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Hiking is an outdoor activity done in almost every part of the world. Hiking ranges from bike hiking, foot hiking, long distance hiking, fast hiking e.t.c. hiking can be a boring activity if done alone. It is advisable to go with someone if the thought of going hiking arises either for protection or companionship.

However, is it okay to go with your greyhound when hiking? If so, how beneficial is it?

Can You Go Hiking With a Greyhound? 

As a dog owner, it is intuitive to always try to find companionship for your pet, especially in this case ‘greyhounds’. The first thing you should put into consideration is whether your greyhound is suitable for hiking. This is mainly because hiking is an intense sport that requires preparation and. Basically, providing greyhounds with the right exercise is not always easy, considering their personalities and physical characteristics.

Too much strain on the dog’s bones and exposure to crazy conditions can lead to pain and probably future health complications. While most people limit their acting activities to daily walks, free running, and fetching, going hiking with your greyhound can be amazing.

While these dogs are excellent hiking companions and the fact that they can run very fast does not mean they can walk long distances as humans do. Most breeds of dogs can run over 40 miles per hour, but they can not walk for 2 miles straight. This means that most greyhounds won’t actually enjoy hiking if it is a long distance 

Greyhounds are actually strong animals and they could keep up with the long-distance if they want to. However, they are fragile and do not have a lot of stamina. And their inability to possess these features might make them not suitable for long-distance hiking.

But, overall, their stamina can be increased over time by introducing them to small hikes for a longer period of time before taking them on a longer one.

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What Dog Can I Take For Hiking?

There are 360 officially recognised dog breeds. As the saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. They make excellent companions and protectors.

However, not all these dog breeds are capable of hiking. They differ in size, shape, strength, stamina e.t.c. Here is a list of dogs that you can go hiking with;

  • Australian shepherds: they are an intelligent and adventurous breed that always wants to run. Initially, they were used as dogs to control herds, they still excel at it today. They make excellent hiking partners, as they can be controlled and suitable for long distance training.
  • Vizsla: this breed of dog hails from hungary. They are very energetic and super friendly and affectionate. They make a perfect choice for hikers looking for a hiking companion.
  • Weimaraner: this is a hunting dog that was bred to work long outdoor hours. Weimaraners are loyal, caring and perfect hiking partners. They are also fast and strong, they can do well on both long and short expeditions.
  • Australian cattle dog: they are basically like the Australian shepherd. They make excellent hiking companions.
  • German Shorthaired Pointer: They make an excellent hiking companion. They were originally hunting dogs, even though they still perform the task to date. They still enjoy long hours of strenuous tasks in any climate. This makes them perfect for both long hikes and short ones.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog: they are a strong, energetic working breed with also a gentle personality.
  • Alaskan Malamute: This breed is a strong working dog used to pull carts and sledges over long distances. They are also playful and controllable which makes them a good hiking partner.
  • Portuguese Water Dog: This breed loves to work, it also makes a good family companion. They are adventurous and affectionate, they are very happy when they get lots of exercises.

Why Go Hiking With Your Dog?

Walking and hiking are one of the best ways to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight – for your dog. People and pets who do not get enough exercise are at risk of becoming overweight, which can lead to chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Regular walks reduce these risks by as long as owners and their dogs engage in constant exercise. 

With jumping over streams and rock climbing, which are often part of the hike, you and your dog can get a good workout on the hike.

Here are some of the benefits of hiking with your dog;

  • You get a trusted companion
  • You get a companion that can protect and sense danger from afar
  • It also provides you and your dog quality bonding
  • It also makes the dog stay fit
  • It benefits the dog mentally

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When Should You Go Hiking With Your Dog?

Hiking with your dog will always be in your interest, asides from being cheaper, it is also healthy and safety conscious to do so.

Even though some might not generally appreciate the idea of hiking with you mainly because dogs can’t talk. But there are other factors that need considering.

Firstly, taking your dog on a hike not only protects you from dangers like snakes or other animals, but it also protects you from stepping into the wrong water or drinking it. Dogs are not only excellent trackers, but they are also great at hunting and protecting their owners.

Secondly, dogs are companions that can be trusted. They always watch out for your best interest. Hiking with dogs should supersede any other hiking.

Tips For Hiking With Your Greyhound?

Hiking with your greyhound can be one of the most enjoyable experiences either you will have. In fact, witnessing their stamina and enjoyment can make you to go further while appreciating the scenery

However, it’s important to remember that your dog, even though you might not consider it an animal, is still an animal. and it has limitations and if it exceeds its limitations, they might be a problem.

Here are tips you should take note before hiking with your greyhound.

  • Bring enough water and food
  • Make sure your dog is fit for the hike
  • Keep an eye for whatever it swallows
  • Remember to pack a first aid kit
  • Consider your dog’s physical condition. Do make it go over its limit
  • Prepare for weather anomaly
  • Allow your dog to carry some of the load
  • Be aware of wildlife
  • Let the dog be aware of where you are going
  • Check the dog for ticks after hiking

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Greyhounds are strong and powerful dogs, they also make a strong and reliable hiking partner. But there are some limitations to their strength, they can run at 40 miles per hour but they can not walk a distance of over two miles. However, they can be trained with a series of short distances to make them fit for long-distance hiking.

Regardless of these shortcomings, they are one of the best breeds to go on hikes with. It is also important to know your dog’s health before going on a hike, know your dog’s limitations, and understand its biology.

Hiking with dogs is relatively safe and enjoyable for both the dog and its owner, the dog protects the owner from dangerous situations while also providing companionship.

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