6 Hot Springs Near Salt Lake City That You Can Visit In 2022

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Who would believe that bathing in hot water bubbling out of the earth can be a thrilling experience? Well, these hot springs near Salt Lake City are a fantastic phenomenon that you surely should experience once in a while, especially during winter. Of course, these are not the only hot springs in the United States; there are several options that you can visit.

If you’re anywhere close to Utah, then you should definitely visit one of the geothermal springs for a refreshing bath in nature.

With that, here are the six best hot springs near Salt Lake City to visit today.

6 Hot Springs Near Salt Lake City That You Can Visit In 2022

Everyone knows that Utah is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, but not many people know that the Beehive State is home to some of the country’s most beautiful natural hot springs.

Get ready to explore the hidden gems of Utah and discover some of the best hot springs near Salt Lake City.

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1. Homestead Crater

The Homestead Crater, which is just 52 minutes from Salt Lake City and 35 minutes from Park City, is an excellent rest day destination for anybody visiting Park City Mountain Resort or any of the Wasatch front ski slopes. Enjoy the only geothermal hot spring in Utah while diving, snorkelling, or just relaxing in the 65-foot-deep waters.

The views from inside the crater, on the other hand, maybe the most impressive. You’ll be bathing under a limestone beehive that rises to a height of 55 feet. Because of the uniqueness of the geothermal crater, you’ll spend the most to visit this hot spring: $13 for 40 minutes of swimming or soaking during the week and $16 on weekends.

Divers and snorkelers may expect to spend between $18 and $27, depending on when they visit the site. This is one of the more popular hot springs near Salt Lake City, so make a reservation in advance!

2. Saratoga Hot Springs
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If you’re searching for (hopefully) less congested hot springs near Salt Lake City, go no further than this naturally occurring, muddy pool located only 40 minutes outside of the city limits.

Other than restrooms at the trailhead, there are no other facilities in the area, so pack a tarp to layout your things. Also, bring a change of clothes if the ground surrounding the pool turns muddy after a rain or snowstorm.

The water is very clean, and the scenery is breathtaking. During the winter, the snow-capped Wasatch mountains to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west may both be seen.

3. Baker (Abraham) Hot Springs

To be sure, going across Utah’s west desert takes more preparation than just driving. But if you take a right at any exit on the southbound I-15, you’ll find lots of gems to appreciate. One of them is the temperature-controlled Baker Hot Springs in Salt Lake City and just outside of Delta.

Each pool’s water is inherently too hot to bathe in. Therefore a PVC pipe filled with cold water enters the pool to maintain the appropriate temperature. There won’t be many people in each of these pools, maybe three per tub, making it ideal for winter dates or reflection and alone time.

4. Crystal Hot Springs
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The Crystal Hot Springs is one of the most developed hot springs in Salt Lake City. Soaking here is as close to a spa experience as you’ll find anywhere, thanks to the numerous swimming pools, lodge, and more than 100 campsites.

Swimming costs $9 per adult and $7 per kid on normal days; however, families of six may swim for $20 total on Wednesday evenings.

If you don’t like crowds, come early in the morning on a weekday to avoid them. Otherwise, the pools are swarming with soakers and swimmers of all ages and abilities.

5. Fifth Water Hot Springs

Fifth Water (also known as Diamond Fork) is a naturally occurring hot spring located 2.5 miles along a well-travelled path with just 700 feet of elevation increase. It is one of Utah’s most popular naturally occurring hot springs. The walk alone is worth the one-hour trip since it twists through a red sandstone canyon and a trickling stream.

During the winter, authorities might close the road to the trailhead, adding six miles to the journey. However, with a fat bike or cross-country skis, covering the extra kilometres is faster and more enjoyable. For road conditions and closures, call the Diamond Fork Guide Station (Forest Service office) ahead of time to confirm: (801) 798-3571

6. Meadow Hot Springs
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Photo by Levan Badzgaradze on Unsplash

Meadow Hot Springs, which are located on private land, is deep enough for scuba diving and warm enough for visits even during winter. Visitors are welcome to sleep on the property and have a campfire nearby since the property owner is kind in allowing them to do more than just explore the pools.

Make sure to follow all established signs and regulations in order to keep access to the hot springs. Visitors may also make a contribution to the maintenance of the springs and surrounding property by placing money in a donation box.


These are the top hot springs near Salt Lake City that you can visit to have a therapeutic experience. Feel free to tell us your experience with these places in the comment section below. We would love to hear all about it.

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