16 amazing things to do in New Hope, PA for everyone

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New Hope, PA, is situated in Bucks County, a remote suburb of Philadelphia, and has grown in popularity as a destination for both tourists and residents alike with many things to do. This charming mini-city is a must-see. With so many activities, shops, and restaurants to choose from, tourists may want to plan a weekend road trip to get the whole experience.

Take a trip on the New Hope Railroad and be transported back in time to the 1920s, or visit the Ferry Market in New Hope and sample the diverse cuisines of the numerous food sellers. Relax and unwind at one of the town’s lovely beds & breakfasts while taking in the breathtaking views of the Mississippi River, as locals do.

What is there to do in New Hope, PA, today?

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There are countless things to do in New Hope today, from visiting amusement PArks with the kids to indulging in some of the best craft beer in the region. Go through this list to find 16 of the best things to do in New Hope, PA, today with your friends, family, or on your own.

Begin your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Ferry Market.

Welcome to the first day of your New Hope journey. Do you feel exhausted after a long trip? Was it because there wasn’t much to eat or because it was a lengthy flight? In any case, we have some surprises in store for you!

If you are someone who starts his day with a cup of coffee, allow us to recommend a beautiful location. Just head out to the Ferry Market.

The Ferry Market is one of the finest locations to start your day since it is close to everything. The atmosphere is both bright and energetic.

It’s nice to be surrounded by large groups of people strolling about and eating. In addition, there are many coffee shops and breakfast establishments in the Ferry Market neighborhood.

Delaware Canal State Park is a great place to go bicycling.

You’re finished with your breakfast, right? Have you finished your coffee and sandwiches? Good for you, because we’re about to go on a journey to find the next location for you.

So buckle up because the next location is one of the most amazing tourist spots in all of Bucks County. Prepare to be amazed.

A historical landmark in New Hope, Delaware Canal State Park is one of the most visited attractions in the city. As you can see, there is still a canal in place here, which is a good thing. Also, keep in mind that there aren’t many canals remaining in the United States.

There is breathtaking scenery as well as the most exciting adventure opportunities available here. Numerous hiking and bike routes may be found in this area

Meet Boomer, the official mascot of the town.

Photo from SculptorProject

A special beast guards the streets of this tiny Pennsylvania city! Due to its incredibly long tail, upturned nose, and canine appearance, the monster resembles an amalgamation of real and legendary creatures. Even though it is as terrifying as it is endearing, the strange creature has become a cherished part of the community.

For the 2003 New Hope Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show, a sculpture by local artist Dana Stewart, named Boomer, was temporarily placed on the town hall grounds. People quickly fell in love with the bizarre sculpture.

Local authorities chose to make the beast a permanent resident by putting it adjacent to the Delaware Canal State Park.  Boomer has become the unofficial mascot of the community.

Visit the Bucks County Playhouse to see a show.

Bucks County Playhouse is America’s “most renowned summer theater.” You’ll find it in the unusual setting of a restored grist mill beside the roaring Delaware River. This live theater showcases the culture of New Hope. It is in addition to the magnificent homes, world-class museums, and delicious cuisines that are available.

This 70-year-old institution has been presenting theatrical performances of new and classic plays and musicals, all with the participation of top Broadway actors and performers. Celebrate the past with unique events held throughout the year, and meet some of the industry’s most well-known actors and producers in person.

Indulge in delectable local cuisine on the Deck restaurant’s terrace. It has a breathtaking view of the sea after the event.

Main Street is a great place to walk (and shop).

This bustling street that runs through the heart of downtown New Hope is home to many fantastic stores and eateries.

You can visit MOO, a counter-serve burger restaurant with a vintage feel. Here you can get eco-friendly burgers, fries, and shakes obtained from local or regional suppliers. If you are looking for thoughtful, high-quality toys, the Village Toy Shoppe is the place to go.

Then Farley’s Bookshop has a beautiful variety of books (don’t forget to touch their resident kitty!). Type b Tie Dye Studios, which is essentially a fantastic twist on the old pottery PAinting business, is another great place for the family. The kids can get their hands on some brightly colored tie-dye masterpieces.

The New Hope Arts Center is a great place to appreciate some art.

The New Hope Arts Center is one of the finest locations to spend time in New Hope. Here, you can appreciate some fine art.

It is a non-profit organization that operates only for charitable purposes. On display in the center are a variety of modern and contemporary art forms and styles.

And the greatest thing about this organization is that it contributes to the growth of local artistic endeavors.  Local artists create every piece of art that you see.  Visit the gallery and have a look at some of the local artwork.

The Bucks County Children’s Museum is a source of inspiration.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in New Hope Pa with the kids, then you should visit the Bucks County Children’s Museum. The Bucks County Children’s Museum provides opportunities for your children to discover and learn about the region’s rich culture and history.

Put on your lab coat and imagine you’re a doctor at The Hospital. In The Big Dig, you’ll need to dig your way through the mud to uncover hidden fossils and relics.

Children between the ages of 12 months and seven years old are the ones who have the most fun when visiting. Through the Exploration for All Program, unique outreach activities are available to assist children with disabilities in having a good experience while visiting the museum.

Explore new ways to have fun with these entertaining Bucks County children’s activities.

Take a tour of the Doylestown Castles.

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Photo from Mercer Museum

Suppose you want to explore the historical tidbits about New Hope. In that case, you need to visit the fabled Doylestown Castle complex. The most remarkable thing about these Castles is that they are in one location, allowing you to see both sites in one day.

Let’s go into the specifics of this immediately. Mercer Museum is the first stop on your tour of Doylestown Castles. The Fonthill Castle is the second and last stop on your tour.

When you walk through the doors of the Mercer Museum, you will understand just how far a man’s PAssion can carry him. Take a look at all of the incredible things he has accumulated over the course of his lifetime.

More importantly, the Fonthill Castle, which he designed and constructed with his own original ideas and designs, is a work of art in itself.

This Palace has a total of 44 fascinating rooms, which is quite a number. All of them have been individually adorned in an ancient style by the PAssionate individual himself.

Visit the Great Barn Brewery for a beer or two.

The Great Barn Brewery is the first farm microbrewery in Bucks County. It is a genuine, locally owned farm to glass brewery. You’ll find the 40-year-old barn on the outskirts of New Hope and preserves the historic land.

At the same time, it’s bringing out the true tastes of the produced foods on the property. This idyllic brewery, operated by Steve Ferguson and his wife Maryana, captures the spirit of a freshly produced beer in all its glory.

You can sample the different beer types on a patio with live music and good food. Visitors may also enjoy a cold beer from the brewery’s taproom, conveniently situated in downtown New Hope. The quaint pub beside the gorgeous Delaware River will have you coming back again and again. It is an excellent place to take a breather after touring the town, 

Take a ride on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad.

This fully operational railway from the golden age of rail travel is one of the most interesting sights in New Hope. You can purchase tickets for a 45-minute train trip through the Bucks County countryside in advance online.

In addition to Sunday Brunch and Evening Star Dinner rides, the railroad also provides Murder Haunted Halloween and Trick-or-Treat events throughout the year. The New Hope Railroad also operates Fall Foliage Trains. It travels the whole length of the railroad’s route to Warminster, a 35-mile round trip that takes about two and a half hours.

And don’t forget The North Pole Express, a memorable Christmas experience that’s sure to delight everyone, especially kids.

Enjoy a filling meal at Logan Inn

You must be exhausted from the places you’ve explored so far. Don’t lie! Because we can practically hear your stomach growling from where we are sitting!

A big plus of New Hope is that excellent meals are always available.

No doubt you will discover many restaurants that provide delicious food. However, we’d like to introduce you to a restaurant with an established reputation. During your trip to New Hope, you won’t want to miss tasting Logan Inn’s excellent brunch. 

Did you know that there is also an outside deck where you may enjoy your meal?  In fact, you can have whatever you want right here- from french toast and eggs to bacon strips and PAsta- everything is mouthwateringly delicious!

Have an authentic, fulfilling musical experience with Riverside Symphonia

Enjoy an intimate performance by the Delaware Valley’s finest musical group in a small, intimate setting. Allow yourself to be swept away by exhilarating performances that include local artists, guest performers, and conductors from all around the globe. 

With concerts in a variety of locations across the region, Riverside Symphonia creates unique musical experiences. To see this band live, go to St. Martin of Tours Church, under the stars in Tinicum Park, or at The Performing Arts Center at Hopewell Valley. Each location is chosen based on its distinct features and intimate audience experience, among other factors.

Listen to the haunted cries on the Van Sant Crybaby Bridge

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Photo by Catherine Kerr on Unsplash

According to legend, many years ago, a young lady became pregnant out of wedlock. Her family was clearly unsupportive of her and her baby. She was so upset that she took her baby after giving birth and ran away in the middle of the night. She went straight to a nearby bridge. Then she threw her infant into the river before hanging herself from the rafters of the bridge.

If you park your vehicle in the center of the bridge, locals claim you will be able to hear the cry of the abandoned child. You’ll also hear the scraping of the woman’s feet on your car roof as she dangles from the bridge. Red foxes often frequent the region, and some intrepid ghost hunters claim that the wailing sound they hear is coming from them.

The bridge, which crosses Pidcock Creek, was constructed in 1875. Locals sometimes refer to the bridge as the Beaver Dam Bridge. Aside from being the location of the unwed mother of the crybaby tale, the Van Sant Bridge is also said to have served as a hangout for horse thieves.

Collect art pieces at the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works Museum

The Moravian Pottery and Tile Works is a National Historic Landmark currently under the management of the Bucks County Parks and Recreation Department. Henry C. Mercer built the museum in 1910-12.  

Staff ceramists create reissues of Mercer’s Arts and Crafts Era handmade ornamental tile and mosaics as closely as possible to Mercer’s original technique. They are available for purchase at the museum’s tile store, which is open daily, save significant holidays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (last tour at 4).

Explore the shadows at Vampa, a vampire, and paranormal museum

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Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

There are tons of things to do in New Hope, PA for those who love myths and legends. In a tiny New Jersey town, just two minutes from New Hope, located in an antique shop, sits a massive collection of ancient vampire-killing sets. Each wall has classic vampire-hunter equipment, such as a stake, a crucifix, and a holy water bottle.

The stakes, on the other hand, are much more than just pointed wooden rods. All of the weapons, some of which date back hundreds of years, have been exquisitely adorned with a range of religious and allegorical carvings.

These magnificent works of art are on display from every PArt of the globe, including many personal collections from actors who have portrayed Dracula in cinema and television. One wooden “traveling vampire hunting kit” from about 1870 belonged to actor Carlos Villarias. They played the renowned count in a Spanish-language Dracula.

However, you’ll not only find vampire-related items. Among the things on display are ancient Ouija boards, sculptures of the archangel Michael, and an exorcism chair from the nineteenth-century German occult movement. If it’s strange, spooky, or beautiful, this museum most likely has it.

Take advantage of the vibrant nightlife

People often see New Hope as a pleasant small town that stays quiet most of the time. But that’s completely incorrect. This implies you have not even laid eyes on New Hope after the sun has set.

Allow us to expose you to a New Hope that you have never experienced before.  This New Hope is not scared of the night because it is loud, wild, and full of nightlife! The nightlife in this city is lovely and filled with clubs, bars, and pubs.

The phantom hitchhiker and the Dubliner on Delaware are two of the finest pubs in town. The latter is an Irish pub, which is a fun thing to know about it. And you’re well aware of how crazy Irish bars can be!

Make a reservation for a bed and breakfast.

The variety of hotels and inns in New Hope is one of its most appealing features. However, these hotels and inns offer something more exciting than just breathtaking scenery.

Many of the hotels and inns in New Hope were once mansions with a rich history. However, the previous owners have sold them. The new owners now use them as bed & breakfast accommodations for couples.

Do you want to surprise your partner with a romantic honeymoon? Or is it your wedding anniversary? Whatever your romantic occasion may be, the inns of New Hope will make sure you and your partner are well taken care of!

Places to stay in new hope, PA

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Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

The town of New Hope is perfect for a day trip. However, suppose you prefer to stay for the night. In that case, there are many beautiful inns and bed and breakfasts located directly on the Delaware River. If you wish to experience life like a local, Airbnb is another excellent option to consider. Each of the inns listed below is conveniently located in the center of New Hope and is guaranteed to offer magnificent views as well as a welcoming atmosphere.

The Mansion Inn – 9 S Main Street.

Visitors to New Hope will find the Mansion Inn to be an excellent option for a place to stay as well as a fantastic place to eat. Visitors remember this inn for its beautiful atmosphere and d├ęcor, as well as its near proximity to other attractions and restaurants in New Hope.

The Ghost Light Inn – 50 South Main Street.

Ghost Light Inn is a boutique hotel with 12 rooms in the heart of downtown. It is only steps from the Delaware River and offers free Wi-Fi. This beautiful establishment is well-known for its meticulous attention to detail and first-class facilities.

According to the property’s website, the one-of-a-kind residence is the ideal blend of modern design with old-world charm. Enjoy a luxurious experience at Stella by Jose Garces, as well as excellent in-house cuisine, or enjoy a walk along the river under the glow of gas lamps.

Carriage House of New Hope – 8 E Mechanic Street in New Hope.

This quaint three-room boutique hotel is a cross between a bed & breakfast and a vacation home rental in a beautiful setting. With just three rooms, visitors will get the impression of being in a private home, but with the added benefit of a full-time concierge.

According to the hotel’s website, they’ve preserved the historic beauty of the Carriage House via the use of old stone walls and fireplaces. It has magnificent river views that will transport you back in time, but with the added convenience of free WiFi and Netflix.

The Fox and Hound Bed and Breakfast of New Hope – 246 West Bridge Street.

If you are looking for a more romantic vacation, Fox and Hound Bed & Breakfast is the ideal option. According to the B+B’s website, a peaceful atmosphere and personal touches are provided in each room, creating a sanctuary of comfort and elegance. Guests may enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning.

The Fox and Hound take great pleasure in providing so much more than just a place to sleep. They also offer a comprehensive and one-of-a-kind experience. Each room has its own unique character and has a balcony, a view of the garden, or a warm fireplace, depending on the model.

Olivia’s Bridge Street Inn – 28 West Bridge Street.

This ancient inn, located in New Hope, was constructed in 1817 and is situated beside the canal. Each of their eight beautiful rooms has a distinct atmosphere and carries the name of the property’s former owners.

Lambertville Station Restaurant and Inn – 11 Bridge Street

You’ll find the Lambertville Station Restaurant and Inn on the New Jersey side of the river, just over the bridge from New Hope; it is a historic hotel in the area. Due to its excellent Google ratings as well as its beautiful river-view accommodations, it is definitely worth mentioning and visiting.

Things to do in New Hope PA FAQ

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Is New Hope PA worth visiting

New Hope is a beautiful place to visit for those who like the outdoors. The Delaware River Towpath is a wonderful path for a run, stroll, or bike ride. It winds along the river for approximately 40 miles.

Even if you’re more of a history buff, you’ll find variety of historical buildings that you can visit alone, with your friends or family.

Visitors in the summer may take advantage of the numerous water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and tubing on the river.

What is new hope PA known for?

It is a little town with a large city atmosphere. Visitors know New Hope for its unique shopping, riverfront eating, dazzling theater, and a dazzling array of cultural activities. In fact, Travel + Leisure magazine selected New Hope as one of “America’s Favorite Towns.” More than 200 years of history may be found at New Hope, which was once known as Coryell’s Ferry.

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