How Long Do RV Water Pumps Last?

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If you are thinking of acquiring an RV, or you just got one, you might be wondering how long the water pump will last before replacement will be required. 

In this article, we will be providing the needed information about the RV water pump which includes its lifespan and how to provide proper maintenance to make it last. 

How Long Do Rv Water Pumps Last?

When properly maintained and taken care of, the water pump in your van can function for up to ten years before it stopped working or started showing signs that a replacement is needed. 

How Do I Know If My RV Water Pump Needs To Be Replaced?

When your van’s water pump starts to malfunction, then a replacement might be needed. However, there will be different signs that would notify you that the water pump needs to be replaced before it totally stops working. 

If you noticed that the water pressure provided by the pump is low, or there has been some unusual noise when you turn on the water pump, these are signs that the water pump needs to be replaced. When the pump begins to leak or overheat, these are signs that it is time to replace your RV water pump.

If the pump is not promptly replaced, the pump might eventually stop turning on when you attempt to. When the pump stops turning on, a replacement is surely needed to make sure water keeps running in the van. 

How Much Water Can My RV Water Pump Get To Pump In An Hour?

While this is a common curiosity among RV owners, the answer can only be defined by the size and type of your van’s water pump.

Some water pumps are designed to pump close to ten gallons of water in one minute while some will not be able to pump close to that. 

How Can I Store My RV Water Pump When Not In Use?

When attempting to store your water pump when not being used in your van, you will have to disconnect the pump from the power source. You will also have to turn off the inlet and outlet valves. once these have been done, you can drain the pump making sure it is water free.

After draining the pump, you can proceed with storage. Snake sure the pump is stored in a dry and properly ventilated space. 

How Often Do I Have To Replace My RV Water Pump?

This will be determined by the status of your water pump and its operating condition. You will be required to change your van’s water pump after functioning for years and it started showing signs that replacement is needed. 

How often you make use of your water pump will also determine when it has to be replaced. While the pump can properly function for up to eight years, its efficiency will eventually reduce the more you make use of it.

To make sure your water pump serves you for a long time, you will have to make sure the pump goes through a regular maintenance process. 

Can I Leave My RV Water Pump On Every Time?

This will be determined by your situation and requirement. In a situation where you are required to conserve water, it will be improper to leave your van’s water pump on all the time. However, if you have access to abundant water, you can leave your water pump on all the time.  The decision will eventually be made to complement your preference.

How Do I Increase My RV Water Pressure?

If you noticed the water pressure in your van has been abnormally low, there are numerous methods through which you can increase the water pressure. The first thing to do is to do a proper check to confirm if there is any leak in the water line. If you noticed any, you will have to fix the leak and the water pressure will return back to normal.

However, if the problem is not a leak, you might want to clean your water filter as there might have been clogged which will cause an obstruction to the water flow causing a reduction in the water pressure. 

Another method to fix the low water pressure problem is by checking out the water pressure regulator fixed to your van. If you are using the adjustable water pressure regulator type, the pressure might have been set so low which will reduce the water pressure.

You can fix this with a flat head screwdriver which you will have to use to turn the bolt located at the side of the water pressure regulator to increase the water pressure back to normal. 

What Size Of Water Pump Should I Get For My RV?

There are factors that have to be considered when choosing a water pump size for your RV. the primary factor is the size of your van’s water tank which will be the determinant of the required flow rate from your water pump.

Another important factor that should be considered is the number of attachments in your van that will be making use of the water pump. With this, you can easily determine the required water pressure from your water pump 

You also have to consider the climatic condition of the region where you will be making use of your RV. you will have to acquire a water pump that will be able to withstand a high level of temperature if your RV is located in a hot weather region. 

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RV water pumps are designed to efficiently function for a very long time when given adequate maintenance. While a water pump is expected to function properly for five years. When maintained properly, you can make use of your water pump for ten years before replacement will be needed. 

You also have to note that when you frequently check and clean the pump’s filter, the pump lifespan will be extended. You might also be required to change your water pump quickly when it is frequently used. 

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