Do I Need A Water Pressure Regulator For My RV?

water pressure regulator for rv

A water pressure regulator can be the last thing you have on board when planning to go on a trip in your RV, you might not even be planning to have one along with you. however, this cheap and small accessory has its function and it is very important to have one in your van. 

If you keep wondering why the water pressure regulator is so important to have in your RV, follow this article as we will be providing you with the necessary information about the water pressure regulator and its importance. 

What Is A Water Pressure Regulator?

A water pressure regulator is a device that regulates the amount of pressure allowed in your Van. this regulation ensures the van plumbing system stays safe from excess water pressure which can destroy pipes and fittings in the van. 

There are two different types of water regulators that can be used in your van. You can purchase either the adjustable regulator or the fixed regulator. Just like its name implies, an adjustable water pressure regulator allows you to fix the water pressure to your preferred limit. 

However, you will be unable to fix a specific pressure limit with the fixed water pressure regulator as the pressure has been permanently fixed to 40-50 PSI. Both types of water regulators will efficiently do the required job and make sure the water pressure is okay. 

Does My RV Need A Water Pressure Regulator?

It is important to have a water pressure regulator in your RV due to its inability to sustain the same water pressure level as a building.  The plumbing system of the RV is not designed to take in high-level water delivery, the recommendation of most RV plumbing specialists is that the water pressure allowed in an RV shouldn’t be higher than 60 PSI.

With this recommendation, regulation of the RV water pressure is important which is the function of the water pressure regulator. The absence of a water pressure regulator in your RV might allow excess water pressure into your RV plumbing system which can result in the destruction of seals, fittings, and pipes in your van. 

Controlling your RV water pressure is absolutely impossible without the water pressure regulator which is why it is important to acquire one before damages occur in your RV plumbing system. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Water Pressure Regulator In My RV? 

There are numerous advantages that come with having a water pressure regulator in your RV, these advantages include.

– It Controls Your RV Water Pressure

The presence of the water pressure regulator in your van saves you from getting worried about excessive water pressure at your campsite.

Once the regulator has been attached to the spigot, you have nothing to worry about as it will handle the pressure check and ensure water flows into your RV at the appropriate pressure. 

– Protection Of Plumbing And Fittings

Once you have the water pressure regulator in your van, the van’s plumbing and fittings will be safe and secure.

These components can easily get damaged if the water pressure gets too much which will not happen when the water pressure regulator is in place. 

– Prevention Of Sediments From Entering The Plumbing System 

Apart from putting the water regulation in check and keeping the plumbing and fittings safe, the water pressure regulator also functions as a filter. The device filters out sediment to prevent blockage at your faucets and to make sure water runs smoothly in the van. 

– Cheap and Durable 

Unlike other required components in your RV, the water pressure regulator is quite cheap as you can easily get one for less than $10.

This device is not only cheap but tends to last the test of time as well. You will not be required to change the water pressure regulator for a very long time. 

How Do I Use The RV Water Pressure Regulator?

Both fixed and adjustable water pressure regulators are easy to use. All you have to do is to attach your regulator onto the spigot making sure it is well tightened. If it is an adjustable water pressure regulator, you will be required to set your preferred water regulator. 

Another benefit of the water pressure regulator is that it does not require any form of maintenance. Once it has been fixed to the spigot, it begins to function making sure the water pressure runs at the required level making sure your van’s plumbing system remains safe. 

Do RV Water Pressure Regulators Go Bad?

Your RV water pressure regulator might start malfunctioning or stop working after a long period of use. You might discover that the water pressure has become low or there might not even be none at all. 

In this situation, you might want to fully access your van and check out for a kinked hose, or plugged water filter. If this is not the case, you should consider changing your water pressure regulator which is why it is advisable to always have an extra available in your van.  

How Do I Adjust My RV Water Pressure Regulator?

You will be required to know how to adjust the water pressure regulator if you acquire the adjustable type. However, adjusting your water pressure regulator is quite easy. 

Most adjustable water pressure regulator comes with the default setting of 45 PSI, it is important to check this setting before turning on the water in your van. If you noticed the pressure is low and you wanted to adjust it, all you have to do is to make use of a flat head screwdriver to turn the screw located at the side of the water pressure regulator to adjust the water pressure. 

It is important to know the limitation of the rig’s water pressure to avoid a high water pressure setting. 

What Is The Best Water Pressure For My RV?

The general knowledge of an RV pressure limit is 50 PSI for old rigs and 60 PSI for the latest RVs. making use of these water pressure standards will work for you and ensure your RV doesn’t face damage due to high water pressure. 

How Do I Know If My Water Pressure Regulator Is Bad?

It is normal for your water pressure regulator to stop working after a long period of functioning. However, you will easily detect that there has been an issue once your water pressure regulator stops working.

In most cases, a malfunctioning water pressure regulator will result in little or no water pressure in your van. Once the water pressure regulator gets replaced, the water pressure will return back to normal. 

Can an RV Water Pressure Regulator Increase Pressure?

No, a water pressure regulator does not increase pressure. A water pressure regulator is a device that limits the flow of water to a safe level.

It does this by acting as a check valve, which means that it allows water to pass through one way but not in the opposite direction

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A water pressure regulator is a necessity for most RV owners, especially those with campgrounds that don’t have access to city water. A good quality regulator will ensure that your RV always has enough pressure to run all of its appliances and fixtures without damaging any of them. The only problem is finding out which one is right for you.

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