Can You Replace An RV Toilet With A Cassette Toilet?

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Sorting out the toilet might not be your favourite maintenance task but it’s something you have to do as an RV owner. There are numerous methods through which you can deal with the waste in your RV. there is the regular toilet, the composting toilet, and the cassette toilet. 

If you are not comfortable with your RV toilet, you might be contemplating going for a  replacement. You might be wondering if it’s possible to replace your van’s toilet with a cassette toilet. 

We will be providing you with the needed information about replacing your RV toilet with a cassette toilet in this article.

Can I Replace My RV Toilet With A Cassette Toilet?

Yes, you can replace your van’s toilet with a cassette toilet. However, the installation of the new toilet will be determined by your van’s formal toilet and the type of cassette toilet you wanted to install. 

Most RV owners prefer the simplicity of the cassette toilet as it makes waste dumping easy compared to having to visit the dumping station with the whole RV to dispose of the black tank waste. 

What Is The Difference Between Cassette Toilets And Regular Toilets

The cassette toilet and the regular RV toilet have a lot of similarities. With the regular toilet, once you flush the toilet, all the waste will be moved into a spacious holding tank called the black water tank.  The black water tank is located underneath your RV and you will have to move to a dump station and get rid of the waste once the tank is full.

The only difference with the cassette toilet is that its holding tank is smaller than that if a regular toilet and can be easily transported to a dump station or public restrooms to dispose of the waste when it is full. 

With the regular toilet, your visit to the dump house will be less frequent thanks to its spacious holding tank which you will have to do with the cassette toilet since its holding tank is not as big as the regular toilet. 

What Is The Difference Between Cassette Toilets And Composting Toilets?

The composting toilet is another good option that you can make use of in your RV. this type of toilet comes with dual compartments, one for liquid waste and the other for solid waste. The solid waste goes into a properly ventilated container that makes use of aerobic bacteria to break down and decompose the solid waste.

The composting toilet has similar storage space as the cassette toilet and it takes similar effort to get rid of the waste in the holding tanks. With the composting toilet, you can save much water in your van as you will not be required to make use of water since you will not be doing the flushing process. However, with the cassette toilet, you will still have to make use of water. 

The composting toilet is also more environmentally friendly than the cassette toilet as you will not have to make use of chemicals to disinfect and deodorize your toilet. You will also not have to worry about unpleasant smells coming out of your van at all with the composting toilet. 

What Are The Features To Look For In A Cassette Toilet?

If this is the first time you’re getting a cassette toilet, there are some features that have to be checked before purchasing a cassette toilet. These features are essential and must be on any cassette toilet you’re aspiring to buy.

These features include:

– Fill Indicators

This feature is very important in all cassette toilets as it functions to notify you when the toilet holding tank gets full. Once the tank gets filled up, the fill indicator will turn on. It will also notify you when the fresh water tank gets full or when the tank is empty and needed to be filled with fresh water. 

The fill indicator helps in managing the toilet, keeping things in order, and preventing the toilet from getting messy. 

– Locking Lid

A quality cassette toilet will no doubt come with an air-tight lock located in between the holding tank and the toilet lid. This lid helps in preventing waste from splashing out of the toilet bowl. It also helps in suppressing odour from the toilet bowl. 

– Holding Tank Wheels And Handle

Due to the small space available in its holding tank, you will have to frequently visit the dumping site to get rid of waste in your holding tank. Due to how frequently you will be carrying out this task, it is meant to be as easy as possible. 

When buying your cassette toilet, it is advisable to go for a toilet that has a holding tank equipped with wheels and a handle. This will make it less stressful to transport the holding tank to a dumping site or public restroom to dispose of the accumulated waste. 

– Easy-Pour Spout

A quality cassette toilet will also be equipped with an easy-pour spout which makes it easy for waste to come out of the holding tank. A properly made pour spout will make sure the waste wouldn’t spill around when emptying the tank.

– Powerful Flush

A powerful flush will ensure all your waste gets flushed making sure none of the waste gets stuck to the toilet bowl. This flush component can be a hand pump that will have to be pressed down when flushing or a battery-powered electric flush. 

The electric flush is believed to efficient than the hand pump flush. Acquiring a cassette toilet that comes with a powerful flush will ensure your toilet remains clean after every flush. 

Where Can I Dump The Waste Of A Cassette Toilet?

There are numerous methods through which you can dispose of your cassette toilet waste. You can decide to make use of the dump station which will be available at a campsite or truck shop.

You can also get rid of this waste in a pit toilet which should be available in a campground, and you can just make use of a public restroom. 

How Big Should My Cassette Tank Holding Tank Be?

The size of the holding tank will be determined by how often you make use of the toilet and how frequently you want to dispose of the stored waste. Cassette toilets often come with a two to five gallons capacity.

With this capacity, you can determine how often you will get rid of waste by considering the number of times you make use of the toilet and the number of people using the toilet. 

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By following this article, you will have the needed knowledge about the cassette toilet and how it functions.

If you are wondering if you can replace your RV toilet with a cassette toilet, yes, you can easily install the cassette toilet in place of your formal toilet and enjoy the simplicity and convenience that comes with it. 

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