Can You Tow RV With Newly Installed Tires?


While it’s fun to go around camping and cruising with your RV, challenges can happen from time to time if you do not take proper care of your RV. Sometimes, even when you take proper care of your RV, there is still a possibility of something coming up. Whenever something comes up, it could render your RV immobile.

It could be a bad engine or your RV not starting, when this happens, you might need to tow your RV. Now, it can be a little complicated if you are using a new set of tires. You might be wondering if it is possible to toll your RV with newly installed tires. All these things are going to be discussed in this article.

What Can Cause an RV to Break Down?

There are a lot of things that can cause your RV to break down. When your RV breaks down, you might need to tow it. Below are possible things you should consider if you are looking for reasons why your RV breaks down.

– Bad Engine

This is the first possible reason why your RV might be breaking down. If your engine isn’t good or if there is any fault in your engine, your RV will be breaking down all too often. You need to take your time to check if the engine is in proper shape.

If your engine isn’t in proper shape, your RV will likely break down. When it breaks down, it becomes hard, if not impossible for you to start or move the RV which will then necessitate you towing the RV. Change the engine once you notice that it is bad. If you can’t change it, you should take the RV to the mechanic for repairs before it breaks down completely.

– Maintenance

This is another reason that might make you tow your RV in the end. If you do not maintain your RV properly, your RV will break down which will necessitate you towing your RV. Maintenance plays a very important role in putting your RV in a good condition for a long time.

If you maintain your RV poorly without checking if the parts are in proper shape. Your RV will break down. Also, if you drive the RV recklessly, there is a pretty big chance that your RV will need towing in the end.

– Old Age

If your RV is relatively old, there is a pretty big chance that your RV might pack up with time. Even if you maintain your RV very well, it will still pack up with time. There only difference is the fact that it will take a much longer time to pack up.

Once your RV is more than 5 years, you should be looking at changing your RV. If you don’t, you might need to tow your RV in the end.

Can You Tow Rv With Newly Installed Tires?

Once your RV breaks down, you might be looking for solutions to fix the problem. One method you can use to prevent your broken RV from disturbing other road users is to tow the RV. 

When towing your RV, you might be wondering if it is possible to tow them with your newly installed tires. Well, you should know that it is very much possible for you to tow your RV with newly installed tires.

The most important thing is to ensure that the tires are a perfect fit for your RV. If the tires are not a perfect fit, you might have one or two problems with towing your RV. You might have problems ranging from balance to ability to tow it and a lot more. 

Newly installed tires are a perfect fit for your RV even though you want to tow your RV, however, if the tires are not in the right measurement, you might have one or two problems towing your RV.

Tips On How To Tow RV Without a Pro

This is another thing you might be curious about when it comes to towing your RV. Once you notice that your RV is having issues, you might be wondering how you will go about towing your RV.

Step 1: Confirm the Weight and Path of your RV

This is the first thing you need to do if you are looking to tow our RV. You need to confirm the weight of your RV. This will help you to know the type of trailer you will use to tow your RV. It wouldn’t make any sense to use a trailer that is lighter than your RV. Checking the weight is pretty important.

Apart from the weight, you also need to check the path you intend to tow your RV. Hope it isn’t a busy road, what time is the best time to tow the RV? All these things are what you need to do before towing your RV.

Step 2: Connect your Towing Vehicle to the RV

This is the next thing you need to do once you have everything listed in step one. Once you have gotten the appropriate towing vehicle, you can go ahead and connect the vehicle and the levers to your RV.

Once you do this, you can begin to drive steady and slowly. It will not be a smart thing to speed while towing your RV. You wouldn’t wanna cause an accident, do you?  drive steadily and slowly to the location you desire.

Step 3: Park your RV Appropriately

This is the last thing you need to do once you have successfully towed your RV. You will need to pack your RV appropriately using the towing vehicle. If you intend to park your RV in a public park, do well to pack within the boundaries set for vehicles. That way, it won’t be a source of discomfort to others.

On the other hand, if you are towing your RV to a mechanic workshop to fix it, you do not have to pay too much attention to the way you park your RV.

Do Tires Make a Difference when Towing?

This is one question a lot of people tend to ask when it comes to RV and towing.  The type of tires you use is pretty important when you want to tow your RV.

If you use tires that are not the right match to tow your RV, you might end up deforming the tires. Apart from being deformed, there is a pretty big chance that the tires wouldn’t last as much as you would like. This is because the tires are either too small or too large for your RV. 

Make sure you get the right fitted tires for your RV as a perfect fit will make your tires last much longer.

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RVs are pretty great but they can break down occasionally. There are different reasons why your RV might break down. Some of the reasons have been discussed in the article. You should also know that it is possible to tow your RV with newly installed tires, all you need to do is to ensure the tires are a perfect fit for your RV.

Steps to towing your RV have also been discussed above. Simply read through and you wouldn’t have any problems whenever you intend to tow your RV.

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