List of 7 Best Headlamp for Hiking and Their Features

Headlamp for Hikers

If you have ever gone camping, hiking, backpacking, or any outdoor activity in general, there is a very high tendency that you must have used a lamp. Everyone knows the benefits of hands-free illumination and as such, this piece of technology needs no further introduction. The headlamp is a very important part of your kit particularly if you are hiking in a mountainous region.

Headlamps will allow you to get on the trail before dawn and they help you move even when it is dusk and getting dark. They are therefore a must-have in any survival situation. We will therefore be covering some of the best headlamps that you can use for your hiking adventures.

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List of Seven Best Headlamps for Hiking and Their Features

There are thousands of different headlamp models out there so knowing which one to settle for could be a difficult task. In this guide, however, we will be covering seven of the best headlamps that you can use for your hiking endeavours.

So, let’s explore these headlamps.

1. Petzl Reactik Headlamp

This Reactik headlamp comes in as a very innovative headlamp as it boasts some high-end features. It comes with a 110m beam length and it does not compromise on comfort. This headlamp comes with three different types of beams with the reactive lighting mode being the most prominent type.

In the reactive lighting mode, the lamp works with a sensor to track the ambient light, and then, the beam pattern is adjusted accordingly. This lamp also alternates between different battery modes that include the Max Power, Standard Power, and Autonomy battery modes. This helps in an optimal battery usage of the lamp and you can switch the modes if you want.

The battery mode function automatically dims the light of the lamp when you bend down to read something or when it senses another headlamp insight. In addition to the controls that the lamp has, it also comes with a Bluetooth chip that allows you to control the lamp from the MYPetzl light app on your phone. It has a useful lock setting to prevent battery wastage.

You can readily use the app to control the beam, brightness, and battery life. The battery of the lamp is rechargeable although you can replace it. You can work around disposable batteries and an adapter if there is any need for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sensor to track ambient light.
  • Different battery modes to have optimal battery usage.
  • Bluetooth chip for connection to a phone.
  • The battery can be replaced.

2. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

The black Diamond Spot headlamp comes in a lightweight and compact design that makes it one of the most comfortable headlamps around. It features a high waterproof rating of IPX8. This means that in wet weather conditions or water-dominated regions, this headlamp will not fault in its duty of lighting up your path.

The brightness memory of this lamp allows you to switch on and off the lamp at the same brightness setting. This means that this lamp will save you the stress of having to revert to the default brightness setting. It also features some additional features like the battery level indicator and lock function that prevent the lamp from turning on in your bag.

This lamp comes with all three lighting options that include the QUAD power LED, a single power red LED and a double power LED. These lighting options make the lamp versatile and useful in different scenarios.

This Black Diamond Spot headlamp comes with a power tap technology that allows you to switch between the beam and brightness settings. This technology is on the side of the lamp and it requires just a tap from you. The power tap technology is very sensitive and alongside other features of the lamp, it might be a little complicated at first.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brightness memory to save the brightness settings.
  • Lightweight batteries.
  • Different lighting options for versatility.
  • Power tap technology for switching between the beam and brightness settings.
  • High water resistance rating.

3. Vont Spark Headlamp

From the materials to its design and then, its functionalities and features, this Vont Spark Headlamp speak of excellent performance across the board. Convenience, comfort, and versatility are some of the major considerations that the manufacturer had before going ahead to craft this multi-functional headlamp.

With a single button, you can switch between the low, medium, high, and strobe modes of this lamp. You also don’t have to worry about straining your neck as this lamp comes with an ergonomically designed 45° light throw.

This headlamp comes packed with 200 lumens of LED lights backed with a drop-resistant, waterproof and military-grade construction. This headlamp has been rigorously tested to prove its toughness even in the most extreme conditions. This means that this headlamp will stand the test of time, water, and accidental drops as you go about hiking.

The proprietary LED lights of this Vont Spark headlamp come with super bright and long-lasting illumination. These LEDs will lighten up your immediate surrounding even when the whole area is in complete darkness. This headlamp features a battery life of up to ninety hours, so hiking at night should no longer be an issue for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can switch between low, medium, high, and strobe modes.
  • Drop-resistant, waterproof and military-grade construction.
  • Super bright and long-lasting illumination.
  • Battery life of up to ninety hours.

4. Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

This Black Diamond Revolt headlamp comes in as the best rechargeable headlamp. You can easily recharge it by using micro-USB chargers that you can connect to a car charger, power banks, solar powers, and other power sources.

The rechargeable batteries of this lamp can be replaced without you having to use an adapter. This means that you can easily work with disposable batteries that save you stress. This feature makes this headlamp particularly suitable for long-distance hiking adventures where you might not have access to electricity for long periods. 

This headlamp features different lighting modes that include distance, proximity, strobe, dimming, red, and lock modes. With this headlamp, you can readily switch between the lighting modes. You can also switch to the red lighting mode of this lamp without having to go through the white mode. This prevents unnecessary strain on your eyes

This Black Diamond Revolt headlamp also comes with a three-level power meter that helps you monitor the battery levels of the headlamp. Although this might come in as a very rough indication. This headlamp has a tilt function that helps you adjust the angle of the light based on what you want to use it for. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent battery life for a rechargeable headlamp.
  • It can switch between six light modes without straining your eyes.
  • Rechargeable batteries can be replaced with disposable ones without adapters.
  • Three-level power meter to monitor battery levels.
  • Tilt function to adjust the angle of the light.

5. Petzl Nao Plus Headlamp

This headlamp like its counterpart comes with a reactive lighting mode. Just like the Petzl Reactik, you can connect it to the Petzl app and it is rechargeable. The only difference between both lamps is that this headlamp can produce more than double the number of lumens as the Reactik lamp. This means you can see farther with this headlamp.

This headlamp features a spot and floodlight setting alongside visibility or emergency light at the rear of the battery behind the lamp. This means that you have an added lighting intensity for emergencies or night hiking adventures.

This Nao Plus headlamp works with a multi-beam lighting system. This features a wide beam for proximity lighting and a focused beam for long-range vision. This means that if you are going for a trail searching adventure, this lamp will definitely be a great fit. Even though this headlamp has been found to be quite heavy, it still accommodates a comfortable fit.

The batteries of this headlamp are placed behind the headlamp so that there is a better-balanced feel around your head. This helps the headlamp not wear out your neck. You can however decide to detach the batteries and clip them on your belt so that the lamp becomes lightweight. There is also a top strap to hold the lamp in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Covers a far distance as it produces a high number of lumens.
  • Top strap to hold the lamp in place.
  • Visibility or emergency light for emergency scenarios.
  • Wide beam for proximity lighting.
  • Focused beam for long-range vision.
  • Batteries are placed at the back for a balanced feel.

6. Foxelli LED Headlamp

The Foxelli LED headlamp comes with a wide variety of red and white light modes and a 45° tiltable body to make for a bright and very versatile headlamp. It comes with four different lighting modes that include low beam, high beam, red beam, and red flashing beam. It works with a single button operation that makes it easy to switch between the lighting modes.

This headlamp comes in as a great option for kids because it is very lightweight and it comes with a non-slip strap making them one of the most comfortable options. It also comes in durable and waterproof so it can withstand some level of rough treatment.

This headlamp comes in with a waterproof rating of IPX5 which means it can withstand some level of splashing or water spraying from different angles. So, even if you are hiking in a wet area, this headlamp will still be functional. It also comes with an SOS and strobe mode that helps to ascertain your safety in any situation. So, you have no cause for worry.

The Foxelli headlamp comes with super-long battery life. It features an MX20 technology that delivers more light resulting in less power used and about 45 hours of run-time. Each of the head torches has been tested for quality. This Foxelli headlamp comes with a convenient built-in timer option that allows you to switch off the light with the press of a button.

Highlighted Features:

  • Four different lighting modes.
  • Convenient built-in timer to switch off the light with ease.
  • Super-long battery life.
  • SOS and strobe mode for safety purposes.
  • Lightweight, durable and waterproof.

7. Coast HL7 Focusing Headlamp

This headlamp comes with some of the most outstanding performances available. It comes with a focusing ring that allows you to work around the flood and spotlighting modes. In the spot mode, the beam length reaches a figure of 120m outperforming some of the best headlamps that are available. So, you can readily dial in the shape of the lamp you need per time.

This headlamp comes with a wide-angle flood beam that ensures that you can see the whole scene at once. This means that you can see the broadest areas possible as the illumination will be bright from edge to edge.

With the bulls-eye spot beam feature of this headlamp, you can hit your target with power. The lamp will always be on point to fix a bright hot spot on your target with the aid of this beam. This is accompanied by a soft halo of transitional light to ensure that the total field of view is maximized. You can also adjust the light intensity with the light control lever.

This Coast headlamp features a light control lever that allows you to fine-tune the intensity of light that you have available. You can do this with one hand by just moving the lever positioned behind the headlamp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Focusing ring to switch between lighting modes.
  • Light control lever to fine-tune the intensity of light.
  • Wide-angle flood beam for a wide range of view.


There are lots of headlamps out there with different features and specifications. So, deciding on one which will be suitable might appear like a daunting task. We have however simplified that process with this guide.

So, look through our reviews and go for your best choice.

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