20 Amazing Things to do in Dana Port with Your Friends

things to do in dana port

The picturesque city of Dana Point is known for having some of the best surfing in the world. Dana Point is 35 miles north of Anaheim, and 60 miles south of Los Angeles. The thriving Dana Point Harbor is a public port, offering daily Catalina Express boat service to nearby Catalina Island. Visitors to the area can enjoy a variety of water sports, such parasailing and whale and dolphin watching tours.

The Dana Point Nature Interpretive Center offers great educational experiences for nature enthusiasts. Tall Ships Festival, held in September, and Festival of Whales, held over two days in March, are two annual events. Tourist can view numerous marine animals, including whales and dolphins. Here are some of the best things to do in dana port.

Watch Whales at the Dana Point Harbor

Image credits: Voice of OC

“Whale Capital of the World” is a place where you may find the world’s largest mammals, whales! The blue and white sand Baby Beach, set against a backdrop of majestic mountains and cliffs, is a sight to behold. Swimming in these crystal-clear waters is also a wonderful way to cool yourself in the summer heat.

There are several restaurants and caf├ęs along the harbor’s edge where you can get some refreshments if you want. Visiting this harbor is one of the best things to do in dana port. The turquoise waters are ideal for sailing, and yachts and sailboats may be rented. There are plenty of other thrilling activities available, like sailing and scuba diving. Visitors can enjoy private yacht and sailboat charters, sailing and diving lessons, parasailing adventures, and a variety of watercraft rentals, among other activities.

Both historically significant and aesthetically attractive, the vintage Catalina Express ferry delivers passengers to the Catalina Island resort.

Relax at the Salt Creek Beach

IMG 0661 Large 1000x680 1
Image credits: California Beaches

This is one of the most affluent and well-known beaches in Orange County, with gorgeous ocean parks all around. Both the Ritz-Carlton Laguna-Niguel hotel complex and the championship Monarch Beach Golf Links are within walking distance of each other. Salt Creek passes through the northern end of the park. Monarch Bay Beach Club is located on the island’s southernmost point.

Visitors can participate in a variety of sandy beach sports, such as swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, and other activities. Your children will like the setting, which locals like for spending quality family time together. Visitors have lots of space to play in the sand while sunbathing on the beach’s sand. There is plenty of open space at the picnic spots on the beach, which are charming and well-designed.

Paddleboarding at the Doheny State Beach

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Image credits: California Beaches

In the vicinity of the spectacular San Juan Bay, this lovely popular beach is part of a State Beach Park. Access to the coastline is provided by Dana Point Harbor Drive and the Park Lantern. The mouth of the lovely San Juan Creek divides two separate public beach portions.

Swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, and a variety of other thrilling sports are available at this low-lying beach. This wonderful coastal park has fascinating tidal pools and smashing surf along the beach. Visitors can view marine life, such as starfish and other water creatures on their excursion. An impressive collection of natural history displays is available at the tourist center, which also includes a big aquarium.

As a result of the neighboring bay region, there is always a continual supply of new waves lapping on the shoreline. Additionally, camping with a tent or in an RV is a possibility. As a result, it’s an excellent location for a family picnic, and you may even camp there for the night. Consider spending time with your family around a nice campfire. While toasting marshmallows, spend the night singing and dancing to your favorite songs. Then it’s time to retire to your comfortable RVs for the night.

Parasail High with Dana Point Parasail

card danapointparasail
Image credits: Dana Point Harbor

Most people who go parasailing in Dana Port do so from Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, which is located in Dana Point Harbor. Anyone age 5 and above will be able to soar over the sea while taking in the wonderful view. The Dana Point Parasail firm is located on the Dana Point Harbor and can accommodate all of your demands.

You can choose between a single-seater parasailing tour and a multi-seater excursion. The flight is 10 minutes long, while the entire travel is one hour long in total. The boat’s launch itself is an exhilarating part of the overall experience.

The parasails are exceedingly safe and secure, and all required precautions have been made to ensure their safety. Additionally, lifejackets are given for the safest possible ride while you experience the rush of excitement that accompanies adventure. Participants can purchase additional photo packages that allow them to take up to 30 more photos while parasailing.

Visit a Ship Onboard at the Ocean Institute

slc02 facility2 0
Image credits: Ocean Institute

The Ocean Institute is a unique natural attraction in Dana Port Harbor offering diverse environmental and maritime activities for guests of all ages. Besides the Pilgrim, there are two other ships on-site, one of which is a copy of the Pilgrim. The Maddie James Seaside Learning Center, which is available to the public everyday and has numerous exhibits on the region’s flora and wildlife, is located on the grounds of the Maddie James Seaside Resort. The Pilgrim display is particularly well-known because it is an exact replica of the original. Currently, it is utilized in numerous educational and tourism programs. On Sundays, the opulent ship is open to the general public, so dress appropriately for the occasion.

The institute’s 2.4-acre property is host to tide pools and natural habitats, having initially opened its doors in 1988. Both tidal pools and natural areas are available on this magnificent seaside site, with educational events year-round. Every year, the institute welcomes 100,000 children who are taught about nature and aquatic life by the institute’s staff. The Maddie James Seaside Learning Center is open to the public seven days a week and showcases the ecosystems and wildlife of the area. The institute holds numerous unique events throughout the year, including the Festival of Whales and the Tall Ships Festival. 2.5 acres of gorgeous terrain and features tide pools and other natural habitats that emphasize the area’s natural resources.

Have a Delicious Breakfast at the Stacks Pancake House

No one can resist the temptation of some sweet and delectable pancakes for breakfast. All things breakfast can be found at this multi-cuisine eatery, which serves a variety of dishes. There are two Stacks Pancake House locations in Southern California, one of which is in downtown Dana Port. Stacks Pancake House is known for its delectable breakfast offerings. In the restaurant owned and operated by husband and wife team Mixon and Ovita Tanuwidjaja. The couple’s Japanese and Hawaiian cultural traditions are fused together to create unusual fusion dishes, such as the restaurant’s signature banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup.

Breakfast dishes such as Japanese fried rice omelettes, Portuguese-style sausage and eggs, Oreo cookies, and cream waffles are available. Traditionally Hawaiian-style Loco Moco, featuring chicken katsu, kalua pig, or spam, is only a few inventive possibilities. Foods such as chicken teriyaki plates, kalua pig, and cabbage platters are also available for purchase during normal business hours.

Experience the Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safaris

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Image credits: Eventective

You can get up close and personal with dolphins and whales while you’re here. Wonders of dolphins and whales Safaris with Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching offers great trips for everybody.

Watch for orcas, blue whales, and gray whales from the comfort of the company’s Lily catamaran and Fast Cat watercraft, which can accommodate 49 and 12 passengers, respectively. Participate in dolphin- and fin-whale-watching trips.

Look at Nature-based Exhibits at the Dana Point Nature Interpretive Center

Dana Point Headlands Nature Interpretive Center Bryce 3 Large 1000x597 1
Image credits: California Beaches

An impressive collection of nature-themed exhibits has been created by the Dana Point Historical Society in collaboration with the City of Dana Port and housed at this center in Dana Port. These facts demonstrate just how amazing the geology, ecology, and historical significance the headlands have to offer us. The center has excellent interactive displays that illustrate the geology, ecology, and history of the stunning Dana Point Headlands. The displays are open to the public Tuesday through Sunday in the afternoons, and the center is free to visit. The center is closed on Mondays, so make sure to schedule your visit accordingly.

It also depicts the evolution and history of the natural fauna and vegetation found in the region’s ecosystem. A number of other recent attempts by a variety of environmental organizations are also documented in this section. There are a number of indigenous species on display at the facility, which serves as a fantastic conservation center.

Picnic at Pines Park

Image credits: City-Data

Pines Park, located on a bluff above Capistrano Beach Park, offers an outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can use any of the four fantastic sites in this park as picnic spots, and the place is certainly worth a visit! There is bench seating as well as barbeque grills available on the premises. For a smoky evening, go out to the grill with your friends and loved ones.

The wooded walking trail provides spectacular ocean views, and chairs are accessible for people who want to watch the sunset. Because the Pines Park is near Capistrano Beach Park, you can walk on the sandy shoreline following your visit to the park. With its climbing walls, slides, and tunnel slides, this park is a delight for children of all ages.

Visit the Baby Beach

webimage 53D8645D 93D9 443E B5628926C478326F
Image credits: Aruba

Dana Point Harbor is one of the city’s most popular recreational locations, and the principal beach part is called “Baby Beach” by locals. During peak summer hours, a lifeguard is always present in swimming areas tp offer help and make the beach a family-friendly recreation destination.

Every season of the year brings excellent kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming conditions. Visitors can also go fishing at the beach’s public fishing pier, which is close to the historic Pilgrim ship replica. Boating is available at the Dana Place Marina, which also serves as a launching point for a number of public walking routes in the area. Above the shoreline, a blufftop public park area provides day-use picnic areas, barbecue grills, and group picnic pavilions for visitors.

Go View the Hide Drogher

Image credits: Dana Point

The Hide Drogher is a one-of-a-kind public art sculpture located at Dana Port between the Violet and Amber Lantern sections of the Blufftop Trail. The life-size sculpture, which is made of metal and stands approximately 10 feet tall, was created by F. Benedict Coleman, a local artist, and unveiled in 1990.

As portrayed in the image, the hide drogher, a 19th-century New England seafarer, has just finished a cowhide toss in order to load a newly loaded ship. The statue appears to be a 19th-century sailor staring out over Dana Point Harbor, possibly doing something similar.

Become One With Nature at the Sea Canyon Park

sitemgr photo 3452
Image credits: Go Park Play

This fantastic public park is a popular destination for families who want to spend time together. Due to the fact that it has child-friendly playgrounds and is suitable for people of all ages, it has gained popularity. It includes kid-friendly slides, swings, and other activities in a safe and secure play area that is specifically for small children. There is a separate playground for older children that is well separated from the smaller children to ensure that no harm is done to either group of children.

Many pet owners enjoy taking their dogs for walks in the nearby dog park, which you can visit to interact with some adorable little fluffballs. You can see how much your dog enjoys Instagram by clicking on the photos in the gallery to the right. If you want to relive some good memories with your friends, the nearby field also serves as a soccer park for all of the men and women who still have a child at home to keep them entertained.

Visit the Eco-Adventure Center at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

ritz carlton laguna niguel beach resort dana point hotel southern california 265
Image credits: Travel Caffeine

A new perspective on Dana Port’s natural treasures is provided by the Eco-Adventure Center at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, one of the most distinctive attractions of the legendary luxury hotel of the same name. People of all ages can benefit from the center’s educational programs. Members of the resort’s guest and visitor communities can participate in programming led by skilled naturalists exploring the region’s unique ecosystems.

Whale of an Experience whale-watching excursions, SANDSational Sea Hikes, Beach Banzai Bodyboarding excursions, and the Eco Artist program. This allows participants to create natural works of art while being supervised by trained artists.

Play the Royal Sport of Golfing at the Monarch Beach Golf Links

place golf
Image credits: OC Register

In a recent issue, GOLF Magazine named Monarch Beach Golf Links as one of the top golf courses in the United States for couples. A total of 6,600 yards and as many as 18 holes are available for you to practice your swing on these golf grounds. Robert Trent Jones, Jr., one of America’s greatest architects, designed by it, and Tourist still regarded it as one of the best in the country. The course has won numerous awards and is a popular destination for visitors. It has a par-70 layout that is based on the Spanish Links concept.

Visitors can take advantage of the undulating greens, compact fairways, and unusual challenges that the award-winning golf course offers throughout the week for golfers of all ages, from beginners to experts. After a strenuous workout, reward yourself with lunch at Club 19 Restaurant and Grill, a fantastic restaurant. True golf enthusiasts will find the souvenir shop to be a golfer’s paradise, where they can pick up a variety of golf-related artifacts and souvenirs to take back to their hometowns.

Pay Tribute to Veterans at the Veterans Memorial Park

veterans memorial park
Image credits: City of Moore

The Mayor and Colonel, Mr. Steven Weinberg and Mr. Willard A. Buhl created this magnificent park in 2010. It is a reverend memorial to those who have served in the military. They dedicated it to those who have served in the military.

The purpose of visiting this park is to pay homage to courageous individuals, honor American veterans, and show your support for those who have served in other wars. In addition, the park itself is quite beautiful and well maintained. The concrete path in the middle of the park, with chairs on either side, can be a relaxing and unwinding spot to sit and relax.

The park is open 365 days a year and is a sight to behold, especially on holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Dana Port is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy nature and wildlife, but especially if you enjoy seeing sea life in its natural environment.

Visit the Capistrano Beach Park

IMG 0921 Large 1000x606 1
Image credits: California Beaches

Capistrano Beach Park is the primary public access beach in Dana Point’s beautiful Capistrano Beach neighborhood. The Orange County Department of Recreation and Parks (OCDP) manages it as a public beach park. With outstanding high wave break conditions during favorable weather conditions, visitors regard the beach as one of the best surfing spots in the area all year long and also one of the best things to do in Dana Port.

On the beach’s short patches of sandy shoreline, visitors can relax and sunbathe while also enjoying pick-up beach volleyball games. Additional athletic facilities, such as sand volleyball and basketball courts, are available north of the beach’s public tourist parking area, which is accessible by car or on foot. Only the portion of the coastline below the mean high tide line is open to the public, with additional beachside facilities available at nearby Doheny State Beach during peak hours of operation.

Visit the Lantern Bay Park

Lantern Bay Park is a charming hilltop park with spectacular views of Dana Point Harbor and Doheny State Beach that is open to the public every day during daylight hours. It is located on the outskirts of Dana Port and is accessible by public transportation. Even on the hottest days of the year, the park is a popular spot for family barbecues and picnics, thanks to the abundance of shade-giving pine trees.

In addition to providing a safe place for children to play, a grassy area provides space for relaxation as well as casual sporting activities like frisbee throwing and football games. Among the other amenities are a bocce ball court, a basketball court, and an underground amphitheater that hosts special events throughout the year. Throughout the week, in the early hours of the morning, the park hosts Yoga in the Park activities.

Buy fresh produce at the Dana Point Farmers Market

FEAT Aug20 Coronavirus Market EJD 018 FINAL 1
Image credits: Orange Coast

Anyone who cooks with crunchy, fresh vegetables knows that they are a hit with the family. Despite the fact that tourists tend to overlook it, we recommend that you visit only to purchase some delicious seasonal food to take home with you. The market is held in La Plaza Park, which is located just north of Golden Lantern in the heart of downtown.

On Saturdays only, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., this exclusive market is open to the public. It has individuals selling freshly baked bread products and locally grown vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses, among other things. These bakeries provide delectable loaves of bread and pastries, ensuring that your morning rituals goes well. Honey and dips, as well as some freshly brewed beverages, are available for purchase. In addition, while you’re at it, throw in a bouquet of freshly cut flowers for your spouse.

Rent a Bike at the Synaptic Cycles Bicycle Rentals

Synaptic Cycles Bicycle Rentals is Orange County’s premier road bike rental company, offering top bike brands such as Volagi, Focus, and Calfee for partial and full-day rentals. It has been in operation in the area for more than 25 years and places a strong emphasis on safety, comfort, and enjoyment for all of its customers.

The company delivers bikes anywhere in Southern California or customers can pick it up at the company’s Dana Point facility, depending on the needs of the customers. A half-day, a single-day, or a week’s worth of bike rental is available, with longer rentals available on request.

Have a Meal at the Luciana’s Ristorante

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Image credits: Lucianas

Luciana’s Ristorante has been serving delicious Italian fare in Dana Point for more than three decades. Guests can find the restaurant in a beautifully restored historic home in the heart of the city’s downtown. National publications such as Zagat recognises Luciana’s Ristorante for its outstanding cooking.

Every day of the week, they serve traditional and innovative Italian fare, including lasagna di melanzane, vitello alla parmigiana, scaloppine Genovese, and tagliata-style flat iron steaks. All of the restaurant’s dishes can be paired with wines from the restaurant’s outstanding wine list, which has been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for several years running.

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