22 Fantastic Holiday Destinations to Visit in 2021

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The year 2020 marked a turning point in the world, and travelling had to be put on hold. Due to the huge extreme earth-shaking caused by the pandemic, we’ll be traveling with greater caution from now on. Possibly, though, with a bit more glee. We’ll be grateful every time our toes will feel every grain of sand on the beach, and for every sunset. In addition, while the mode of transportation may change, the things we want from our holiday destinations have stayed constant.

Japanese tourism is growing increasingly appealing, particularly after hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the 2020 Olympics. This is true for both sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Traveling off-the-beaten-path has never been easier, thanks to the plethora of intriguing excursions available from travel firms to lesser-known destinations.

Whatever your interests, here is a list of some of the best holiday destinations to visit in 2021.

Los Cabos, Mexico

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TUI’s new direct flights, which began operating in November 2019, have made Los Cabos one of the most popular destinations. It is one of the best holiday destinations for beach lovers. This is a must-see trip this year whether you want to enjoy the culture of Mexico, relax in the heat, or go whale watching in the Pacific. In addition, TUI flies to San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and provides lodgings in one of the seaside hotels.

Oaxaca City, Mexico

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Everything in Oaxaca—from its cuisine to its textiles—is intertwined with the history of the city. Chefs, crafters, and designers all live and work on colorful streets filled with delicious things. Oaxaca city is one of the best holiday destinations in Mexico.

Experience Oaxaca’s many delights best by traveling with knowledgeable guides. Also, these services are provided by En Va, a non-profit that organizes trips to visit local craftsmen participating in its microloan program. Oaxacking, a company that organizes immersive and customized food, drink, and craft tours throughout the region also offer these services. Despite the fact that Oaxaca is the mezcal capital of Mexico, with hundreds of mezcal libraries and mezcalerias, the demand for maize whiskey continues to grow. A mellower beverage is being produced in the Central Valleys using the locally grown grains purchased by distillers.

Galway, Ireland

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Galway, along with the Croatian city of Rijeka, has been designated as the European Capital of Culture for 2020. It should be on your 2021 travel list because it celebrates the ingenious and innovative qualities of the city.

Additionally, visitors have public art, exhibits, plays, musical events, and other cultural activities to look forward to in Galway. Are you seeking a place to call home for the night? Stay at the classic and pleasant Park House Hotel, which is located in the heart of the city.

Chania, Crete, Greece

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Despite being exquisite, Chania’s Ottoman-influenced harbor and cobblestoned streets aren’t nearly as gorgeous as the city’s delicious gastronomy. Cretan good cuisine is bringing in gourmets from around the world to its seaside cafés. Gastronomy in this small Greek city on the northern coastline is attracting discriminating diners from around the world.

A fantastic seafood restaurant called Sunset at Sfinari Beach is a short drive from the city. Milia, a secluded farm-to-table Cretan eco-resort, is also a short drive from town. Additionally, there are two new resort locations on the island, Elafonisi Villas, which overlook the beautiful, candy-floss beaches, and Tanneries, which have already opened.


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Georgia, one of the ABTA’s top watch locations for 2020, offers an excellent opportunity to dodge the crowds. Also, five hours will get you to Tbilisi, which is a lovely city with exciting things to see and do.

Visiting Georgia’s magnificent countryside, which constitutes 70% of the country’s land area, is a must for wine connoisseurs and travelers alike. In addition, the most beloved feature of the country is the pleasantness and respect with which its inhabitants greet visitors.

Pulau Merah, Java, Indonesia

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This region of Indonesia is becoming increasingly popular among surfers. Boutique hotels and eco-entrepreneurs follow in the footsteps of surfer culture, as we all know. Well-heeled folks are flocking to this underdeveloped island refuge, which is sometimes overlooked in favor of its more famous nearby neighbor G-land at Plengkung (about a three-hour drive away) because of its undeveloped beach breaks.

This is an area with long expanses of vacant beaches, intermittent Wi-Fi, and few people. Novice surfers will enjoy this beach because it’s completely protected from the spiky coral seen in the shallows at G-land. However, it is also a popular location for experienced surfers because of the 13-foot-high barrels found here.

In contrast to Pancer, the hugger-mugger fishing community of Mojosurf Camp may be found populated by laid-back locals, Aussies, and lovable blow-ins.


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Everybody’s attention has been on this Caribbean island since James Bond’s No Time to Die debuted in April, 2020. Since Jamaica is the birthplace of Ian Fleming’s James Bond persona, it was revealed that the country will serve as the backdrop for the first James Bond book.

Those who like the James Bond films should stay in Ocho Rios, which lies on Jamaica’s northern coast. Sandals Royal Plantation is an all-butler, all-suite resort in the Bahamas that offers a luxurious escape. In addition, visitors can find the most notable sea vistas and the only Champagne and caviar bar in Jamaica there.

South Africa

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As the tourism industry in many other nations, the tourism sector in South Africa has been through a lot recently. A new generation of genre-defying artists is hard at work, shining a light on Africa’s most diversified cultural group, the Ivory Coast.

This list of initiatives reflects the energy and vigor of Johannesburg’s cultural landscape. Along with the new hotels and lodges that will welcome international guests in 2021, Kruger Shalati, a cabin in the Kruger National Park, offers a beautifully elegant stay.

Kyoto, Japan

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Kyoto manages to be both historically significant and technologically advanced at the same time. Away from the sparkling hotels and modern retail malls, tranquil karesansui rock gardens and centuries-old Shinto shrines can be found.

Aman Kyoto is the most recent addition to the list of fashionable new destinations. This group’s third Japanese offering will have ryokan-inspired lodgings, in-pool bathing, and Kyoto-style dining with locally sourced products.

Matera, Italy

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Basilicata’s popular destinations, including Matera, will help promote Italy’s Basilicata region. Sassi, the cave houses, that have been hollowed out of a rock face are found here.

Checking into an Airbnb in Matera will allow you to experience the city as a native. While you’re here, make sure to try the orecchiette pasta and the wonderful local bread.

Charleston, USA

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It has been many people’s bucket list destination due to its peculiar beauty and haunting cypress swamps. Black-owned enterprises, many of which were previously priced out of the city, are now gaining traction at a faster rate than they have in the past. This is especially true due to initiatives like as Black Food Fridays, founded by local entrepreneur KJ Kearney. He also created a map of black-owned companies in the Charleston metropolitan region. Hannibal’s Kitchen, a soul food legend, has been serving fried shark and sautéed crab over grits for decades.

The upscale Savi Cucina and Nigel’s Good Food are two other nearby restaurants that specialize on distinct Southern food traditions. Other plans include measures to strengthen the city’s annual Wine and Food Festival, and the administration is in contact with local chefs to better communicate the tale of the Gullah Geechee food traditions.

Vienna, Austria

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Vienna was previously the capital city of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Its rich past is reflected in the city’s majestic baroque structures, which, according to the Austrian Tourist Association, are all in great shape.

The commemoration of the city’s numerous notable composers occurred in 2020, which will mark the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. While Vienna’s cafés and sweets are well-known, many good-value restaurants are a pleasant surprise.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s coastal and forested volcanic archipelago features ocean waves crashing on pristine beaches and fragrant cloud forests. For years, the Central American country has focused on environmentally friendly hotels with low carbon footprints, and it has demonstrated a strong dedication to implementing truly successful eco-initiatives.

There are various options to deviate from the well-traveled path at this location. Visit the Guatuso Indigenous Reserve to meet the Maleku, the country’s smallest tribe of indigenous people. You can also hike into the secluded Ota Peninsula, where tapirs prowl alongside red-eyed tree frogs, armadillos, and kinkajous. Tribes guide visitors about their property, giving their knowledge of medical plants and natural animals, such as bright-billed toucans and boisterous monkeys, as well as their understanding of therapeutic plants.

Athenian Riviera, Greece

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As the Athenian Riviera has waited its moment to shine, 2021 will be the year for it. As Olympics Holidays reports, the scenic coastline of this region will be a popular tourist destination this year. Those who visit its beaches on the outskirts of Athens will be in for a real treat. Also, the best holiday destinations to see in Ankara include Ulucanlar Prison Museum, Ankara Castle, and Genclik Park.

Beaches of Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, and Varkiza are among the most popular in Greece. Combining a beach vacation with an Athens-area day trip is very simple. Visit the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso in Vouliagmeni for its spectacular setting, private beach, and well-recognized wellness facilities.

East and West Sussex, England, UK

Rich in stunning natural beauty, these two English counties boast a bounty of natural serenity and panoramic views of the ocean. Despite the availability of new openings and enhancements, this region of the UK is attracting more and more people.

South Downs National Park-made wood houses will be built for the award-winning sparkling-wine vines at Ashling Park in West Sussex. It will also have a helipad. The seventh nooks-and-cooks Pig hotel will open in the South Downs in summer 2021.

Swedish Lapland, Sweden

vakkara lodge lapland LAPLAND0217
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Tourist visit Lapland in Sweden because of the Abisko National Park, which many people go to view. People know it to be one of the best holiday destinations on the planet to witness the natural phenomenon.

There’s almost little light pollution and you may have dinner before trekking out to seek for a show. Also available is a reservation at the amazing Icehotel. This winter, Swedish Lapland is the most popular holiday destinations for those seeking cold weather.


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Tiger enthusiasts should know that the number of wild tigers in India has recently increased substantially, with over 3,000 tigers currently roaming the country (up from 2,226 four years ago).

The result is that the present is a fantastic time to visit some of India’s most beautiful wildlife sites, such as the Nagarhole and Ranthambore National Parks, where you may observe beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. Using Good Housekeeping Holidays, you can travel to India and learn about its tigers, temples, and other fascinating sights.


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Whatever your level of cruise addiction, this new destination will urge you to go on a voyage of discovery. At the end of 2019, the Bahamas’ Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve welcomed its first guests, making it the most recent environmentally-conscious resort available for cruisers.

The island is only accessible to MSC Cruises customers. It is dedicated to restoring the natural beauty of the former sand extraction location to establish a healthy marine reserve. Ocean Cay cruises are available from MSC Cruises in the Caribbean.

Silk Road, Uzbekistan

Central Asia’s Silk Road, which Lonely Planet ranked the world’s finest destination to visit, is home to bustling bazaars and breathtaking architecture to discover and explore. While in Uzbekistan, you can participate in wine tasting and bread making and see beautiful cities and go on a road trip through the desert.

There has never been a better time to discover this lesser-known region and embark on an exciting journey than right now when British citizens can travel to the country without a visa for up to 30 days.

Rhone River, France

Traveling to France’s gourmet heartland and experiencing the majestic Rhone River is a must for everyone who has already visited Paris, the Cote d’Azur, and Brittany. 2020 is the year to do so. Visitors can find History, wines, marketplaces, and other attractions all along the great river, which runs from beautiful Avignon to beautiful Tournon.

You may also make it an unforgettable French vacation by going on a river cruise with a few celebrities, such as Anton du Beke from Strictly Come Dancing and Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr.

Haida Gwaii Islands, Canada

Image credits: CN Traveler

The Haida Gwaii Islands, which are located off the northern coast of British Columbia, are known as the Canadian Galapagos because of their complex ecosystem and unique fauna. They are an excellent destination for those looking to travel to the ‘end of the world’ in 2020, according to the World Travel Awards.

It is the ancestral home of the Haida First Nations people of Canada, who are key to the Trudeau government’s social and political programs and who continue to play a vital role in the country’s far northern communities.

A local guide will guide us on our first excursion to the region, which will take place in 2020. This will allow you to experience traditional Haida settlements that coexist with unspoiled wildlife and make the inaccessible islands more accessible.

Salt Lake City, Utah

01 velo slc header downtown slc
Image credits: CN Traveler

Whether you’re looking for the best holiday destinations to visit on vacation where you can spend the most of your time outside, the state capital is the place to go. Also, with its various beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and unique activities, Salt Lake City provides an excellent tourist atmosphere in which you may relax, unwind, and repeat your experience. Discover why it is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations globally because of the stunning landscapes and pleasant weather.

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