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At BetaTourist, we're more than just a camp gear renting website – we're your gateway to unforgettable outdoor experiences. With a passion for exploration and a commitment to excellence, we've curated a seamless platform that empowers adventurers to embark on their journeys with confidence.

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We are passionate about making outdoor adventures accessible to everyone. With a focus on
convenience and quality, we provide a wide range of premium camping gear for rent

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Camping Package

Complete sets for memorable outdoor activities. 

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Camping Equipment

Quality gear for a comfortable camping experience.


Outdoor Gear

Explore nature with our reliable outdoor equipment for you.


Winter Gear

Stay warm and active in winter wonderlands with gears. 

Why Choose BetaTourist?

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Quality Assurance

We meticulously curate our gear for durability and performance, ensuring your outdoor adventure is supported by reliable and top-notch equipment.



Travel light and hassle-free by renting gear instead of buying, eliminating storage and maintenance concerns for a stress-free trip.


Expert Guidance

Our knowledgeable team offers tailored recommendations, helping you choose the right gear for your unique adventure needs and preferences.



Experience premium gear at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to enjoy high-quality equipment without the hefty price tag.


Environmental Responsibility

Opt for sustainable choices by renting gear, reducing waste associated with purchasing and discarding camping equipment.


Easy Reservation

Streamlined online booking process makes reserving camping gear quick and convenient, letting you focus on your upcoming adventure.

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Absolutely thrilled with the camping gear we rented here. It made our outdoor adventure incredibly comfortable and hassle-free. The website's user-friendly interface and prompt delivery exceeded our expectations. Will definitely rent again
Cindy Wilson
Cindy Wilson
Renting camping gear from this website was a game-changer! The quality of the equipment was top-notch, and the process was so convenient. Our camping trip was a success, thanks to the reliable gear and excellent service
Juan Morton 1
Juan Morton
Hiking Guy
Highly recommend this gear rental platform. The variety of options suited our needs perfectly. The gear was clean, well-maintained, and enhanced our camping experience. Renting from here is a smart choice for both beginners and seasoned campers
Lewis Reina
Lewis Reina
Camping Enthusiast
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What are Benefits of Renting Camping Gear?

It provides cost-effective access to high-quality equipment without the hefty upfront investment of purchasing gear. This is particularly advantageous for occasional campers or those trying out new activities. Additionally, renting eliminates the need for storing and maintaining bulky equipment, freeing up space at home. Renting also allows you to tailor your gear to specific trips, ensuring you have the right equipment for each adventure without cluttering your storage space. Furthermore, renting can be a sustainable choice, as it reduces the demand for new products and minimizes environmental impact. For travelers, renting eliminates the hassle of transporting large gear. Instead of lugging heavy items, you can simply pick up the equipment at your destination. Renting is also an opportunity to try out various brands and models before committing to a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to renting camping gear or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, we’re here to address your concerns. From reservation processes to pickup details, cancellation policies to security deposits, find the information you need to make your camping experience with us smooth and enjoyable.

Can I Modify or Cancel My Reservation?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation up to a certain time before your rental start date. Please refer to our cancellation and modification policy for more information on the timeframe and any associated fees.

When and Where Can I Pick up the Rental Gear?

You can pick up your rental gear on the specified start date during our business hours at our designated pickup location. Details regarding pickup location and timing will be provided in your reservation confirmation.

Is There a Security Deposit Required?

Yes, we typically require a security deposit to cover any potential damages or loss of rental gear. The deposit amount will be authorized on your payment method but will not be charged unless there is a need to make a claim after the gear is returned. Once the gear is inspected and deemed undamaged, the authorization will be released.

What Happens if I Return the Gear Late?

Late returns may incur additional charges, as other customers rely on our gear availability. If you anticipate being late, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss potential extensions and any associated fees.

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