Los Angeles at night: best views, things to do, and more (complete list)

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Known as the city of Angels, anyone who has visited Los Angeles knows it truly comes alive in the night. If you’re looking for things to do in Los Angeles at night, then this is the best guide you’ll find online.

There are tons of things to under in Los Angeles at night for anybody. If you want to party, there are hundreds of clubs that will welcome you. You can even party with famous people and top Hollywood celebrities.

And if you don’t like to party, you can unwind Wi Spa or take a midnight snack at California Donut. I am trying to say that you can’t run out of fun and exciting things to do in Los Angeles at night. This is why Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the world

With that, I present to you the top 23 things to do in Los Angeles at night right now.

Things to do in LA at night

Go on a Downtown Art Walk

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Photo by KEHN HERMANO from Pexels

If you love arts, then this is one of the best things you can do in Los Angeles at night. Held every second Thursday, the Downtown Art walk is a free self-guided tour of the many historic streets of LA. You can explore galleries, art studios, art pop-ups, and installations lining these streets. What makes it an awesome thing to do in LA at night is because the walk gets paired with drinking and hopping, creating a kind of party atmosphere.

Take a scenic drive

While driving in LA during the day is quite scary, driving at night is cinematic in a way. Drive through the streets of Los Angeles at night and take in the spectacular views.

Visit the Griffith observatory

If you want to enjoy the scenic view of LA’s skyline, then the Griffith observatory is the place to be. The observatory, which sits on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood, has a late-night observation deck. If you go early enough, you can catch the breathtaking view of the sunset. You can also take advantage of the location by taking a walk in Griffith Park.

Walk with the stars at Hollywood Boulevard

No Hollywood trip is complete without a stroll down the famous Walk of Fame. This a top activity in Los Angeles at night is because of the reflected lights on the sidewalks. So what are you waiting for? Head to Hollywood Boulevard now and spend time finding your favorite stars.

Hop in a Ferris wheel at Pacific park

Ferris Wheel in los angeles at night
Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

Located on the historic Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park is an amusement park with lots of fun rides and midway games. Plus, they have a Ferris wheel that looks beautiful when lit up at night. While you can enter the park free of charge, you have to buy tickets to enjoy the individual attractions. Opening hours vary, so you have to confirm on the park’s website before going there.

Neon cruise at the Museum of Neon Art

You’ll find the Neon Cruise at Glendale’s Museum of Neon Art. Once there, you can take a guided tour on a convertible bus through Downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown, and Hollywood. On the trip, you’ll learn about the neon signs and their historical context. While the tours last for at least three hours, the trip can start in Hollywood or Downtown, depending on the tour you choose.

Shop and Eat on Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Although the lively section of Abbot Kinney is only a few blocks long, it’s always filled in the night. In addition to its acclaimed restaurants and boisterous bars, you’ll also find lots of people shopping at trendy shops like Vince, Warby Parker, and Rag & Bone.

Have a Corned Beef Sandwich at Canter’s Deli

Canter's deli, Loa Angeles
Photo by Mattia Bericchia on Unsplash

Want to enjoy some late-night Jewish fare such as corned beef, matzoh ball soup, and lox? Then Canter’s Deli is the place to be. Since its opening in the 1930s, Canter’s has been a favorite food joint in Los Angeles for those who enjoy nightlife as there’s a cocktail lounge nearby that offers comedy and music.

Unwind at Wi Spa

If you’re looking to unwind in LA, then head out to Wi Spa, a 24-hour spa in Koreatown. You’ll find showers, steam rooms, cold and hot tubs on one side of the spa. They also have all-gender spaces that feature mineral saunas, a fitness center, a rooftop terrace, and a restaurant.

The Clubhouse

Are you looking to laugh off the stress of your day? Then The Clubhouse is your joint for rib-cracking jokes. You’ll find this comedy club tucked away in a strip mall, and you can catch late-night improv shows there. The tiny theatre is volunteer-run and completely independent. So even though you can see the shows for free, they appreciate donations to keep the place running. They also allow newer performers to take Improv jams and classes.

Universal City Walk

Take a stroll along the Universal City Walk, which runs alongside Universal Studios. It is a walkway that comes to life at night, with restaurants, street sellers, neon lights, and various exciting things to enjoy in Los Angeles at night. The best part is that it is entirely free to visit; you do not need to purchase a ticket to Universal Studios to do so.

The Willows

If you want something spooky and exciting in Los Angeles, then you need to visit the Willows. The exact location is not known until you purchase the tickets. As the story goes, you’ve received an invitation to dine with the Willows family.

However, this family is anything but ordinary, and they harbor tons of dark secrets, including what actually happened to their recently deceased relative. You’ll get to know more mysteries as the night gets old, including one-on-one encounters with characters.

You can buy the tickets online for $125, and the show will last for two hours. It also includes dinner and drinks.

Eat in Chinatown

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Photo by Aaron Lau on Unsplash

There’s something particularly magical about Los Angeles’ Chinatown at night and during the summer months. You can attend unique events organized by local radio station KCRW in the neighborhood. You can socialize with LA’s elite crowd while listening to music, drinking, and munching on finger foods.

The Almighty Opp

The Almighty Opp is a mystery puppet performance that appears on a Koreatown corner on the last Saturday of every month. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do in Los Angeles at night, then you should see this show. 

Starting at 9 p.m., audiences will gather at the junction of Western and Elmwood, only a short walk from the arcade bar Blipsy, for an evening of strange music and puppetry. This unusual but entertaining journey, which draws a committed group of regulars every month, is humorous, quirky, occasionally interactive, and always a strange but entertaining experience.

Watch Classic and Cult Cinema at the New Beverly Cinema

There are tons of places to see a movie in Los Angeles at night, but this one stands out. Why? Famous director Quentin Tarantino owns it, but the cinema mainly oddball cult favorite movies and classics. Tarantino compiles most of the monthly watchlist himself, and some of them come from his private collection. The theatre is also famous for refusing to switch to digital projection.

Late Night Donuts

Do you want to satisfy your late-night cravings, then California Donuts is the place to go. California Donuts is a family-owned and managed business that started in the 1980s and located in Koreatown.

They are open 24/7 and serve some of the most delicious and colorful doughnuts in the area. You’ll be surprised to see tons of hungry night crawlers queuing up to make their donut selections. Once there, you’ll find colorful creations, including doughnuts with crunchy cereal, fruit, and candy toppings.

Infinitely Dinner Society’s Midnight Snacks

If you’re a fan of mystery, the Infinitely Dinner Society is a must-see. Guests who are their fans on Instagram get random invitations to participate in a midnight snack. If you’re selected, you can purchase a ticket online for around $10 – $20. After that, they give you a location where you can meet them, and it’s usually after midnight.

Then, performers will be there to deliver an immersive show and, of course, the promised dinner.

Visit the Santa Monica Pier

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Photo by Scott Trento on Unsplash

A traditional coastal amusement park, the Santa Monic Pier is illuminated by neon at night and features various rides and games. Go for a spin on the famous Ferris wheel and roller coaster, then hit the dance floor at Rusty’s Surf Ranch or grab something to eat at the nearby restaurant.

And don’t forget to take a picture with the US Route 66 sign at the end of the road.

Spend a Night at Clubs on the Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, between Doheny Drive and Crescent Heights Boulevard, is home to some of the most iconic and boisterous nightclubs in the country. If you want to party in Los Angeles at Night, then this is the place to go. Here, you’ll discover everything from The Roxy to the Viper Room and everything in between! After that, treat yourself to a late-night snack at a popular late-night hangout like the Pink Taco.

Spend a Haunted Night at the Queen Mary

Among the many attractions in Long Beach is the Queen Mary. This retired British ocean liner previously served as a Cunard’s vessel for decades. The decommissioned ship now offers various night excursions, some of which are centered on her eerie past. During your visit, you will be able to tour the ship and learn about some of its most famous “inhabitants.”

See a Movie at a More Intimate LA Theater

Every time a movie premiers, you’ll find a long queue of people in front of the Vista Theater, which is located in the Los Feliz area. With its lovely Egyptian-themed interior and its slight touch of Hollywood “glam,” a small courtyard of hand and footprints out front, it’s a delightful homage to grander days of movie-going.

And, as an added plus, the cinema just has one screen, so you won’t have to debate about what to see.

Go for a Group Night Run

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is one of the healthiest cities in the country, so why not embrace fitness and go on a group night run? Not only will the weather be much more manageable, but you’ll also be able to work up an appetite before heading to one of the city’s excellent eateries.

LA at night FAQ

Is LA safe at night?

Los Angeles is relatively safe. You just have to be extra careful at night. In general, public transport in Los Angeles is pretty safe. Just BE AWARE of your surroundings.

Where do celebrities party in LA?

Here are the top Nightclubs to Party With Celebrities in LA 2021

  • Warwick – Hollywood.
  • Hyde Sunset – West Hollywood.
  • Bootsy Bellows – West Hollywood.
  • Delilah – West Hollywood.
  • Highlight Room – Hollywood.

Where can I go at night in LA?

Here are the best places to go at night in LA

  • Climb Up to Griffith Observatory
  • Stroll Down Santa Monica Pier.
  • Hit the Street Food Cinema.
  • Go on a Downtown Art Walk.
  • Head to Bowlmor Santa Monica.
  • Universal City Walk.
  • Eat in Chinatown.
  • Late Night Donuts.

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