generosity of the Navajo families, visitors to the center will be treated to traditional culture in a beautiful natural location. In addition, they will be able to witness traditional hogans, Native American dancing, and a display of weaving. Visitors will learn about the Navajo people’s rich history and ancestry, as well as their own.

Lees Ferry

Image credits: National Park Service

At eight miles southwest of Page, Arizona, Lees Ferry is a famous tourist destination. Also, with its natural passage between Arizona and Utah, Lees Ferry played an important role in early settlement and exploration in northern Arizona. Between 1872 and 1928, this location was frequented by a large number of visitors, Native Americans, miners, pioneers, and ferryboats seeking to cross the river. In addition to launching rafts for whitewater rafting trips down the Colorado River, the facility is also used for launching recreational boats into the river. It’s also one of four entrances to Grand Canyon National Park, which is nearby.

Slackers Quality Grub

Slackers Quality Grub is a restaurant in Page, AZ that specializes in American cuisine at a modest price point. The restaurant, which debuted in the 1970s, also has been a community staple for nearly 45 years. Diners will love the casual and pleasant ambiance, as well as the exceptional customer service provided. Visitors can get burgers, hot subs, chicken wings, and New York steak, among other foods. Desserts include malts, shakes, and hand-dipped ice-cream cones. The Bacon Cheeseburger is a popular choice among customers. In addition, a third-pound of ground beef is used, which can be cooked to your preference, and it is served on a toasted bun with tomato, dill pickle chips, green leaf lettuce, red onion, and a unique sauce on top.

Big John’s Texas BBQ

page arizona big johns texas bbq
Image credits: Adventures on the Road

Big John’s Texas BBQ is a casual barbeque restaurant in Page, Arizona, on South Lake Powell Boulevard. It serves a variety of barbecue dishes. For more than a decade, the restaurant, which first opened its doors in 2006, has been offering patrons some of the best and most authentic Texas BBQ around.

The restaurant has evolved in tandem with its cult following, from its humble beginnings as a pop-up tent to its current state as a custom BBQ trailer. Beef brisket, pulled pig, pulled chicken, and smoked pork baby back ribs will be among the specialties on the menu, which will also include other traditional Texas barbeque favorites. Coleslaw, cowboy beans, and potato salad are just a few of the side dishes that are equally as wonderful as the main course.

Bonkers Restaurant

Bonkers Restaurant, located on North Navajo Drive in downtown Page, Arizona, is a superb Italian restaurant with a great atmosphere. When it comes to creating its cuisine, the restaurant believes that only the best ingredients are used. From the fresh seafood to the natural meats to the locally sourced produce, every mouthful of the dinner will demonstrate the high quality of the meal. This family takes great satisfaction in making everything from scratch and ensuring that they know exactly what goes into each meal. Guests will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere that is warm and inviting, as well as prompt service. Visitor favorites such as Blackened Salmon Fettuccine, Chicken Picatta or Marsala, Shrimp & Crab Linguini, and Chicken Parmesan are available in the form of Italian-style pasta dishes.

Ranch House Grille

897e8865cb6730c178cb763ad62655fd1215415a restauranttvs
Image credits: Rhode Ranch Golf

A charming, family-owned restaurant in the heart of downtown Page, Arizona, serving Southwestern-inspired food, Ranch House Grille is a must-visit. Breakfast and lunch are available in the restaurant on a daily basis. Also, their comfort food is produced using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients wherever feasible. The environment is casual and pleasant, and the service is excellent. I highly recommend it. The interior is decorated with a knotty pine wall, gray tile floors, diner-style tables and chairs, Native American artifacts, skylights, and flat-screen television. In addition, the Chile Relleno Breakfast is one of the most popular items on the restaurant’s menu.

Hidden Canyon Kayak

Image credits: Only in Your State

Hidden Canyon Kayak is a kayak and canoe tour company based in Page, Arizona, on North Navajo Drive. They offer guided kayak and canoe trips. Visitors will have one of the best opportunities to take in Lake Powell’s unrivaled grandeur and splendor since it will be one of the most visited attractions in the world. In this expedition, they’ll kayak through deep slot canyons, take in views of geologic wonders, and look for signs of human activity. Also, only a few of the trips that are available are the Antelope Canyon Kayak Adventure Tour, Lone Rock Canyon Tour, and Slot Canyon Tour. Overnight excursions offer activities such as swimming, hiking, kayaking, and peaceful camping, among others.

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