9 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking [Reviews 2022 ]

Going hiking with dogs can be a memorable experience. Some dogs might even be willing to carry their loads. They could carry things that include food items, water, and so on. Although not all dogs might be able to do this, some will always want this challenge.

In carrying these loads, there are different backpacks that you can use for your dogs. You should however consider the durability and comfort of these backpacks. So, if you are planning a hike with your dog and you are looking for that perfect backpack, look no further. We will be reviewing some of the best backpacks available.

9 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking [Reviews 2022]

We will be highlighting our fair and thoroughly researched top seven best backpacks for your dog’s hiking experience. So, follow through as we take you on this ride.

1. Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack
Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack

Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack

This backpack is made from durable material, and has a waterproof back panel and welded seams to keep your dog’s gear safe and dry. 

This approach pack from Ruffler can come in handy for hiking experiences or even overnight exploration. It is great for professional hikers and dogs that love the idea of overnight camping. Even though this backpack is quite pricey, it lasts longer than most of its counterparts.

This pack comes in with a lot of handy advantages. Some of these advantages are stashed pockets, external gear loops, and coated zippers. The Ruffler Approach pack is designed to ensure that load stability is provided. It also offers a good weight spread across the pack.

The pack comes with a light and sturdy harness. This helps to make the process convenient as you can decide to detach the pack and leave the harness on. It also comes with a padded strap that keeps your dog’s coat and skin intact. The covered buckles in the bag also sit in place for convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Light and sturdy harness for convenience.
  • Highly durable material quality.
  • Padded straps to keep your dog’s skin intact.

2. Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack
Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack 1

Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

It has a stylish design. This pack is padded and ventilated to provide your dog with a comfortable carry experience.

The Outward Hound Backpack is great for occasional trails and explorations that are long-lasting. The pack is characterized by spacious saddlebag pockets, long-lasting zippers, mesh pockets, and a harness that allows for a proper fit.

This backpack is designed to take all the weight of your dog when at rest. It also provides quick and easy access to the contents of the sack. Internal mesh compartments and an elastic water bottle holder are added to aid your dog’s convenience.

The Outward Hound backpack features pockets that have vast pouches and zipper closures. This can help withhold food, fluid, and other similar accessories. This pack can be your adventurous dog’s best friend as it is easy to put on and can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. The sizes of the pack vary from S to XL.

This backpack has been well crafted with extremely durable nylon. This can come in handy to help with the task of the rough terrains that come along with the hiking experience. It also comes with reflective highlights that help to maximize awareness in natural locations.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable and comfortable fit.
  • Vast pouches and zipper closures to help hold food.
  • Compartments for added convenience.
  • Extremely durable material quality.

3. One Tigris Mammoth Dog Pack
One Tigris Mammoth Dog Pack 1

One Tigris Mammoth Dog Pack

This carrier has a lightweight, top-notch design, which allows dogs comfort and keeps them close to you on the trail.

The mammoth dog pack is great for powerful dogs that love to explore rugged locations. This bag comes in quite different from the bags we have previously considered. It is made with heavy-duty materials and was designed for rugged landscapes. This will be quite beneficial for canine soldiers.

These bags are terrific. You can easily fasten them with the rail straps and the clip belts. However, an uneven charge can cause the vest to slide. Also, the buckles have not been well padded or sheltered. The design of the packs did not take sheltering or padding into consideration.

The mammoth bag has been designed to be comfortable for strong and large dogs. Such dogs will not make a fuss over little discomforts. There are molles on both sides that you can use to attach other accessories. These accessories can be magazines, food supplies, and the like.

The pack helps your dog take advantage of optimal comfort as much as possible. The Velcro panel and mesh design help to also offer better breathability and ventilation. The Mammoth pack comes in sizes ranging from medium to extra-large.

Highlighted Features:

  • Velcro panel and mesh design for optimal comfort.
  • Heavy-duty materials are suitable for rugged landscapes.
  • Molle for attaching accessories.

4. Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack
Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack 1

Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack

It features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to be carried comfortably on a wide variety of body types.

The Kurgo Saddlebag is a lightweight bag that is great for hikers who love to trek at night and go camping for days. It comes with two pockets that you can use to keep your dog’s essentials such as food items and travel bottles.

This pack comes with a dog harness integrated with a rear-mounted ring. This ring can be used to attach your pet’s leash. You can also use the other ring as a bottle opener. It features a padded handle that can be used to control or guard your dog against obstacles during hiking.

It comes with reflective strips on the side that can help to increase visibility in the dark. This will help you spot your dog when you settle for evening camps. The backpack comes with about eight adjustment points. These points can help to generate a custom fit for your dogs.

There is also a saddlebag alongside that you can move up and down. The kurgo backpack comes in two sizes. The Baxter size is for dogs that weigh between 30 and 85 lbs. The other size is the big Baxter size and it is for dogs that weigh between 50 and 110 lbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eight adjustment points for a custom fit.
  • Reflective strips to increase visibility in the dark.
  • Large padded handle.
  • Integrated dog harness.

5. Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack
Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack 2

Himal Outdoors Dog Backpack

Made from high-quality materials and smart features that help keep your dog comfortable, dry, and safe on the trail.

The Himal Dog backpack is a very durable pack that is made for medium and large dogs that love to explore the wilderness. It is made of durable nylon that comes with a soft mesh that lines underneath. This soft mesh offers a cool and secure feel for your dog.

The dog vest harness can be adjusted anytime to give a more comfortable fit. The adjusted straps can fit dogs that have a neck size of 31.5 inches and a chest size of 35.8 inches. It also comes with zipped side pouches that can be used to pack your dog’s essentials.

The exterior pockets come along with a Velcro lock that helps to ascertain the safety of your belongings. The Himal Outdoor backpack comes with a sturdy padded handle that is designed to help your dog cross obstacles. So, your dog finds it easy to cross things like a river. The rear-mounted d-rings can also help you hold your dog leash in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy paddled handle.
  • Comfortable soft mesh that offered a secured feel.
  • Zipped side pouches to keep the dog’s essentials.

6. Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness
Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness 1

Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness

This backpack is designed for maximum comfort and to fit dogs of all sizes comfortably. Your pet will look cute wearing it.

The Ruffwear Switchbak combines the features of a harness and backpack into one fitting. It is suitable for short hikes and dogs that can only carry lightweight loads. It comprises a foam-padded design that helps with comfortable extended wear.

This harness can be worked around to any fit as it comes with five adjustment points. It also comes with reflective accents and an aluminum V-ring that you can use to hook your dog’s leash. It can also be used to attach the webbing loop on the chest for dogs that pull.

It comes with a padded belly strap that provides you with stability and comfort, especially when carrying loads. It also comes with a paddled handle to assist your dog in guarding against obstacles. The sizes range from extra small to extra-large. For maintenance practices, you can use a mild detergent to wash this pack and air dry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Paddled belly strap for stability and comfort.
  • Reflective accents.
  • Adjustments points for a suitable fit.
  • Foam paddings.

7. Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier
Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier 1

Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier

This is a high-performance dog backpack. It is made from weather-resistant materials to keep it dry.

This backpack is made from eco-friendly polyester that is resistant to scratching. It is very durable and room ensures that your dog is quite comfortable. The Ytonet backpack is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs that weigh about 18 lbs.

This backpack is made with two entrances such that your dog can stick its head out. This means that you can play with your dog without having to put the pack down. You can readily roll up the top pad cover for convenience purposes. Four breathable mesh windows help to provide visibility and ventilation.

This backpack is designed with a reinforced structure that helps to ascertain the safety of your dog. The accompanying bottom zipper that has a lockable function adds a more secure fit for your pet. The multi-storage pockets on both sides can help you store the dog’s essentials.

The bottom pads of this pack are removable and cleanable as it adds to the extra comfort that your dog can benefit from. It can readily be folded flat so you can store them easily when not in use. The back straps make it quite comfortable for hiking activities.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi storage pockets.
  • Scratch-resistant ventilated mesh windows.
  • Paddled back and shoulder strap for comfort.

8. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack
PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack 1

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Made of flexible materials, which allows for stable load distribution. Its low-gusset design ensures a natural range of motion.

This is a very comfortable backpack that can be used for hiking and trekking. It was made using high-grade polyester. It fits well for dogs that weigh up to 18 lbs and it is available in about twelve colour variants.

The PetAmi Deluxe backpack comes in well ventilated to allow for good airflow. It features a two-way entry so that your dog can easily wear it and also, put it off. The mesh zip-up window comes in great to enhance headroom and visibility.

This backpack also features sherpa-lined bedding for great comfort levels. The pack is designed in such a way that your dog can move easily without issues. However, even with this design, it does not collapse easily during the trips.

The PetAmi backpack also considers safety as it comes with safety straps and buckles to assure you of better safety conditions. The waist and shoulder buckles help to provide extra support for your dog. The side pouches can be used to store pet essentials.

Highlighted Features:

  • Functional storage pockets.
  • Extra back and shoulder padding.
  • Safety buckles.
  • Sherpa lined the bed.

9. COODIA Dog Carrier Front Chest Backpack
COODIA Dog Carrier Front Chest Backpack 1

COODIA Dog Carrier Front Chest Backpack

The backpack carrier is durable, feature-packed, and designed for the dog’s optimal comfort. It is both functional and stylish.

The front and back design of this pack make it easy for one to take care of their dogs. The head-out design comes in great for the comfort of your dog. The two sides of the carrier are made with mesh fabric that helps with good ventilation.

The COODIA backpack comes with zippers on both sides that gives you free access to the contents of the pack. The built-in safety lock feature comes in to help protect your dog from flopping. The straps can be easily adjusted to allow for comfort while hiking, trekking, or walking.

The carrier is almost weightless and it comes in four size variants ranging from small to extra-large. It also comes with three color options and it is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comfortable and weightless.
  • Multiple pocket options.
  • Breathable sides.
  • Safety locks for better safety conditions.
  • Adjustable straps.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

Have questions about choosing the ideal backpack carrier? Look no further, we have answered some of the common questions in a way you can easily understand.

Are Dog Backpacks Cruel?

When you hear the word “backpack”, images of gangly teenagers, wearing ill-fitting sweatpants and combat boots, come to mind. But this isn’t the actual purpose of a backpack. In its most basic form, a backpack is a bag that you use to carry school books, files, and other small school-related items.

Dogs often find the backpack to be an ideal place to “go to school”, causing it to be one of the most common complaints about backpacks. Many people believe that a dog backpack is cruel because it makes the animal carry the bag for hours on end.

This is simply not true. Dog backpacks are usually not as heavy as people make them out to be. They also have a limited number of straps and buckles which makes them easier to wear than a typical backpack.

What is a Dog Backpack?

A dog backpack is a small, lightweight bag that is often used by dogs to carry school materials and other small items. Most dogs like to go to school in a backpack, which is why it’s so common.

A dog backpack is typically not as heavy as people make them out to be and it has a limited number of straps and buckles which makes it easier to wear than a typical backpack.

Can Dachshunds Wear Backpacks?

Yes, dachshunds can wear backpacks. In fact, many people believe that this is one of the best things about them. A backpack provides plenty of space for your dog to roam and play, which is great for their mental and physical health. Additionally, a backpack can help keep your dog warm during cold weather.

Are Dogs Comfortable in Carriers?

Dogs usually enjoy being carried around in carriers, but there are some exceptions. For example, dogs that are used to being walked on their back may not be as comfortable when carried in a backpack. The dog’s back may become sore from the effort of carrying the backpack all the time.

How Much Weight Can a Dog Carry in a Backpack?

Dogs typically carry a little more weight in a backpack than people do. A dog’s average weight is around 45 pounds, while a human’s average weight is around 130 pounds. That means that a dog can carry up to 45 pounds in a backpack.

Are Soft or Hard Dog Carriers Better?

Many people believe that soft dog backpacks are better because they are more comfortable for dogs. However, this is not always the case. Many soft dog backpacks have straps that are too tight and cause the dog to choke.

Additionally, many soft backpacks do not have enough space to store the dog’s food and water. If your dog loves to eat things like rawhide cheese, a soft backpack might not be the best choice for him. A hard dog backpack with at least one place for the dog’s food and water will be better for him.

Should a dog be able to stand in a carrier?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on the individual dog and its physical abilities. Some dogs are able to stand in carriers for long periods of time, while others cannot. The key is to find a carrier that can accommodate your dog’s size and personality.

Is there a Difference Between Cat and Dog Carriers?

There is no difference between a cat and a dog backpack when it comes to carrying capacity. A cat backpack can carry up to 50 pounds, while a dog backpack can carry up to 30 pounds. This means that a cat backpack will be more suitable for carrying smaller items than a dog backpack.

Additionally, a cat backpack usually has two straps that allow it to be easily worn around the shoulder, while a dog backpack usually has one strap that isn’t as adjustable.


Your hiking experience should be more fun with the backpacks that we have highlighted. You can make your choice from any of the options we have given.

This will be down to your preference. However, you have to put your dog size, dog essentials, and whatever hiking experience you have planned into consideration.