How Long Do Rv Led Lights Last

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     How Long Do Rv Led Lights Last?

When you travel in your RV, do you find yourself using a lot of energy and looking for ways to cut costs? Are you wanting to replace the lighting in your RV and want it to highlight the interior beauty of your vehicle? If so, try using LED lighting.


LED (Light emitting diode) lights are good energy savers. Visible light is produced when an electrical current passes through a semiconductor device called a light-emitting diode. In essence, it is the polar opposite of a photovoltaic cell (a device that converts the visible light into electrical current).

       How Long Do Rv Led Lights Last?

The Rv Led light’s lifespan varies depending on the led light’s quality because there are good and low-quality options. A high-quality led light should last up to 45,000 to 60,000 hours, according to empirical studies, however, the typical led light lasts up to 25,000 hours (almost 10 years).


Unlike the six to ten-year life span, which has been confirmed, led lights are predicted to have a lifespan of roughly 20 years under typical conditions, and you might not even get up to those years based on the quality you get.


Although you might eventually buy low-quality led bulbs and pay the price for high-quality ones, I know you won’t go to the store with the aim of buying them. Fortunately, there are indicators you may look for to identify the quality of what you are buying, and they are,


When installed, high-quality LED lights with the same color temperature will provide a uniform appearance in terms of color. Even though they are billed as having the same color temperature, lower-grade LED lights will have uneven colors.


  • Startup Performance

A High-quality Led bulb glows gradually while a low-quality led bulb gives harsh lighting.


  • Heat Management

 The heat produced by high-quality LED lights is drawn away and stored using aluminum or plastic heat sinks that may be used by cheap LEDs to try to remove heat. The lifespan of your lamp will be shorter because these heat management techniques are more likely to malfunction.


  • Light Direction

When dealing with led lights there are different direction degrees, unlike the conventional bulbs that shine 360 degrees, once you get your led light and it shines 360 degrees, then know that the led light you just got is a low-quality one.

Do, well to search for the best one and ask other Rvers that make use of LED for the best quality product to get.


  • The Packaging 

The packaging of the high-quality led light shows the voltage, power range, and voltage range of the led bulb, unlike the low-quality ones which do not show the details of the led bulb.

         How Much Do Rv Led Light Cost?

The cost of the LED varies depending on the type and size of the light bulb you’re replacing, However, RV LED lights are more expensive than conventional lights (incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent) though, after the initial expense, the led bulb will save you money as it lasts longer and uses less power.


          What Size Led bulb Do I Need?

The size of the base and whether it can accommodate one or more filaments or a pin are the two most crucial aspects of sizing to pay attention to.

A conventional bulb conversion chart will be easy for you to know the exact size you will be needing for your Rv.


Conventional Bulbs (Watts) Led Bulbs (Watts) Led Bulb(Lumens)
25 3-5 W 200
40 6-9 W 450
60 9-15 W 800
75 16-19 W 1100
100 19-25 W 1600


However, it is advisable for you to call on an experienced led light distributor when changing it.

How Often Do Led Lights Need To Be Replaced?

You almost never need to change a LED bulb.

How often you use your LED light bulbs will affect how long they last and needs to be replaced. High-quality led bulbs are not known for burning out but are known for dimming and once your lighting is 50% the brightness or insufficient to adequately illuminate the area, you will know it is time for a LED replacement.


If you notice you cannot see very well without straining your eyes, it is time for a replacement though it is advisable to work with a knowledgeable, experienced distributor that will give you a better sense of how much life your LEDs still have.


A led bulb that works for 60 hours a week could go 14 to 15 years without being replaced. However, a led bulb can call for replacement after 4 years if it is exposed to heat, moisture, and electrical stress.


       What Causes Led to Burn Out?

LEDs naturally do not burn out, but rather lose brightness over time and cease to function; hence, when referring to LEDs, the term “burns out” simply means “dim and cease to function,” which may be caused by a variety of circumstances.


  • Inconducive Environmental Condition      

LED bulbs are extremely sensitive to high temperatures or moisture and operating LED light bulbs in environments with high humidity and heat might cause them to burn out.


  • Weak Circuit Design

Some manufacturers occasionally include cheap, quickly depreciating parts in their products, thereby making the driver circuit break current and causing the bulbs to stop working.LED filaments, often known as LED bulbs with yellow wires, typically have a lower lifespan.


  • High Voltage.

If a led bulb is connected to an outlet that supplies high voltage, it will go dim and stop working, do well to always check to see if the lamp is plugged into a regular outlet.


  • Loose or improper Connection.

Led bulbs connected improperly or loosely have the highest tendency of burning out. Some bulb manufacturers don’t thoroughly solder the base of the bulb to the socket tab, which can cause the bulb to burn out. A satisfactory connection can be made between the tab and the bulb solder if they are nearly the same size.


  • Bulb case

         High-quality bulb cases are composed of aluminum, which distributes heat better than plastic, which becomes hot and burns out more quickly.


  • Dimmer Switches.

There is a significant probability that the wall switch is using the improper type of dimmer if light bulbs in a fixture controlled by a dimmer switch burn out quickly. 


  • Too much Vibration

        When there is too much vibration around the bulb, there is a high tendency that it affects the led bulb. For example, a ceiling fan brings about too much vibration.



Going on a journey with a decent source of lighting is another way to enjoy the trip since it adds beauty to the interior décor of your RV and provides you strength. Poor lighting might be boring. To ensure that your Rv led light lasts for more than ten years, you must take all necessary care to avoid doing anything that could damage it or make it burn out.


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