8 of the Best Hiking Fanny Pack With Bottle Holder In 2022

Fanny packs can prove useful in helping you store your essentials during your hiking experiences. Hikers generally love to travel light. So, most hikers are looking for alternatives to having to carry a heavy backpack around. Fanny packs have become a readily available solution.

Fanny packs are very light and they have enough pockets that will help you hold your keys and water bottle. So, we will be previewing some of the best fanny packs that are available. So, let’s get started.

8 of the Best Hiking Fanny Pack With Bottle Holder In 2022

A fanny pack can help make your hiking journey a stress-free one. You wouldn’t have to worry about the excessive weight of a backpack with a fanny pack.

So, we will be previewing some of the best fanny packs for a memorable hiking experience.

Let’s dive in.

1. MountainSmith Tour Lumbar Pack
MountainSmith Tour Lumbar Pack

MountainSmith Tour Lumbar Pack

This pack has a large capacity, a simple yet effective design, and is affordable. It is made to last long.

The mountain smith tour pack comes in ideal for hikers that don’t like a heavy pack pressing on their backs. The pack is also ideal for hikers who want their packs to sit behind rather than in front. One thing very attractive about this pack is its versatility. Beyond your hiking sojourn, it could be used for many other things.

The tour pack comes with a roomy main compartment. This means that you can fit in your e-reader or even laptop if you were thinking of taking any long to hike. It is big enough to help you store other accessories apart from your wallet.

This pack also features a small zippered pocket. You can use it to store things like your key and identity card without needing access to the main compartment. It could also help you hold your snack, so you can easily reach them when you need a bite. There is also the front waist belt pocket just on your right that you can use in storing a cell phone.

It also comes with two water bottle pockets that are on both sides of the pack. This means that you can fit in two water bottles and also, carry a camelback for long treks. The adjustable bungee helps to ensure that the water bottles are firmly in place. The waist strap of this pack comes adjustable to any fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Roomy main compartment.
  • Small zippered pockets.
  • Two water bottle holders.
  • Adjustable strap.

2. Camelbak Podium Flowbelt
Camelbak Podium Flowbelt

Camelbak Podium Flowbelt

With multiple pockets and compartments to hold a multitude of items, this pack is ideal for day hikes, outdoor activities, and more. 

The Camelbak Flowbelt is a very good hiking fanny pack that comes inbuilt with a strong water bottle pocket. This means that you can go on moderate hikes, peak bags from basecamp and mountain rides on your bike without having to worry about the insufficient capacity to hold your water bottle in place.

This fanny pack comes in quite stylish, so if you are a fashionable person, the Camelbak will trigger your fancy. The fanny pack has also been designed to be as efficient as possible even while maintaining a classy look. The water bottle pocket has been designed to help you get easy access to your bottle.

This affordable fanny pack comes with a water bottle that can carry a little over 20 0z of water or any liquid you want. It features a padded mesh backing that can help you soak up a sweat as you go on your hikes or stroll around town. The adjustable waist strap of this pack is also another good feature.

The Camelbak also features a zippered pocket. The fanny pack might not be as big as its contemporaries but its zippered pocket can help you hold some accessories that you want to carry along with you for hiking.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fashionable and efficient design.
  • Water bottle pocket and water bottle.
  • Zippered pocket for accessories.
  • Adjustable waist strap.

3. FreeTOO Hydration Belt
FreeTOO Hydration Belt

FreeTOO Hydration Belt

This pack is durable, weather resistant, stylish, and can hold all your essentials.

There is a popular rule of thumb for hikers that says that the lighter your waist pack, the better you are able to engage in high-impact adventures. The FreeToo hydration belt does not disappoint as its lightweight durability makes it just perfect. Its slip-proof no-bounce design makes it possible for this pack to stay in place during your adventures.

This fanny pack is one of the lightest available with a water bottle holder. The pack features an adjustable design that features durable mesh layers for the right bit of breathability. The FreeToo pack also ensures that you can carry all your essentials in one place. So, your mobile phone, energy packs and keys can fit in its pockets.

The FreeToo pack comes with an array of pockets. The large pocket compartment can help you hold just about anything in place. The pockets are constructed from durable nylon material. This means that they can readily stretch to fit all the items you need.

This pack also comes with a good adjustable fit. So, no matter what your waist size is, you can easily adjust the pack to accommodate your waist. This pack can help you hold water bottles of up to 30 ounces. This can help you carry a water bottle that keeps you hydrated for the longest time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large water bottle-sized pocket.
  • Big capacity for your essentials.
  • Lightweight and adjustable design.
  • Comes with different pockets.

4. Yuoto Waist Fanny Pack
Yuoto Waist Fanny Pack

Yuoto Waist Fanny Pack

It comes with a padded back panel that provides a comfortable fit even when properly loaded. 

The Yuoto hiking waist pack comes in as a good water-resistant option with night-time visibility. It works well in low-light conditions, so you can be certain that you will remain safe whatever period of the day you want to do your hiking activities.

This pack can readily accommodate any body size or shape. Its adjustable fit is perfect for beginner hikers or anyone who has just started a fitness program. It also comes with a buckle on the waist belt for ease in slipping on and off. Another good feature of this fanny pack is the adjustable fastening strap that helps to ensure that the water bottle is held firmly.

The Yuoto fanny pack features a reflective panel at the front of the water bottle holder. This helps to ensure that you can be noticeable even in environments with low light conditions. The reflective belt loop also helps with additional lighting effects.

This pack is made with durable and water-resistant nylon material. It was designed in such a way that your accessories and belongings in the pack will remain dry no matter how wet the weather condition is. So, with this pack, you worry less about whether the rain will soil your accessories. The pack helps in keeping them safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-resistant nylon material.
  • Fully adjustable belt.
  • Reflective panels for visibility in low-light conditions.

5. CGLM Hiking Fanny Pack
CGLM Hiking Fanny Pack

CGLM Hiking Fanny Pack

This pack makes your trip more comfortable, secure, and easy. The belt has an adjustable buckle for a proper fit.

The CGLM fanny pack comes in handy if you are looking to maximize the space on your waist. The pack comes with some impressive features which include its large carrying capacity. It also features multiple pockets so you can carry as many accessories as you want for your hike.

The CGLM fanny pack comes with roomy two-way zipper pockets. These pockets are about 8 inches wide, so they can fit in just about any accessory you have. They are also made with nylon material that helps them hold bulkier items well. The pack should be able to fit large items without issues. You can also trust that this pack will not readily fade.

The nylon outer shell of this pack makes it sweat-proof and rainproof. So, you can be sure that your accessories won’t have issues in wet weather conditions. The interchangeable straps of this pack make this fanny pack suit whatever style you want. You can either wear it as a fanny pack or secure it over your shoulder.

The CGLM pack has been designed to offer you versatile carry options. So, whether you want a tote bag style or the traditional fanny pack way, then it helps you switch things up. The adjustable waist strap will also work with any body shape.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large carrying capacity that fits many items.
  • Water-resistant outer shell.
  • Adjustable straps.

6. Runtasty Belt
Runtasty Belt

Runtasty Belt

Has a simple design. It features a storage capacity of 16 liters and an adjustable strap for a perfect fit.

The Runtasty Belt comes with a bit of reputation in the hiking community due to its dual-bottle design and non-slip material quality. It also comes with some other impressive features ranging from sweat-proof material to reflective features. This is a fanny pack you will definitely love.

The construction of the Runtasty belt helps to hold two water bottles in place. This helps you stay hydrated during your hiking activities. This dual-bottle design helps in the balance of the pack. This means that even when the water bottles are filled with liquid, you won’t have uneven lopsided issues with balance.

The Runtasty waist pack also ticks some qualities in the right places. It helps you make for a balanced, comfortable, and proper fit. It comes with an anti-slip technology that ensures that it is always in place.

This fanny pack also comes with a front electronics pocket that you can fit in your electronics devices. You can easily access your phone for different functions without having to remove your phone from its pocket. The pocket is water-resistant, so in wet climates, your gadget is safe. A Runtasty pack is a spacious option for your hiking endeavors.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with two free water bottles.
  • Large carrying capacity.
  • Construction favors balance in weight distribution.

7. WaterFly Fanny Pack
WaterFly Fanny Pack

WaterFly Fanny Pack

It has a large capacity that you can use to carry essentials like water, snacks, a smartphone, and so on.

The WaterFly fanny pack is great as it comes designed with two water bottle pockets. It features two mesh pockets on either side of the pack. This means that you can carry sufficient water for your hiking activities to keep you hydrated for the longest time possible.

This pack features different compartments for you to store your accessories. There are three different zipped pockets alongside other interior small compartments. The large pocket can conveniently fit your i-pad, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your gadget. This pack comes with interchangeable straps that you can work around to suit whatever style you want.

The WaterFly Fanny pack features a breathable and comfortable back pad, so you can have the most comfortable experience while wearing it. The breathable design coupled with the design used, the waist belt of the pack is pressured relief making it suitable for hiking.

This fanny pack is made with wear-resistant materials. This means that you can use it for quite a while without having to bother about it fading or wearing out. The materials used are also water-resistant. This helps to ensure that your accessories are as safe as possible.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two water bottle holders.
  • Comfortable and breathable design.
  • Wear-resistant materials.

8. TudeQU Waist Pack
TudeQU Waist Pack

TudeQU Waist Pack

This bottle holder is just what you need to keep track of your water and other essentials.

This waist pack is one waist bag big enough to meet your needs. It comes with eight pockets that can help you hold as many accessories as possible. The large pocket in front can hold up phones of up to 6.5 inches. It comes with different small and large pockets to help you fulfill your needs.

This fanny pack comes with two water bottle holders. Each side of the pack has a flexible mesh holder that you can pull out from a small zippered pocket. The mesh holder can then be used to hold your water bottles in place. Whichever mesh you don’t need can be returned in place.

This fanny pack comes with reflective stitching and a zipper logo that helps with nighttime visibility. It is also made with water-resistant materials. So, you don’t have to bother about your accessories getting soiled by rain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reflective materials for night-time visibility.
  • Water-resistant materials.
  • Many compartments are available.


We have been able to review some of the best fanny packs with bottle water holders. We have shared with you some of their outstanding features. So, you can look through our reviews and see which of them suits your preferences.

You can go ahead and make your pick and enjoy your hiking experience.