Can You Use Vinegar To Clean RV Toilet?

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Vinegar is pretty popular for its versatility. Apart from making use of vinegar for cooking, it can also be used to perform cleaning tasks saving you lots of money that should have been used to purchase cleaning chemicals. 

Unlike other cleaning chemicals, vinegar is safe for you, your pets, and the environment. Due to the all-around benefits of vinegar, many RV owners are curious to know if it can be used to clean their RV toilet. This article will be providing an answer to that and how it can be used. 

Can You Use Vinegar To Clean Rv Toilet?

Vinegar will work perfectly when used to clean your RV toilet. When vinegar is added with baking powder, your van’s toilet white bowl will become so clean and white. Apart from its effectiveness, it is also cheap and harmless, unlike other toilets product.  

How Do I Clean My RV Toilet Tank With Vinegar?

  • To clean your van’s toilet, you will have to acquire a bottle of vinegar, you will also need to get rubber gloves that you’ll be putting on. Make sure you have a cleaning brush and detergent as well.
  • Once all these materials have been provided, put on the rubber gloves to protect yourself as you will not want to take the chance of the vinegar getting in contact with your skin. The gloves also make sure your hands remain clean during the cleaning process. Pour the vinegar inside the tank once the cap has been removed. 
  • The vinegar will get rid of all bad odours and eliminates all germs, bacteria, and insects that might be present in the toilet tank. Allow the vinegar to remain in the toilet tank for at least an hour before emptying the tank. 
  • Once you have emptied the tank, turn on the faucet to fill it up with fresh water. However, make sure the tank doesn’t get full of water as you should only add enough water to perform the scrubbing process. This is where you’ll make use of the cleaning brush and the liquid cleaner or detergent. 
  • Put the liquid cleaner on the cleaning brush and scrub the tank with it. In the absence of a liquid cleaner, you can make use of detergent by adding two teaspoons, and a teaspoon of vinegar into ½ cup of water. 
  • Make sure all parts of the tank get properly scrubbed. You have to make sure the soap goes down back in the water then you can make use of the brush to take the water to the tank walls before rinsing the tank with clean water and emptying the tank.

With this, you are done with the cleaning process and you can open the faucet and fill up the tank with water. 

How Do I Clean The Bottom Of The RV Toilet With Vinegar?

When cleaning your van’s toilet, vinegar with baking soda is up for the task. To make it more effective, you can add some sea salt to the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Pour the combination into the toilet and let it be for some minutes before making use of the cleaning brush to scrub down all the dirt in the toilet. 

In a situation where the bottom of your van’s toilet is extremely dirty, you can dilute the vinegar with water before adding powdered citric acid, however. You should be cautious when doing this as citric acid is known to cause pollution. 

It is also recommended to make use of a face mask and cover up your eyes while making use of citric acid. Pour the combination into the bottom toilet and scrub properly with the cleaning brush to remove all dirt. 

Another method through which you can make use of vinegar to clean the bottom of your van toilet is by creating a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. To create this mixture, put two tablespoons of baking soda into half glass of vinegar before extracting the juice of a lemon into it. 

Pour this mixture into the bottom of your van toilet, and let it be for some minutes before scrubbing the toilet with the cleaning brush to get rid of dirt. 

How Do I Remove Stains And Clogs From My RV Toilet?

There are instances that you see some remains of stains that have refused to leave no matter how hard you scrub. Making use of a steel scourer is the best solution to get rid of such stains. You can also add baking soda and vinegar to the tell scourer for an effective result. 

You can also make use of hot water to remove the stubborn stains in your van’s toilet. Pour the hot water into the toilet bottom and add a  cup of baking soda and vinegar. Let it be for up to an hour before scrubbing the toilet bottom properly to remove the stain. 

However, if the issue is a clog in the toilet bowl, a dishwasher will efficiently dilute the jam, and if the problem persists, you can make use of a metal hanger. Open the hanger and make sure the metal is straightened. You also have to make sure the tip is properly wrapped with a cloth. 

Insert the hanger in the toilet bowl and press it down properly to make sure the debris gets dislodged and goes down the drain. 

Will Vinegar Damage My RV Toilet Bowl?

Vinegar will not cause any harm or damage to your toilet tank, bowl, or the inner parts of your van’s toilet. It is totally safe to be used in your RV and will remove all the stains, dirt, and odour present in your van’s toilet. With vinegar, you will not have to spend extra money purchasing commercial toilet cleaner. 

Can I Use Vinegar To Clean Other Parts Of My RV?

Vinegar cannot only be used to clean your van’s toilet alone, it is an all-around cleaning liquid that can be used to clean other parts of your RV. 

i. Cleaning Food Stains

You might have spilt some food or liquid accidentally in your van, to clean up this, you can make use of vinegar by creating a mixture of vinegar and water. Spray this mixture on the dirty surface and clean and you will be left with a spotless surface. 

You can also make use of this mixture to clean up the inside of your refrigerator that is filled with food stains and it will become so neat. You will also not have to worry about the odour that comes with the vinegar as the dilution with water will suppress the odour. 

ii. Cleaning Dirty Carpet

You don’t want the dirt on your van’s carpet to get stuck on it. And the perfect way to remove them is by spraying the water and vinegar mixture on the stained parts of the carpet before preceding with proper cleaning. 

iii. Cleaning Your RV Drain

RV drains gets dirty in no time, and vinegar is a cheap and instant solution to get it cleaned. All you have to do is to add a half box of baking soda and vinegar into the drain. This process will result in foam and you will be required to add more vinegar until the baking soda is no more present. 

This process will naturally wash your drain effectively saving you from the expenses of drain cleaner. 

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Cleaning your van’s toilet is essential and has to be done regularly. how ever, it is also important to clean up the black water tank as well as it can also house germs, dirt, and bacteria while producing an unpleasant odour when it is not cleaned. 

You can also make use of vinegar to disinfect, deodorize and clean up the black water tank as well to ensure your van’s toilet is clean and healthy. 

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