14 best things to do in Hoboken right away

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Hoboken’s square mile is home to young professionals, urbanites, and families. It contains more attractions, restaurants, and activities than one weekend can hold. If you’re planning to visit Hoboken, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do there.

Hoboken is a small city on the Hudson River in northeastern New Jersey, yet it has developed into a nightlife hotspot with several bars and clubs. Although the town is small, it can easily rival the vibe of a larger city in terms of hip bars, restaurants, and shops.

Hoboken has also been dubbed “Bartown” on multiple occasions due to the city’s higher concentration of liquor licenses than any other city in New Jersey.

What is the easiest way to explore Hoboken?

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When it comes to seeing the city, the best option is on foot, due to its size. It is entirely possible to see everything without bringing your car. Nonetheless, it is well-known for its appalling parking situation and numerous restrictions.

Therefore, if you are visiting the city, the best option is to take public transportation. Additionally, there are a large number of taxis available to take you wherever you want.

The best things to do in Hoboken

If you’re a visitor, the square mile city also has plenty of things in store for you. Consider that there is so much to do in this city that a weekend is probably not enough time for everything. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Hoboken:

Attend The Festival of Arts and Music in Hoboken

The Hoboken Arts and Music Festival is an annual event held by the city of Hoboken. It celebrates the town’s identity through live music, artisans, photographers, local businesses, eateries, and artists.

The festival is hosted on Washington Street in the city’s south end. You can enjoy mouthwatering meals from various cuisines, including Indian, Mexican, Greek, Cajun, and French.

You can purchase items like jewelry, candles, pottery, home decor, teas, and jams, as well as a variety of other unique handmade items created by local artisans. The festival features over 300 artisans and artists.

Take a stroll down Sinatra Drive.

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Slow down for an evening stroll or cross the bridge in your jogging shoes for a leisurely stroll down Sinatra Drive. There you’ll see the gorgeous brownstone buildings on one side and the glistening Hudson and Manhattan views on the other. Make the journey between Piers A and C, or vice versa.

Find exceptional contemporary art at the Barsky Gallery

Barsky Gallery, located on Harrison Street, is Hoboken’s modern art destination, showcasing the work of both young and established local artists and internationally famous artists.

The gallery began in 2011 to bring a new, informal, and forward-thinking approach to collecting and exhibiting outstanding contemporary art.

There are numerous shows and exhibitions displaying works of art with a variety of origins and techniques. You can also purchase unique works of art to help the artists.

The gallery is also a popular location for private events; the gallery’s beautiful area is ideal for hosting intimate gatherings in an impeccable setting surrounded by surreal artwork.

Wall climbing at Gravity Vault

If you appreciate sports and are looking for a new challenge, the 25,000-square-foot Hoboken Rock Climbing Center is the place to visit. Gravity Vault, located near the Pilsener Haus and Biergarten in Hoboken, is a famous tourist attraction that draws thousands of visitors each month. Bring your buddies, test your grip strength, and have a fantastic time there.

Pier A Park

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Photo by Heawon Oh on Unsplash

This football-field-sized park stretches out into the Hudson River. It serves as an urban retreat for city dwellers looking for a spot to unwind while enjoying stunning views of Manhattan Island. The park offers views of the Hudson River and the low-rise Greenwich Village neighborhood.

The Empire State Building and a phalanx of new skyscrapers shoot out of Hudson Yards like crystals to the left. Then to the right, the towers leap skyward into another sky-high crescendo around One World Trade Center.

Pier A Park is a great place to hang out with friends on a sunny day because it’s easily accessible by foot, bike, and public transportation – it’s right next to Hoboken station. Plus, it has a green area where you can soak up the rays and a tree-covered section where you can stay out of the sun.

Immerse yourself in the town’s history at Hoboken Historical Museum

The Hoboken Historical Museum, which opened in 1986 and is housed in what is known as “The Shipyard,” one of the city’s most renowned historic structures on the city’s busy waterfront. The structure, formerly known as Bethlehem Steel’s machine shop, is now a museum. At the Museum, modern and historical artifacts and oral histories from around the world and oral histories from the city and its inhabitants are on display and available for interpretation.

Among other forms of entertainment, the Museum hosts educational activities, tours, seminars, films, and plays. Some of the current exhibits, among other things, highlight Hudson River native Frank Sinatra and the role of baseball in Hoboken’s history. If you’re interested in history, this is one of the most intriguing things to do in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Watch the sunrise and sunset at Castle Point Lookout.

Despite its modest size, Hoboken never fails to wow visitors with its spectacular natural beauty and impressive architectural treasures.

Stevens Institute of Technology is a university in this one-mile-square community. The institution, located on the highest point in town, provides expansive views of the surrounding area, including Manhattan just across the Hudson River, as well as a spectacular view of the city itself.

The Castle Point Lookout, located on the Stevens Institute of Technology campus, soars 100 feet over the surrounding area.

The main feature of the viewpoint is a Revolutionary War cannon. Views of the impressive New York skyline and the sunset or sunrise are unmatched from this location.

Buy Local, Wholesome Produce At Hoboken Farmers’ Market

Hoboken hosts two farmer’s markets each year, one in the summer and one in the fall. It is a popular gathering point for both locals and tourists at the intersection of 13th Street and Hudson.

It is the best place to sample the freshest local produce available. You may get the best discount on the most delicious tomatoes when they are still fresh off the vines they grew.

Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s home to several merchants that sell a wide range of tasty local products. You’ll find freshly baked loaves of bread, pickles, fresh mozzarella, preserves, jams, and various varieties of other delectable items.

The market is open on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the summer and until midnight in the winter. Simply wandering about the Hoboken Farmer’s Market, buying and eating the freshest and most delicious locally-produced vegetables and food, can be a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Carlo’s Bakery Workshops

Carlo’s Bakery has become a household name due to its debut on the TLC television show Cake Boss. This historic bakery and cake shop is well-known for its wedding cakes, which have appeared in publications such as The Knot and Modern Bride. As a result, people take notice when they announce the launch of a cake design school.

After all, who wouldn’t want to learn how to transform a plain, unassuming cupcake into a work of art? The meetings, which currently take place at four different locations throughout New Jersey and last about two hours, are free to attend. Carlo’s bakery’s cake decorators can quickly transform anyone aged 10 and up into a cake decorating master. You are also permitted to retain and eat your cake. They also sell baking supplies.

Waterfront Walkway in Hoboken

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Photo by Shane Lynes on Unsplash

Hoboken Waterfront Walkway is a stunningly picturesque pathway or walkway that offers out-of-this-world views. It is located on the western shore of New Jersey’s Hudson River.

The walkway is pedestrian heaven and is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The tree-lined road is ideal for having a stroll while admiring the magnificent views of the beautiful water, the picturesque city, and Manhattan’s spectacular skyscrapers.

When visiting Hoboken, you must pay a visit to the Hoboken Waterfront Walkway at least once. You’ll thank us later if you catch a sunset or dawn from here.

Indoor and outdoor classes at Crunch Fitness

As you may have seen, Hoboken residents take great pride in their waterfront views and make the most of them. Crunch Fitness is a popular boutique gym with a front-row view of the river and city skyline from the inside. When the weather permits, they also offer group lessons outside, which are ideal for locals and weekend visitors. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the sauna and steam room.


Halifax is a wonderful restaurant in Hoboken’s W Hotel, featuring restaurateur Michael Barry and head chef Seadon Shouse’s joint vision. The restaurant, which launched in 2016, delivers wonderful New American cuisine produced with farm-fresh ingredients in a stunning coastal-inspired dining room with plenty of natural light and stunning views of Manhattan’s cityscape.

Dinner features the following among other dishes

  • Maine lobster rigatoni
  • Smoked Amish chicken
  • Roman-style gnocchi
  • Prime New York strip steaks with scallion butter and mushroom mashed potatoes.

Smoked salmon flatbread, salt cod, and shrimp fritters, and lamb meatballs with gorgonzola fondue are just a few of the inventive shareable. Wines by the glass and a selection of regional draft beers are served alongside a specialty cocktail menu.

Go shopping

On Washington Avenue in Hoboken, there are many boutiques, gift shops, and popular retail establishments, all within walking distance of one another (and, of course, the bodegas). The Hudson Paperie, the Washington General Store, and Peper & Parlor, to name a few, are all neighborhood favorites. Make sure you stop for lunch at a neighboring local eatery because no shopping trip is complete without it.

Park 13

Pier 13 Park is another lovely park with spectacular views of New York City. It’s a vast outdoor place with plenty of green space, playgrounds, movie nights under the stars, a family-friendly Biergarten, water sports activities, and some of the tastiest food trucks you’ve ever seen. Pier 13 is one of the best spots to visit during the summer months. Enjoy a glass of sangria or a glass of wine while eating pizza or tacos.

In addition, Pier 13 is an excellent location for water activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing. Every summer night and on weekends, there’s a lot going on at Pier 13. Make sure to stop by and have a look.

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