17 Best Things to do in Guam with Your Friends

things to do in guam

Dreaming of a wonderful island holiday in Hawaii or the Maldives, but not having to worry about losing your money? Guam is a popular spot to visit if you’re looking for a unique way to see the world.

Guam is an independent territory of the United States in the North Pacific Islands, roughly between the Philippines and Hawaii. The beach is one of the nicest things to do in Guam, however, there is so much more to see and do.

Guam, being the Micronesia region’s aviation hub, is a popular stopover and tourism destination, with over 1.5 million tourists yearly. Despite its apparent popularity, only Japanese, Koreans, and mainland Americans have heard of this small paradise of exotic beaches, marine life, duty-free shopping, and powerful naval military linkages.

Guam is one of the most popular tourist spots for a relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the seaside. Note that you might need a Guam travel guide to lead you on your exploration. Continue reading to learn about all the activities to do in Guam, including locations to visit, beaches to relax on, what to eat and where to stay.

Learn About Guam’s Multi-Cultural Past

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Ferdinand Magellan discovered Guam in 1521 on behalf of the Spanish Crown. It was integrated into the Spanish Empire. It remained so until 1898, when Spain relinquished and subsequently sold it to the United States, along with the other Mariana islands. Spain also lost its final colonies in Cuba and the Philippines in this year.

The Spanish Queen gave Guam and the surrounding islands the name Mariana Islands at the time. Even though this occurred over four centuries ago, the Spanish influence can still be felt today in the language, sample street food, religion, and traditions.

The Spanish introduced Catholicism to Guam, which is being practiced today. A century after the discovery, Jesuit Missionaries arrived, bringing religion, contemporary trading and farming practices, as well as clothing.

Guam became a frequent stopover point for Spanish ships en route from the New World to the Philippines and Asia after that. Metals and gold mined in Mexico were traded in China for silk and other goods, and the galleons transporting them frequently stopped at Guam.

Guam remained in US hands after the Spanish left, until WWII, when Japanese forces controlled it for three years. The American army reclaimed it in 1944 as a bastion and naval station in the Pacific, where it remains today. The Chamorro regard the recovery as their Liberation Day, which they have commemorated ever since.

Guam is an interesting fact in that it is a US unincorporated territory, which means it has limited self-government. Its citizens are born in the United States but, like American Samoans, are unable to vote for President.

Stroll Through the Chamorro Village

Image credits: Mapio

The Chamorro village in Guam’s territory, with its bustling market, is a must-see for anyone looking for a rural ambiance while also sampling a variety of cultures. Apart from being open every day, the night market, which takes place on Wednesday nights, attracts tourists from all over the world.

Walking past Spanish-style buildings, one may find bustling markets smells of grilled meat, a diverse range of ethnic products such as traditional Chamorro jewelry, and even street performances! All of these routes lead to the middle court, where people can dance until the sun rises. A variety of parks surround the Chamorro hamlet, including City Park, Paseo De Susana Park, and the San Antonio Bridge.

Snorkel at the Tumon Beach

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Grab your swim fins, snorkels, and sunglasses and go swimming in Guam’s blue underseas, where you can see the limitless wildlife on tropical beaches like Ypao Beach, south of Tumon Bay, which is one of the island’s five marine parks.

The Gun Beach beaches in northern Tumon, Gab Gab beach at the military station, the Cabras Islands, Aren Islands, the Coral Gardens, Haputo, the Spanish Steps are all good places to see reef sharks, octopuses, jacks, and different species of fish, as well as other natural wonders. Maritime delights such as seeing a beautiful sea turtle or swimming past the eel grass through the coral heads have become even more accessible to tourists as a result of the fishing restriction.

Visit the Magellan Monument

This historical site can be found in Guam’s Umatac. It was created to mark Guam’s first documented interaction with the Western World. It is also said to be a homage or commemoration monument to Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Magellan was on his way to circumnavigate the globe on behalf of the Spanish Crown when he stopped in Guam and stayed for a few days, during which he was adequately fed and watered. On response, Magellan chose to include the island in his map. The monument is surrounded by a beautiful park where you may rest and relax.

Visit the Talofofo Beach

Talafofo Bay beach H hi
Image credits: Theguam Guide

The Talofofo beach, which stands at the confluence of lush Guamanian trees and white sand beaches, is another prominent tourist attraction. There are other sub-beaches in addition to the main beach, which is fed by the Talofofo River. The Tongan Resort is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy the Pool Clubs or have a spectacular view of one of the beautiful beaches. If you wish to go to a beach bar, there are many available all around the beach.

The First Beach is a peaceful sanctuary with ultramarine waters and practically uninhabited sands. The Talofofo Falls Resort Park also has caverns, caves, and waterfalls, as well as rides for kids. There are magnificent green fields on the Talofofo Onward Golf Courses and off-road tours for a break.

Visit the Ritidian Point

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The Ritidian point, located in the Yigo district, is the northernmost point on the entire island of Guam. The US Fish and Wildlife Service operates and owns it as part of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge.

The ritidian point is a stretch of gorgeous white sandy beach that runs the length of northern Guam. Due of its high popularity, this location has visitation hours that finish at 4 p.m. every day. There is shallow, clear refreshing water that is ideal for families and children. The area maintains its natural oceanic tranquility despite the presence of luxury hotels and enterprises.

Visit the Underwater World at Fish Eye Marine Park

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The fish eye marine park, located in Guam’s Piti Bay Marine Preserve, is a fun vacation sightseeing destination for any traveler, whether solo, with a family, or with a spouse. The observatory provides a spectacular panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.There are also several under water activities in the region. From the observatory, one may see an unlimited variety of fish, sharks, turtles, and other species. Overall, this location preserves the abundant natural species that Guam has managed to conserve, as well as the maritime beauty that is available to all travelers.

Visit the Pacific War Museum

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Aside from the natural beauty that this island has to offer, it also has a rich tradition and history. Guam has a wide range of museum options for those interested. Guam’s history is entwined with that of World War II. This private museum is a prominent attraction that you should not overlook!

The Pacific War Museum holds several items to demonstrate what happened in Guam during the war and offers military exhibits of the Pacific’s theatre in Guam for a very low entry fee.
There are also US Marines, souvenir shop, and historical artifacts. John Gerber, a Vietnam war veteran in the Corps, founded this indoor museum.

Go Watch Dolphin and Whale

Due to Guam’s abundant marine life and its location in the middle of the Pacific, one thing that you may check off the bucket list is seeing the creatures of the deep come to life.

Whether it’s dolphins or whales, sharks, turtles, or a variety of species… Guam is eager for their visitors to join them in this world. Also, the possibilities for seeing dolphins and whales drifting through the blue waters are infinite.

The list goes on and on: Dolphin Watching Adventure, Rainbow Dolphin and Diving, Guam Ocean Adventure, Alupang Beach Club, The Valley of Latte Adventure Park, The Ocean Venture, Aquaman Charters Guam, Turtle Tours Guam.

Watch a Magic Show at Encore

Image credits: EncoreGuam

Guam’s magic shows are one of the island’s most distinctive attractions! The magic shows in Guam enrich the entire magical goal with which a tourist is set to travel. All this adds to the already large list of activities to fulfill one’s heart’s vacationing aspirations.

There are a variety of shows that takes places around Guam, some of them are performance-based and held even on Wednesday nights at the Chamorro night market. The Nikko Magic Show and SandCastle Guam are two more. The most well-known is Encore Guam, which takes place in Tamuning, Guam. Encore boasts an extremely pleasant staff and audience-involved entertainment, including Guam’s lion Rio.

Visit Dulce Nombre De Maria Cathedral-Basilica

Image credits: Agana Cathedral

After all of your traveling and shopping, a spiritual relaxation may be the finest option. In Hagatana, Guam, this catholic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is the largest church on the island. It is symbolic of the spiritual.

The sanctuary symbolizes the Guamanians’ devotion to Mary, Jesus’ mother. The white walls and colorfully tinted windows of the traditional architectural style are likely to steal one’s breath away. The interior is equally lovely, with a specific focus on cleanliness. A gift shop nearby sells items, all which relates to this wonderful shrine.

Go Shopping

One could think that Guam is exclusively interested in the natural beauty of its beaches and coral reefs. However, with many large malls and plazas, it is ready to give you an absolute city-like feeling.

After all of that excitement and travel by land and water, you might just want to take a stroll around mall windows or buy a few souvenirs from Guam for your family. The Micronesia Mall is Guam’s largest mall, providing a wide variety of snack shops and gift shops and American brands at affordable pricing for everyone.

There’s also the Guam Premiere Outlet, T Galleria by DFS, The Plaza, Kmart, Acanta Mall, Agana Shopping Center, SM Island Guam, and many more to select from when it comes to items and leisure time.

Go Paddle Boarding

When you learn about Guam’s paddle boarding activities, your love for outdoor sports will only grow. The island is dotted with centers for all sorts of paddle boarding, the most popular of which is standing paddle boarding.

Go to the Valley of Latte Adventure Park and enjoy a boat ride through the jungle rivers to get a double view of the trip. You’ll be able to take in the spectacular landscape of the local vegetation on both sides, with palm trees falling over the water’s edge. Paddle boating around the ocean is also available from Guam Ocean Adventures, Captain Dan’s Marine Center, and Guam Beachboys, among others.

Go Scuba Diving

Diver Turtle 1200
Image credits: Theguam Guide

Guam is Micronesia’s largest island, surrounded on all sides by the Pacific Ocean, making it ideal for extreme aquatic activities. Everyone, from specialists to novices to young adults, has the opportunity to swim. Institutions will be ready to transport everyone, one by one, to the ocean’s coral depths. There are companies like The Blue Persuasion Diving Guam, Scuba Guam, Shotguns Scuba Diving, Bubble Junkies Scuba, Guam Ocean Adventures, and others that will convince you to put on your swim fins and dive into the ocean.

Go Coastal Hiking

Hiking is as deep as the ocean beneath the surface, and it is sure to take you to new heights! Guam has a plethora of caves and coastal constructions, all of which are free to tourists for hiking.

The hiking excursions are tailored to all age groups, including easy paths for youngsters and moderately difficult routes for teenagers and professionals. Visitors can take a hike through the Inarjan valleys, which have an oasis where families can relax. The Talofofo Caves are another popular tourist destination. The famed Pagat Caves, Adao Caves, FaiFai Beach, and other sites are well worth seeing.

Visit the Alupat Island

Image credits: Quest for Madness

The Alupat Island, often known as the “Island from Island,” is a separate tiny island viewable adjacent to the main Guam Lands.

This is the perfect site to swim to if your island hungry is looking for a quieter and more secluded region to spend a day in, yep it is that near! A 15-minute walk is also an option. Visit Alupat Island to relax at this small island surrounded by lush trees and magnificent rocks. The island has often shown to be an excellent location for photographing and filming with drones. Starfishing, kayaking, diving, and other activities are all popular on the island.

Go to the Two Lover’s Point

Sunset over Two Lovers Point Guam
Image credits: Days innguam

According to folklore, a long time ago, at this location in the Mariana Islands, two profoundly in love lovers decided to commit suicide by jumping from this cliff.

Guam has dubbed this point “Two Lover’s Point” in honor of the mythology. To say the least, the beautiful view from the coastal cliff is breathtaking. This is a wonderful place to take a special loved one to feel the beauty of love in the air.

It is also a popular destination for families and friends. People still believe that tying a lock with their names engraved on it at the gates of Two Lover’s Point will guarantee them everlasting love. To go along with the thrilling and moving experience, there is food available all around the place.

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