25 Fun Things to do in Naples, Fl with Friends

things to do in naples, fl

Naples is one of Florida’s most popular vacation destinations because of the abundance of things to do! Naples, Fl is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Southwest Florida’s rich and intellectual city is a popular tourist destination located on the Gulf of Mexico. The ancient Naples Pier is a famous fishing spot where you can occasionally see playful dolphins.

Travelers know Naples, Florida for its stunning natural beauty, superb dining options, as well as its mild climate and calm waters, among other things. Most visitors recognize Naples’, Fl most gorgeous beach city on the Gulf of Mexico for its high-end shopping, world-class culture, and sophisticated fine dining. It is also one of the most beautiful beach cities in the United States. It’s possible to find gorgeous beaches, golf courses, and outdoor adventure in this area.

Naples, Fl is also one of the most popular retirement locations in Florida. Residents are cheerful and upbeat, and they maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life. In addition, the picture-perfect streets appear to have been plucked right out of a European postcard, and they are! The best things to do in Naples, Fl are as follows;

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens
Image credits: Florida Hikes

The Naples Zoo in Caribbean Gardens was founded in 1919, long before the animals arrived. A mile-long concrete path will take you through 70 unique and fascinating creatures that live in natural settings surrounded by various greenery. You’ll get up close and personal with a variety of species, including lions, giraffes, pythons, monkeys, and bears, among others.

You’ll get to see and learn about some strange species, such as Asian meat-eating and barking deer, and Madagascar’s fosas. Guests can go to the monkey island, which is located in the manmade lake, via catamaran or boat.

Naples Pier

Naples Pier and beach Naples FL 850x638 1
Image credits: Must Do

It’s impossible to visit Naples, Fl without strolling along the famous Naples Pier. Narrow-gauge railroad tracks line the Naples Port, which was erected in 1888 as a freight and passenger pier. Rails with a small gauge are still in use today.

Despite being destroyed by fire and hurricane after hurricane, Naples’, Fl historic pier has always been rebuilt. Located at the end of 12th Avenue, the pier is a popular area for fishing, dolphin watching, and taking in the scenery. One of the city’s most prominent attractions, the Naples Pier, is a must-see. If you get hungry while visiting the park, there is a covered eating area and a concession stand.

Lowdermilk Beach Park

listing 1071 LOWDERMILK1
Image credits: Paradise Coast

Lowdermilk Park has 1000 feet of pure white sand, a beautiful pond, a children’s playground, and an outdoor volleyball court. You can cool down or rinse off after a swim in the pool, and there are lots of picnic tables and benches for a family outing.

There are two gorgeous gazebos in the park that are available for rent for special occasions and groups. Many visitors come to see the “green flash,” which appears for a brief moment in the sky, as well as the famous Florida sunsets. The beach is within walking distance to Fifth Avenue South and all of the area’s outstanding shops. In addition, if you’re looking for a diverse range of things to do in Naples, Fl with kids, this is a wonderful place to start.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

standard bw pic for ads
Image credits: Audubon

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary has almost 13,000 acres of spectacular wetlands, pine flatwoods, a marsh, and wet grassland, as well as the world’s largest old growth Bald Cypress forest. Photograph these majestic giants, which have 25-foot-thick trunks and climb 130 feet into Florida’s beautiful blue skies.

On the sanctuary’s 2.25-mile boardwalk, look for alligators, white-tailed deer, otters, red-bellied turtles, wading birds and songbirds, as well as raptors. Guided tours and wildlife photography classes are also available to learn more about this unique area.

Bird Gardens of Naples

Bird Gardes
Image credits: Great Nonprofits

The Bird Gardens of Naples maintains an outreach program that ensures birds are cared for in a safe environment. The Bird Gardens of Naples is located in Corkscrew Swamp. It contains gorgeous greenery and flora that attract a variety of birds, bees, and butterflies, among other things.

Guests can enjoy a two-hour guided tour of the grounds and meet over 300 birds from throughout the world. While strolling through the gardens, which comprise miles of winding walking paths, you can take in the stunning scenery. In addition, the Naples Bird Gardens, in Naples, Fl, are one of the city’s most charming attractions.

The Baker Museum

weiss manifredi baker museum artis naples norris courtyard
Image credits: Architect Magazine

A well-known fine arts organization in Southwest Florida, the Baker Museum showcases a diverse spectrum of modern and contemporary art. It is located in Fort Myers, Florida. A total of 15 galleries with world-class exhibitions, permanent collections, and visiting exhibits are housed within the 30,000-square-foot museum complex.

The museum also has a glass dome conservatory as well as an educational resource room for visitors to use. Three Dale Chihuly masterpieces are spread throughout the grounds, as are the museum’s Albert Paley-designed entrance gates. The Baker Museum, dedicated to stewardship and scholarship, hosts educational events for people of all ages. In addition, the Baker Museum offers seminars, lectures, workshops, classes, and symposiums.

The Revs Institute

Image credits: Revs Institute

It is the Revs Institute for Automotive Research, which is a museum devoted to the development of automobiles in the United States. Visitors can see more than a hundred of the most important automobiles produced between 1896 and 1995 on display. Each of the vehicles on display at Revs is a part of the Collier Collection and represents one of the most significant automobiles ever built; in some cases, only a small number of these vehicles were ever built.

The Revs Institute houses roughly one million exhibits, including specialized research books, photos, and records on car history. Many of the automobiles in the collection compete in various motorsports competitions across the world to demonstrate their remarkable engineering.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Conservancy of Southwest Florida
Image credits: Must Do

This non-profit organization works to preserve and safeguard Southwest Florida’s natural environment as well as its residents’ quality of life. The Conservancy was founded in 1964 by a group of concerned residents. They dedicated it to environmental policy, science, education, and wildlife restoration.

Nature Center – The Conservancy has a Nature Center where you may learn more about nature and the organization’s work. To mention a few, there are electric boat rides, kayak tours and rentals, nature hikes, movie days, daily educational programs, and the Dalton Discovery Center. With a Little Explorers Play Zone, the Conservancy Nature Center can organize special activities.

Bird Rookery Swamp

otter alligator people and bird from Rita
Image credits: Crew Trust

The Bird Rookery Swamp Route offers over 12 miles of fantastic hiking and bike paths. Crushed shell paths, an 1800-foot boardwalk, and sandy/grassy berms through the marshes are the stunning views of the surrounding nature.

The nearby maple-cypress marshes are home to alligators, bobcats, otters, panthers, and white-tailed deer, and an array of wonderful birdlife. For example, there is hiking on nature trails, biking, horseback riding, geocaching, bird-watching, and animal-viewing.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Delnor Wiggins 0030
Image credits: Paradise Coast

It is located within Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, which contains one of the world’s most pristine beaches. Work on your tans, dive near the colorful coral, fish, enjoy a pleasant family picnic, or look for unusual seashells.

Boaters can launch into Turkey Bay and take in the spectacular scenery of the Cocohatchee River’s estuaries and inlets. A ranger accompanies visitors who wish to tour the park, and also magnificent pavilions are available for rent for special events and celebrations.

The Village on Venetian Bay

listing 1991 The Village 02 18 12 Vanessa Rogers 3239
Image credits: Paradise Coast

The Village on Venetian Bay has become one of Naples, Fl most popular tourist and rich vacation destinations for tourists. Numerous high-end businesses sell anything from high-end clothing to jewelry, fine art, fine wines and home furnishings.

Many restaurants and outdoor cafes sell anything from hot dogs to cutting-edge international cuisine. Join one of the many special events, sales, wine tastings, and other celebrations going place throughout the city.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

image thumbs png gif jpg
Image credits: Florida Dep

Unspoiled, mysterious mangrove forests, protected oceans, and uplands abound in the northern half of the Ten Thousand Islands. The Rookery Bay National Estuarine Study Reserve is one of the world’s most important scientific research institutions, with 110,000 acres of unspoiled mangrove estuaries.

In Rookery Bay, streams and rivers meet the sea, creating an ecosystem that is unlike any other. It is a magical and unique place to visit. It’s home to approximately 150 bird species, many of which are threatened or endangered, and is surrounded by scrub and hammocks. These species thrive in the reserve’s estuary environment as well as surrounding highland hammocks and scrub. Visit Rookery Bay to learn about the on-going research to assure the long-term protection of this unique natural refuge.

Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples Cmon
Image credits: Must Do

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’mon) is a lively gathering place for children to play, study, and experiment. Children may take a tour through the Everglades, climb a big banyan tree, navigate a maze, and experiment with the water play station thanks to a variety of hands-on and interactive displays.

Children can also learn about the sea, the ground (including a variety of creatures), and the sky (including the stars). Along with a range of educational programs and activities, the museum provides the Eagle Scout Project, School field trips and Vehicle Adventures.

Clam Pass Park

original Clam 20Pass 20Park 20credit 20to 20Terry 20Ward
Image credits: Afar

Clam Pass Park in North Naples has 35 acres of meticulously conserved coastal ecosystem with a three-quarter-mile boardwalk along the water’s edge. The boardwalk leading to the sandy shore doesn’t affect the flowers, plants, and butterflies. It then travels through a salt-tolerant black, red, and white mangrove forest, which is home to eagles, wading shorebirds, and other bird species, as well as hawks and osprey.

The park has a tidal bay that is great for marine life, and a variety of other species, including birds. Both beachgoers and nature lovers use the boardwalk as a calm strolling trail.

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

Image credits: Napleswaterpark

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon is a water park that offers a range of water-based activities, experiences, and attractions to visitors of all ages. It is located in Orlando, Florida. Also, at the park, there are four temperature-controlled swimming pools, a meandering river, and an interactive splash playground.

The park also has five spectacular water slides and coasters, as well as other attractions. Clean and large locker facilities with showers and changing places, as well as snack and beverage kiosks and cafés. One of the park’s five spectacular water slides launches from a 38-foot observation tower. While the 10-foot wide Sunny’s River allows tourists to tube down the river while taking in the landscape. The Turtle Cove, Tadpole Pool, and Dolphin Dive pools are all on the same site.

Tin City

tin city naples
Image credits: Paradise Coast

Shopping in Tin City is a unique experience, with over 40 unique enterprises, informal and good dining options, a trip back in time at the Waterfront Marketplace, and strolling along scenic boardwalks that extend across the water.

Tan roofed buildings, charming sidewalks, Bayfront shops and cafés abound in Tin City. The Waterfront Marketplace, which was previously a clam shelling and oyster processing business in the 1920s, now has a gorgeous nautical backdrop that symbolizes Naples’, Fl maritime past.

In addition, relax with a cup of coffee at the Waterfront Marketplace, which has a range of unique stores and restaurants. Charter and excursion boats tour the city’s waterways.

Crayton Cove

Crayton Cove Naples Florida
Image credits: Must Do

First boat arrival at Crayton Cove delivered supplies to the growing town of Naples, Fl. Neapolitan City Dock keeps the vibrant ambiance and pioneering spirit of the seaside city for decades.

The quaint village-style attraction, which boasts old buildings and hotels, venerable restaurants, and a range of trendy and eccentric businesses, boutiques, and galleries, draws visitors from all over the world to its picturesque setting. Walk around the Naples City Dock and Naples Bay, take in the views from the award-winning Dock Restaurant, which is located immediately on the shore and offers great bay views, or dine at the award-winning Dock Restaurant, which is located directly on the shore and offers lovely bay views.

Naples Depot Museum

listing 1254 Depot2010
Image credits: Paradise Coast

The Naples Depot Museum is situated in a restored Seaboard Air Line Railway passenger station. It transports visitors back to the heyday of railroading in the Roaring Twenties and demonstrates how Southwest Floridians exploited technology and transportation to overcome the “impenetrable” frontier.

They also restored rail cars, vintage swamp buggies, Seminole dugout canoes, and an ancient mule wagon and put them on display. In addition, it has the Naples Train Museum, a privately run museum with an interactive model and a train ride for kids.

Collier County Museum

It is located in the County Government Center, surrounded by five acres of stunning natural Florida vegetation. It depicts the tale of early settlers who arrived more than a century ago and stayed here until they died.

These excellent exhibits and displays cover a wide range of local history, from ancient mastodons to Calusa Indian culture, as well as traditional arts and crafts and the Seminole people’s epic migration. The museum’s main building houses the museum’s headquarters.

In the natural grounds surrounding the museum, you can see and learn about a typical Seminole village or Calusa Indian camp as it was hundreds of years ago, or you can visit the restored Naples villas. As well as an inviting patio for a leisurely meal and some quiet, the museum features a small gift shop where visitors may pick up souvenirs and mementos.

The von Liebig Art Center – Naples Art Association

The von Liebig Art Center Naples Florida Galleries and Attractions
Image credits: Must Do

A hidden jewel in downtown, the von Liebig Art Center is a fantastic resource for art lovers of all types. The Naples Art Association built and manages the facility. It aims to enrich the neighboring community’s cultural life. The art center also offers painting lessons and seminars for both children and adults. The art center is a popular destination for both residents and visitors.

Primary goals of the center include promoting a solid arts education through ARTScool summer programs, volunteer intern programs, specific studio art classes, and scholarships for students of all ages, including children and teenagers.

Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm Cottage

One of Naples’, Fl oldest buildings and a great example of true Naples charm, the Historic Palm CottageTM is located on the corner of 12th Avenue South and Gulfshore Boulevard in the heart of the city.

Historic Palm Cottage, built in 1895 and preserved by the Naples Historical Society, is home to a museum where visitors may learn about the rustic, handcrafted beauty and rich history of Old Naples while taking docent-led tours of the house and grounds. There are over 3,500 square feet of original and donated artwork, antique furnishings, and exquisite handcrafted items on display in this two-story home/museum that dates back a century, providing visitors with an insight into the history of this local architectural gem and surrounding town, as well as the colorful stories and facts that surround it.

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

listing 1871 DSC00043
Image credits: Paradise Coast

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was founded in 1996 and spans 35,000 acres in Collier County on Florida’s southwest coast. It is the largest national wildlife refuge in the United States. It is a must-see location since it is a vital sanctuary for the region’s unique wildlife and mangrove habitats. Northern portions of the refuge contain roughly two-thirds of North America’s largest area of mangrove forest. Marco Island, a half-hour drive away, offers boat trips to the Ten Thousand Islands. The Ten Thousand Islands are a series of islands near to Naples.

Over 189 bird species can be found at the refuge, including threatened and endangered species such as the West Indian manatee, Atlantic loggerhead turtle, peregrine falcon, and Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles, as well as a variety of other animals. A few of the outdoor activities that visitors to the refuge can participate in include boating, fishing, regulated duck hunting, and photography, to name a few.

The Naples Players at the Sugden Community Theatre

A globally famous community theater that performs at the Sugden Community Theatre, the Naples Players (TNP) was founded in 1953 and is based in Naples, Florida. With a season of over 240 performances every year, the Naples Players have earned the title of “Best Live Theatre” in South Florida. The Naples Players’ season includes seven main stage and four studio productions, in addition to five KidzAct productions.

In addition, KidzAct is an educational theater program for children between the ages of four and eighteen. The Sugden Community Theatre includes two main performance spaces, two rehearsal halls, a library and an unique music room, as well as scene and costume creation shops, among other things.

Naples Winter Wine Festival

Live Auction Louis Venne 34 e1580160003886 1024x523 1
Image credits: Gulfshore Life

It was launched in 2001 as a charitable wine festival that features gourmet dinners prepared by renowned chefs as well as a silent auction to benefit the Naples Winter Wine Festival. The festival, which takes place every year in Naples, Florida, lasts three days. The Naples Children & Education Foundation was the organization that started the event.

Visitors from all over the world come to the festival to enjoy the festivities. Festival tickets are in high demand and sell out months in advance of the event’s scheduled start date. In addition, as part of the festival, 30 world-famous wineries and 18 renowned chefs will prepare their favorite dishes in private family homes throughout Naples over the duration of the event.

Naples Botanical Garden

Naples Botanical Gardens Naples Florida
Image credits: Campusce

In the Naples Botanical Gardens, just a few miles outside of town on Bayshore Drive, you’ll find over 1,000 different types of plants, flowers, and trees. It’s also an excellent destination for anyone seeking peace and quiet in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty.

An extensive nature preserve covering more than 100 acres includes the botanical garden as part of its overall landscape design. Many visitors prefer to participate in one of the daily guided trips that are available from November to April, despite the fact that it is feasible to explore on your own. When the garden is open varies based on the season and day of the week, so check online before planning a special visit.

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