Can I Put A Bigger Water Pump In My Rv?

The water pump is one of the most important components of an RV. the pump is designed to push water from the water tank to through your plumbing system. This process is essential as it allows water to flow smoothly in your van. 

If you’ve been wondering if it is possible to make use of a bigger water pump in your RV, will we be discussing the possibility of this in the article while also providing other important details such as the benefits and disadvantages of installing a bigger water pump in your RV. Read along. 

Can I Put A Bigger Water Pump In My Rv?

If your plumbing system requires an upgrade due to insufficient pressure in water lines, you might want to go for a bigger water pump in your van. However, the required size of your water pump will be decided by the size of your RV.

If the installation of your current water pump is tight, you might be unable to go for an upgrade as a bigger water pump will be too large to install. 

To be certain of the required water pump that compliments your van, you should check out your RV owner’s manual to get the needed details on flow rate and the required water pressure. 

What Size Of Water Pump Do I Need For My RV?

This question is often asked by RV owners who are aspiring to change or upgrade their van water pumps. To come up with the required size of the water pump that is needed for your RV, you have to put some factors into consideration which are the RV size, the number of users, and your preferred water pressure. 

A small RV can work perfectly with a small water pump. However, if your RV is large and is being used by a large number of people, a bigger and more powerful water pump will be needed.  Your preferred water pressure will also determine your choice of a water pump. If you wanted a high water pressure, a bigger pump will be needed. 

How Much Does A Water Pump Cost?

RV water pumps are not quite expensive and a good one should cost you up to $100. However, it is important to take note that the water pump will have to complement and be specifically designed for your RV to function properly. 

If the water pump you purchase is not designed for your RV, the water pump can be too powerful which can result in vital damage to the RV plumbing system. 

How Long Does A Water Pump Last?

The longevity of a water pump cannot be stated as it will be determined by different factors such as the quality of the pump and the duration of usage. However, a water pump should efficiently function for years without being replaced. 

Can I Increase The Water Pressure In An RV?

Low water pressure in an RV can be a frustrating experience. However, there are ways through which you can increase the water pressure in your RV. 

One of the most efficient ways to maintain a good water pressure level in your RV is by purchasing a water pressure regulator, a device that helps with maintenance and the regulation of the water pressure in your van and prevents damage to your plumbing system.

If you purchase the adjustable water pressure regulator, you can easily increase the water pressure by making use of a flathead screwdriver to turn the screw that is located at the side of the water pressure regulator. 

Another way to increase the water pressure in your van is by making sure all the faucets in the van are opened. When a faucet is not properly opened, this can result in the restriction of water flow causing a drop in water pressure.

If the water pressure remains the same after opening up all faucets, you might want to connect to another water source as the water pressure of your current source might just not be good enough. If the problem persists, you might have to reach out to a professional for an assessment to find out the cause and have it fixed. 

What Water Pressure Is Too High For My RV?

While many RV owners are curious about the maximum water pressure that can be allowed in their van. You will not have to worry about high water pressure once you install a water pressure regulator as it makes sure your van maintains the normal water pressure. 

The maximum water pressure however will be determined by the type of your RV. a standard RV has a maximum water pressure of 50 PSI while a high-end RV has a maximum water pressure of 80 PSI. 

If you are being sceptical about the maximum water pressure that can be withstood by your RV, it is advisable to stick to low water pressure to prevent causing damage to your RV plumbing system.

While some RVs can withstand up to 100 PSI water pressure, professionals have recommended that the maximum water pressure in an RV should not be higher than 60 PSI for precautionary reasons.

How Can I Replace My RV Water Pump?

Replacing your RV water pump is a process that should be known by all RV owners as you might have to go through a replacement process anytime. Without the water pump functioning in your RV, there will be no water available to cook, drink, or wash. 

If your water pump has stopped working and you have to replace it, follow these guides to successfully replace your water pump. 

Step 1:

Make sure your van is parked on a level site and switch off the ignition. You will also have to be cautious and have a stable work surface as you will be carrying out this process with sharp objects that can be harmful. 

Step 2:

Look out for the water pump location which is usually close to the freshwater tank. Once the water pump has been located, disconnect the pump from the power supply.

You will also have to disconnect the hoses attached to the water pump through the inlet and outlet ports. 

Step 3:

Remove all the bolts that keep the water pump in place. Once the bolts have been removed, carry out the old water pump and do a size comparison with the new one to make sure they’re compatible. 

Step 4:

Once the old water pump has been successfully removed, place and install the new water pump to the exact location where the old one has been removed and reconnect the bolts and power supply. 

Step 5:

Switch on the power supply to check out if the newly installed water pump is properly functioning.

Once all this has been correctly done, you can go on with using your newly installed water pump. 


You can upgrade your RV water pump and go for a bigger one if it is required. You have to take note that the water pump must be compatible and is the required size for your van when going for an upgrade. 

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