The 15 Best Camera Holders for Hiking and Backpacking 2022

When you are hiking with your camera, you will most likely need a simple to keep it readily available. Camera straps can come in handy for you here. They are made of soft and durable materials giving you easy access without sacrificing your comfort or the safety of your camera.

So, if you want to document your next hiking adventure and you are wondering what camera holder will be great for you, you have hit the right spot. We will be previewing some of the best camera holders available in the market.

So, follow through as we dive in.

List of 15 Best Camera Holders for Hiking and Backpacking 2022

Different cameras work for different hiking experiences. We will therefore be taking you through some of the camera straps that you can work with for different hiking sojourns.

So, let’s get started.

1. Black Rapid Double Breathe Camera Harness
Black Rapid Double Breathe Camera Harness 1

Black Rapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

The double-reinforced Breathe material is breathable. It is compact so it’s perfect for hiking, travel, as well as long days in the field. 

The black rapid double is a two-camera harness to give you the most versatile hiking experience you have hoped for. The front sternum and the rear stabilizing straps allow you easy access to your cameras whenever you need them.

You can decide to wear this harness like a backpack and it can extend to an adequate length of 63 inches. The strap pad was not made too thick, so you can also decide to wear them with your backpack. This means that you do not have to worry about adding more weight to your gear.

This harness can also work as a single camera sling. They come with spring-loaded bumper locks for your cameras to be secure in place. They are made with nylon webbing and they have wide shoulder pads.

Highlighted Features:

  • Front sternums and rear stabilizing straps for easy access.
  • Spring-loaded bumper locks for your camera.
  • Adjustable length.

2. Cotton Carrier Camera Harness System
Cotton Carrier Camera Harness System

Cotton Carrier Camera Harness System

This harness allows you to capture amazing images without the hassle of carrying around a heavy camera rig due to its lightweight.

This camera harness comes off as a great asset for hikers all around. Getting this harness is overall satisfying. You might have many reservations about being in the wild during hiking. However, a good harness like this will help ease your worries.

 The harness has been designed to not just give your camera a secured fit but to also ensure your safety. It was modeled to work as a vest that wraps around your torso. This design helps in weight distribution and overall ergonomics. As such, you would barely feel any strain in carrying a camera on your shoulder all day.

 This harness can help you carry your camera and protect your camera’s lens too. It also comes with stash pockets for your accessories and smartphones. It comes with a safety tether for additional security measures.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stash pockets for your accessories.
  • A good fit for your camera.
  • Design helps in weight distribution.
  • Safety tether for security purposes.

3. Black Rapid Sport Breathe
Black Rapid Sport Breathe

Black Rapid Sport Breathe

This harness holds your camera securely and is designed to work with all cameras. It offers comfort and ease of use.

This camera holder will suit well for your hiking experience if you are looking for good and classic camera support. It appears that this is one of the best camera holders for hiking because of how easy and fast you can use it.

This harness helps to secure your camera as you wear it across your body like a messenger bag. So, you can easily remove your camera from this holder once you have a great spot for your pictures. This strap and the underarm stabilizer provide you with the necessary ergonomics for long hikes.

The shoulder strap has a wide part on the back to cover the shoulder such that the weight is distributed evenly. The feather-light weight of this strap makes you concentrate on your hiking action without worries about the strap.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for long hikes.
  • Shoulder strap that fits evenly to your shoulders.
  • Lightweight and breathable.

4. Coiro Dual Shoulder Leather Harness
Coiro Dual Shoulder Leather Harness

Coiro Dual Shoulder Leather Harness

With its unique design, the camera can be mounted on the side of your body enabling you to shoot photos without having to stop.

This leather harness will come in handy if you want to look classy while taking pictures during your hiking activities. It comes with a very fashionable look that will just about suit any of your wears.

Apart from its fashionable feature, this camera holder is popularly known to be durable. The harness is made of leather and a metal D-ring. This means that you won’t experience issues with it breaking down just after a few hikes.

 The harness also comes with good ergonomics due to its design. It helps to distribute weight properly as it gives an X-shape on your back when worn. The safety strap it comes with is an added form of security.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fashionable and classy look.
  • Leather materials for durability.
  • Design helps in weight distribution.

5. SUN-Sniper Professional Camera Strap
SUN Sniper Professional Camera Strap 1

SUN-Sniper Professional Camera Strap

Highly functions camera holder. It is perfect for all types of photography and an ideal fit for hiking.

This is another well-revered camera holder by hikers all around. It may look like just another strap, however, its smart features make it one of the best holders for hiking. It is equipped with new features to deliver excellent quality.

This strap comes with a shock absorber. This absorber helps to give you the necessary support for comfort purposes even when you are carrying a camera that weighs up to 5kg. It features arm-pit straps that help to put the strap in place.

The protective ring feature ensures that your camera won’t readily fall off when it is put in place. You can even decide to add a safety tether for security purposes. It might be quite helpful to have it as a resource.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shock absorber for maximum comfort.
  • Protective ring to hold your camera in place.
  • Arm-pit straps.

6. Black Rapid Sport X Camera Sling
Black Rapid Sport X Camera Sling

Black Rapid Sport X Camera Sling

This sling camera harness is designed to keep your camera and equipment close at hand and ready to shoot.

This camera holder is generally designed for photographers that hike. It is made of nylon webbing and it has a cross-body design. This camera holder is also adjustable to the fit of your choice.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is secure your camera in place and ensure it is firm to the carabiner. You can then adjust your strap height to about 66 inches and that should be good to go.

It comes with sliding cam locks to help fasten your camera to your hips. It features different adventure colors that include multi-terrain, coyote, and digital desert aid.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sliding cam locks that help to fasten your camera to your hips.
  • It comes in different adventure colors.
  • Adjustable fit.

7. Andino Lite Camera Sling
Andino Lite Camera Sling

Andino Lite Camera Sling

This has a unique sling-style camera holder that can be used as a neck or shoulder strap. It secures your camera safely to your body.

This holder might appear to be just all about fashion. However, the features have proven that it can be well suited to hiking and other outdoor activities.

 It is made from leather with additional underarm support that ensures that the sling is kept in place. It features a stainless steel camera screw that can be locked on the carabiner swivel.

It also comes with a safety strap for your camera’s mount, offering that better bit of protection. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Additional underarm support.
  • Safety strap for protection.
  • It comes in different colors.

8. Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Harness
Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Harness 1

Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Harness

This offers a comfortable way to carry your camera. You can wear it all day and barely notice that you’re wearing a harness.

This is a premium camera holder that comes at an affordable price. You can either choose to wear it on its own or switch up the style with a bag.

The twist and lock system comes in with no hassles as it secures your camera to your chest. It comes with a weather cover that is attached to a tether strap to protect you from light mists. They help to hold your camera and binoculars in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Twist and lock system to keep your camera in place.
  • Weather cover to protect from mists.

9. Nicama Multi-Camera Chest Harness
Nicama Multi Camera Chest Harness

Nicama Multi-Camera Chest Harness

It’s designed for hiking, trekking, and backpacking with features like keeping the camera at chest height for quick reaction time.

This camera holder has a lot to offer as it comes in 100% rugged for hiking events. The vest features good weight distribution properties.

It has a reliable camera lock system that ensures an easy release mechanism. The Velcro strap also helps to keep your lens intact.

Highlighted Features:

  • Velcro strap.
  • Good weight distribution.
  • Efficient camera lock system.

10. Peak Design Lite Camera Strap
Peak Design Lite Camera Strap

Peak Design Lite Camera Strap

It has been tested by professional photographers and backpackers. It offers the freedom of movement and the ability to shoot long exposures.

This holder comes great as it features good design techniques and great qualities at affordable prices. It comes with an aluminum quick-adjuster that helps with easy access to your camera.

 It comes in very versatile as you can wear it as a neck strap, shoulder strap, or sling strap. The lightweight nylon webbing material ensures that your comfort is of priority even when you are carrying a big camera lens.

Highlighted Features:

  • Aluminum quick-adjuster for easy access.
  • Versatile holder.
  • Material that prioritizes comfort.

11. ONA the Presidio
ONA the Presidio

ONA the Presidio

One of the best Camera Holders for Hiking. It is designed to be used when you want to keep your camera close and easily accessible.

This high-quality camera is as durable just as it is fashionable. This means they make you look classy, yet that does not in any way diminish their quality.

 It is made of full-grain leather and it comes padded with neoprene to give you that added bit of comfort. The sturdy belt-like buckles make it easy for you to work around the length of this camera holder.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable.
  • Padded with neoprene for comfort.
  • Adjustable length.

12. USA Gear TrueShot Camera Strap
USA GEAR TrueSHOT Camera Strap 1

USA Gear TrueShot Camera Strap

This is a compact adjustable strap that can be worn across the body or over a shoulder while providing all-day comfort while hiking.

This neck strap delivers a very good camera holder with storage possibilities. They feature neoprene to ensure that they have a firm grip and for better comfort. It is also soft and springy which helps in weight distribution.

 The strap features metal connecting loops and quick-release buckles to make for a very adjustable fit. There is also a small storage pocket on the side that you can use to store your accessories.

Highlighted Features:

  • Neoprene for firm grip and comfort.
  • Adjustable fit.
  • Pocket for storing accessories.

13. Spider Holster Camera System
Spider Holster Camera System 1

Spider Holster Camera System

All the gear you need can be on your body and will always be within reach with the Spider Holster Camera System.

Spider Holster has been a major force when it comes to camera accessories for a while. They nailed it with this camera holder design. This holder reduces muscle fatigue and pains as it relieves the weight of your body.

The strap-free system of this holder will ensure that your camera is secure with easy access when you are hiking or backpacking. It features a self-locking design for security and easy access. You can also adjust the fit. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Strap-free system for easy access.
  • Self-locking design.
  • Adjustable fit.

14. Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap
Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap

Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap

It is a lightweight, functional, and stylish camera strap. It has a lot of features that make it the perfect choice for hikers.

Some of the best camera straps come in the shape of a hand strap. This is because it will encourage free mobility and freedom of movement. It helps you point your camera in whatever direction you want during hiking.

This camera strap comes with a solid grip and still gives you easy access to your camera’s controls. It also features a peculiar quick-release system.

Highlighted Features:

  • The design incorporates the freedom of movement.
  • Solid grip.
  • Easy access to camera controls.
  • Quick-release system.

15. Op/Tech Double Sling
OpTech DoubleSling

Op/Tech Double Sling

It is an ultra-lightweight, adjustable, and portable camera sling. Has an adjustable strap with strong gripping power.

The harness of this holder comes quite practical even as convenience is still a top priority. It features an advanced neoprene padded design that helps you balance your gear to maximize your comfort. 

The strap can be adjusted to any body size you want. It also features a rugged outfit and can sling two cameras at a time. The model has been designed strong enough to support 6.8kg in weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rugged outfit.
  • Neoprene padded design for balance.
  • Slings two cameras together.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Camera Holder for Hiking

Camera holders are an essential piece of equipment for any hiker. They allow you to carry a camera and lens without having to constantly worry about them. Camera holders also come in handy for shooting photos of distant views and various landscape features.

If you have been planning to start hiking and capture sights of the great outdoors, you should look into buying a camera holder for your hike. Read on for details about the factors that you should consider before buying your camera holder.

I. Decide Where You Will Use the Holder

If you want to use your camera holder on a regular basis, it is best to purchase one that is sturdy and durable. Many camera holders are made from metal or plastic and metal will be more durable than plastic.

You should also consider the weight of the holder. A heavier camera holder can be less tiring to carry around but will often cost more in the long run.

II. Know the Purpose of the Holder

If you are going to buy a camera holder, you should ask yourself why it is needed. For example, if you want a holder for taking photos of landscapes and distant views, you will need a holder that can keep your camera steady.

III. Consider the Weight Capacity

It is important to consider the weight capacity of the camera holder. For example, if you are carrying a heavy camera with a long lens, the weight capacity of your camera holder will be significantly reduced over what it would be for a lighter camera and lens.

If you are planning on using your camera holder for hiking, it is important to use one that has adequate weight capacity.

IV. Make sure the Holder is Robust

Before investing in a holder, it is important to make sure that it is well-made. There are many different types of camera holders on the market, but not all of them will be sturdy and durable enough for your hike.

It’s also a good idea to check that the holder will fit your camera model before purchasing. If you want a functional holder that will last you through your hiking adventures, then look for one made with high-quality materials.

V. Make sure the Holder is Ergonomic

One of the most important considerations when buying a camera holder is that it must be ergonomic. You need to find a camera holder that fits your hiking needs and is suitable for the terrain you plan on exploring.

An ergonomic camera holder helps you keep your hands free while still allowing you to shoot photos without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Have any questions about choosing the ideal camera holder that can be used for hiking? Don’t worry, we have collected some of the common questions asked by other hikers and answered them in a way you can easily understand.

How Do You Carry a Camera for Hiking?

Many hikers carry their camera and lens in a backpack, which means they have to worry about the weight of the gear and any bumps or knocks that could cause it to drop. In some cases, you can carry it on your back or shoulder, but this is not always practical as cameras are heavy.

A better option is to use a camera holder. Another thing to consider is whether you want to bring a tripod or monopod with you on your hike.

How Do You Carry a DSLR Camera While Hiking?

Carrying a DSLR while hiking can be a bit of a challenge. Simply carrying it in hand or strapped to your body is not an option, as the camera and its lens are likely too big for you to carry it that way. The solution is using a camera holder.

A camera holder allows you to carry your DSLR while hiking without having to worry about its size and weight, which can make your hike much more enjoyable.

What are the Sizing Options for Camera Holders?

You also need to know what size and shape of the camera holder are available in the brands that interest you. Some brands offer only one size while others offer several different sizes, including small, medium, large and extra-large.


We have been able to highlight some of the best camera holders you can work with for good hiking experiences. They will help you fit your camera well without hassles.

So, go ahead and make a pick from our review. They are all nothing short of quality.