The 10 Best Hiking Pants To Avoid Ticks In 2022

Hiking Pants

Butt sweat, bug and tick bites, and painful sunburns are some of nature’s unfavorable experiences. However, the simple solution that will help you stay protected against these elements is hiking pants. Hiking pants help to heighten your comfort and they can increase the performance on any adventure.

Hiking pants are designed to be durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. They come in very versatile as they help you stay protected from ticks. So, we will be covering some of the best pants that you can use for your hiking experiences to avoid ticks in 2022.

So, let’s get started.

The Ten Best Hiking Pants To Avoid Ticks in 2022

When purchasing hiking pants, going for high-quality items will serve you well as they will perform better.

In this guide, we will be covering ten of the best hiking pants to avoid ticks in 2022. We will also be considering some of the features that make them stand out.

So, let’s get on with it.

1. Mocoly Women’s Cargo Hiking Pants
Mocoly Womens Cargo Hiking Pants

Mocoly Women’s Cargo Hiking Pants

This hiking pant is one of the best pants to avoid ticks. The pants are light, flexible and great in performance.

These hiking pants are made from a soft, thin, breathable, and quick-drying material. They feature a water-repellent finish that leaves you cool and fresh all day. They come with a stretch-woven material that helps to ensure ample protection against ultraviolet rays. These pants also help ticks stay off you.

These pants feature an elastic stretch waistband with a drawstring to provide you with a comfortable and adjustable fit. They also come with an elastic cuff for ease in wearing and when you combine this with their athletic fit, you have great pants.

These pants come with more than enough pockets that you can use in storing your items or accessories. They come with two front hand pockets, a cargo pocket that comes with hook and loop closure, and zipper cargo pockets.

These pants are great for jogging, running, hiking, traveling, and camping exercises. These pants will be a great fit especially when you are hiking in tick-dominated regions. So, you should have them as a top priority.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stretch-woven material to protect you from ultraviolet rays.
  • Enough storage pockets for your accessories.
  • Elastic cuff for ease in wearing.

2. Outdoor Research Men’s Ferossi Pants
Outdoor Research Mens Ferossi Pants

Outdoor Research Men’s Ferossi Pants

With these long pants, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without fear of being bitten by a tick or mosquito.

These Outdoor research pants are quite stretchy helping you to move freely in your hiking adventures. They also come in a very lightweight, which means that they will be great for backcountry trips where you have to move light.

These Outdoor pants feature cinch cords at the ankle of the pants to help you adapt the height of the pants to your style, the weather, and the different trail conditions. They are also very comfortable and they come with a simple pocket setup.

These pants are an excellent choice even with how stretchy they are. They feature a built-in belt to help dial in the fit. This means that you can readily adjust the pants to fit your size if they were not originally your perfect fit.

These Outdoor pants are never too hot and they help to block shiver-inducing wind and light rain when you are in an exposed environment. These pants will also help to ward away ticks from getting at you as you hike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and stretchy fit.
  • Cinch cords to help with adapting the pants to your style.
  • Built-in bet to help dial in your fit.

3. Arc’teryx Lefroy Pants
Arcteryx Lefroy Pants 2

 Arc’teryx Lefroy Pants

Made of fabric material that has been treated with an insect shield treatment that provides protection against ticks, mosquitoes etc

These pants are some of the lightest and most minimal pants available. They come in as a technical part with the construction that aids trekking and hiking in warm weather. These pants combine purpose-driven design and a relaxed look and feel.

The fit of these pants comes in relaxed without necessarily being baggy to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to move in. Even though these pants are easy to move in, the look doesn’t make it feel like you are wearing a parachute.

These pants come with durable and protective designs that work well for varied and remote conditions. This makes these pants great for your trekking and hiking adventures. They will also help you stay off ticks.

These Lefroy pants come with a breathable material that allows moisture escape. This means that the temperature within the pants will be well regulated and you can have optimal comfort inside the pants.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and minimal.
  • The relaxed look and stylish feel.
  • Durable and protective design.
  • Breathable material.

4. Benboy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof 
Benboy Womens Outdoor Waterproof 1

Benboy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof 

Benboy pant is made with waterproof material. These very comfortable, breathable, and stylish pant is an ideal choice for hiking.

These Benboy hiking pants are made of polyester and spandex making them waterproof, warm, windproof, abrasion-resistant, and comfortable. They come with multi-zipper pockets that help you store your accessories.

These pants feature an adjustable waistband with a belt, steric knee darts, and unique zippered cargo pockets on the thigh part. These features combine well to give you pants that are not just quality but also stylish.

These Benboy pants also come with water repellent and windproof features. When you fuse this with the fleece lining, you have pants that will keep you warm and dry, especially in cold and windy weather conditions.

These stylish snow pants for women are the perfect pants for your outdoor activities. So, whether you are hiking or backpacking, these pants will come in handy. Ticks will also stay off you as long as you are in these pants.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Adjustable waistband for a customizable fit.
  • Multi-zipper pockets to store your accessories.
  • Stylish look and feel.

5. Prana Stretch Zion Hiking Pants
Prana Stretch Zion Hiking Pants

 Prana Stretch Zion Hiking Pants

They are infused with stretchable fabric to provide you with more movement and mobility while trekking or climbing.

These Prana Zion pants have been favourites among backpackers and hikers over the years as a result of their stretchy nature. They also come with great comfort and durability. These pants will give you value for your money.

These pants help you slice through the unexpected with ease. So, you can trust them to be able to handle the toughest of terrains. These pants will also help you ward away ticks as you go about your hiking activities.

These Zion pants feature the custom-made Zion stretch fabric and it features some smart details like an adjustable waistband, ventilated inseam gussets, and roll-up leg snaps. These pants are worth every penny you spend on them.

They also come in with cargo pockets and sun protection. So, you not only have enough space to store your accessories but you are also shielded from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. you can take on just about any adventure with these pants.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stretchy, durable, and comfortable.
  • Adjustable waistband.
  • Ventilated inseam gussets.
  • Roll-up leg snaps.

6. Little Donkey Andy Women’s Stretch Convertible Pants
Little Donkey Andy Womens Stretch Convertible Pants

Little Donkey Andy Women’s Stretch Convertible Pants

These convertible pants are design specifically for outdoor activities. They keeps ticks at bay and are very comfortable.

These three-in-one Andy convertible pants come in with clever zips at the knees and lower legs that make them convertible. This means you can readily wear them as trousers, crop pants or even shorts.

They come with enough utility zipper pockets to help you keep your accessories in place. They feature multiple zip-closed security pockets for odds and ends. The cargo pocket features Velcro on one end and zippers on the other end.

These Andy Convertible pants come with drawcords at the leg opening to help ward bugs and ticks away as you go about hiking. These drawcords also help to maintain fit no matter where you are walking or how much you stretch.

These women’s pants come with a great cooling system. They feature silver fibre material that can easily dissipate the temperature of the skin to leave you feeling cool and dry. So, these pants are a good consideration that you should try out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convertible into shorts and crop pants.
  • Enough utility zipper pockets to keep accessories.
  • Drawcords to keep bugs and ticks away.
  • Silver fibre material.

7. Prana Brion Hiking Pants
Prana Brion Hiking Pants

Prana Brion Hiking Pants

They have a cool and simple design. They are made of fabric that makes them lightweight and breathable.

These Prana Brion Hiking Pants are a great option for those who prefer hiking pants with casual looks. These pants come in a casual fit that transitions easily as you trail down different terrains. They are also very minimal.

These pants also come in very comfortably. Even though these pants come in casual looks, it does not in any way reduce their functionality. These pants have been used by different hikers over the years and they are durable and functional.

These Brion pants are made with the Zion custom-made material that is responsible for their durable nature. This means that these pants are well suited for any adventure you have planned for your hiking experiences.

These slim and stylish pants are abrasion-resistant, and water-repellent and they help to protect you from ultraviolet rays. They also come with enough pocket space that you can use in storing your accessories.

Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal, comfortable, and functional.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Enough pocket space to hold your accessories.

8. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants
Arctix Womens Insulated Snow Pants

Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

These pants are made of quality fabrics and provide maximum comfort while hiking. They are also stylish.

These Arctix women’s pants come in great as they are made with polyester dobby shell with thermalock coating. This helps the pants to offer a maximum degree of durability and protection from different elements.

These Arctix pants come with a durable coating that helps to offer high resistance to outdoor elements like wind, water, and snow. This durable coating also helps to provide resistance to ticks, abrasion, and impact damage.

These pants come with engineered synthetic insulation that delivers a great degree of warmth. They come with a technology that helps to reduce the bulk and weight of the insulation, thereby having lightweight pants.

These Arctix women’s pants come with 600 deniers ballistic reinforced ankle, scuff, and hem guards to help protect them from daily wear and tear. They also come with waist straps that ensure a more comfortable and secure fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thermalock coating for durability and protection from outdoor elements.
  • Engineered synthetic insulation for warmth.
  • Lightweight and adjustable fit.
  • Reinforced guards to protect from wear and tear.

9. Mountain Hardwear AP Hiking Pants
Mountain Hardwear AP Hiking Pants

Mountain Hardwear AP Hiking Pants

They come with anti-microbial treatment to keep ticks and bugs at bay while offering you a decent amount of breathability. 

These pants come with a very nice fit and stylish outlook. These pants are also very durable making them a very great option during cold weather conditions. So, if you are looking to hike in the winter, then you should consider these pants.

These Mountain Hardwear pants come with a durable and stretchy material that helps to ensure optimal mobility. This means that these pants will offer you a good degree of movement as you hike in them.

They also come with a relaxed fit and articulated knees to help improve your mobility. These pants will help you ward away ticks and bugs even if you are hiking in regions dominated by them.

The design of these pants comes with a belt loop waist that offers the option of wearing the pants with or without belts. They also come with a UPF 50 fabric that offers optimal protection against ultraviolet rays.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable frame for cold weather hiking.
  • UPF 50 fabric material for protection against ultraviolet rays.
  • Belt loop waist feature.

10. Baleaf Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants
Baleaf Womens Hiking Cargo Pants

Baleaf Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants

These pants are one of the best hiking pants that offer you the most comfort, flexibility, and durability.

These Baleaf women’s pants are made of lightweight, breathable and water-resistant material that helps you maintain a cool and fresh feel through your hiking experiences. The material also dries out easily.

These athletic pants come with a cord lock around the cuffs to help keep bugs and ticks away as you go about hiking. They come in a stretch-woven fabric that helps to protect you from ultraviolet rays.

They feature four zip-closure security pockets to help you have enough space for your accessories. They also come with an elastic waist with drawstring and articulated knees to help achieve a great fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight, breathable and water-resistant.
  • Cord lock to keep bugs and ticks away.
  • Stretch-woven fabric to protect from ultraviolet rays.


Hiking can be a very fun experience. However, outdoor elements such as bugs and ticks might want to ruin the experience. This is why you need high-quality pants to help you ward those ticks off.

We have covered some of the best hiking pants to avoid ticks in both men’s and women’s categories. So, look through, make your pick and keep those ticks off.

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