How Much Does A Refrigerator Cost For An RV?

It is impossible to overstate the value of a refrigerator in an RV because time is always of the essence when hunting for the best. RV refrigerators are regarded as being smaller than residential refrigerators, but they are more fascinating because they can be transported.

Having access to ice-cold drinks, fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, and other perishables are one of the advantages of traveling with an RV fridge. RV cooling is done effectively and efficiently using a technique known as absorption refrigeration, which indicates there are no moving parts.

How Much Does a Refrigerator Cost An Rv?

The cost of an RV refrigerator ranges from $1000 to $3000. The cost for maintenance, electricity, and propane ranges from $350 to $400 per year, these factors contribute to the cost.

There are different prices for different 5 types of RV refrigerators, these are 2-way fridges, 3-way fridges, propane refrigerators, standard home refrigerators, and thermoelectric refrigerators.

The size, maintenance, and electric and gas usage affect the cost of  RV

Why is an RV Refrigerator So Expensive?

 The components of the RV refrigerator including the internal structures are stainless steel, This makes it more expensive as no part is made of plastic. The price inflation of everything nowadays also contributes to the cost and note that RV fridge requires a lot of manual construction as well. 

What Are Some Key Factors for Picking an Rv Refrigerator?

Picking an RV fridge may look complicated at the thought of it but you will be glad when you get the best of what you want. In picking your RV fridge some factors are to be put in check. A few factors will be discussed below:

 – Rv Refrigerator Size 

The size is one of the important factors to consider. Look for the size of a fridge that will fit and suit your RV. Also, look out if it will be spacious enough to contain your perishables.

A smaller fridge will do if you want to save space but if you often entertain, larger models can be considered.

– Rv Refrigerator Capacity

Storage capacity shouldn’t be left out when picking. Family size either large or small should be considered and the quantity of the perishables, food or drinks to be stored should be determined. Buying a larger one will not be a bad idea as it will allow you to have much space. 

– Rv Refrigerator Layout and Style

Rv layout and style vary. There top freezer or a bottom-freezer model and some are side-by-side or french door models. Some people go for the top freezer or the bottom- freezer because of its compatibility while some go for the side-by-side or french door model for its access.

A rolling-out model with a dual swing is now manufactured making it more convenient for people who have layout challenges in their kitchen and also easier for manufacturers as well.

– Rv Refrigerator Finishes

There are different finishes of RV fridges just like the residential refrigerator on the market. You can get the stainless steel model, black or white finishes. Stainless steel tends to be the most popular of them as it does not leave a fingerprint and it has an attractive look.

How Long Does an Rv Refrigerator Last?

Generally, refrigerator life is 14 years. An RV refrigerator lasts about 10 to 18n years. This is influenced by many factors such as:

– Maintenance Factors

RV refrigerators tend to last longer when there is frequent and constant maintenance such as the quality of repairs – using good and genuine quality parts for repairing an RV fridge when a part is damaged will enhance its life span.

Usage overfilling or underfilling and blockage of ventilation will make the RV refrigerator develop a fault and lead to damage. When your fridge is empty replace it with a jug filled with water as it will help.

– Environmental Factors

exposure to very hot or cold conditions can shorten the life of your fridge so avoid it with all measures.

Should you Leave the Rv Fridge on all the Time?

You can leave your RV refrigerator on when are you sure you are not going far from it. however, It is not a bad idea to turn off your RV refrigerator when it is not in use as it will reduce energy bills unless you install a strong solar panel that RV can work with.

Enhancing the RV refrigerator’s life span and is more eco-friendly. Also, note that frequent turning on and turning of RV refrigerator is improper as it will result in damage.

Can I put a Regular Refrigerator in an Rv?

yes, you can put your regular refrigerator or mini- refrigerator in an RV but factors like the size, life of the fridge, and power should be considered. 

 It is important to know and understand how much power a residential refrigerator use in an RV. A 22 cubic foot refrigerator will use about 1,200 watts to start and 200 watts to run through. it’s shut down when it reaches maximum temperature, else you end up having a dead battery, and this causes spoilage of food and other perishables which is not a funny experience.

Also, know how long your refrigerator will last in the RV. generally, residential refrigerators last about 14 years to 18 years. However, the refrigerator will last more if you give proper maintenance.

A few of the maintenance is keeping it away from direct sunlight or excessive heat, cleaning and ensuring you keep the coil at the back several inches away from the wall, emptying and cleaning the fridge once in a while, and also checking the internal temperature. 

How Long Will an RV Fridge Run on Battery?

Rv refrigerators are not designed to run on a battery for a very long period, though they can run on charged battery for a maximum of 6 hours. 

 However, some factors will determine how long it will run. These factors include the RV model, size of the battery, age of battery, age of the battery, the temperature inside the fridge, type of the battery, attitude, and type of fridge.

To get a good estimate of how long your RV fridge will last on battery, add up the type of fridge, the temperature inside the fridge, size of the battery, and type of the battery.

 Rv when compared to other home appliances apart from air conditioners consumes similar or more watts.

The consumption of watts in starting an RV refrigerator is high that is why turning off, and turning on frequently is advisable. also defrosting consumes more watts, so do not defrost often. Connect multiple batteries in series and parallel to get a large battery that will last longer and keep your perishables safe till they need usage.


The cost of RV refrigerators varies with the brand and size which determine their cost value and increase in their different dimension and facilities. Since the RV fridge can use gas or electricity, the cost varies as well, those that depend on propane and gas are less costly while those that depend on electricity are much more costly as electric equipment are expensive.

The cost of an RV is also determined by the maintenance, the high the maintenance the more costly it is. If any part of the RV is faulty end the technician fixes a genuine and proper part to enhance the life span. 

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