15 of Best Beaches in Turkey for Families & Couples In 2022


Turkey is a mix of cultures, peoples, and landscapes dating back thousands of years. Turkey has gone through many changes through influences by cultural linkages, empires, and commerce routes throughout its lengthy history. Eventually, this gave rise to various tourist centres as well as some of the best beaches in Turkey.

With over 7,000 kilometres of coastline, it’s no surprise that millions of visitors visit Turkey each year. As a result, Turkey has always been a popular beach resort, with a lengthy western coastline that stretches into the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

15 of Best Beaches in Turkey for Families & Couples In 2022

During the summer, European tourists flock to the island to enjoy a few weeks of sun, beach, and sea. Nonetheless, there is something for every type of traveller here, with a large number of beach resorts to select from.

We listed some of the best beaches in Turkey you and your family or friends can visit, and they include;

1. Kabak Beach, Fethiye

Kabak is a bohemian beach resort, perched above a little piece of sand among the forest-clad slopes of the Yedi Buran Cape. Sleeping among the pines in the rustic-chic cabins of the tiny campgrounds, with their spectacular views down onto the bay, and healthy organic food are all highlights of a visit here.

The picturesque half-moon bay is 25 kilometres south of Ölüdeniz. It is surrounded on three sides by a lush pine forest. Hikers and backpackers travelling the Lycian Way frequently visit this resort.

People come here to savour the natural beauty and uninterrupted tranquillity because it is one of the best beaches in Turkey. There are some covered spots where you may get some relief from the sun while sipping a juice or a beer at one of the beach bars. Aside from that, it’s just you, the Mediterranean, and a couple of friendly loggerhead turtles.

2. Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Cleopatra beach is a 2.5-kilometre stretch of sand that was named after Queen Cleopatra. According to the legend, she fell in love with the lovely bay while on a Mediterranean cruise. Whether you believe the legend or not, spending an afternoon on the beach in the shadow of the old castle might feel like going back in time.

There’s even a Pirates of the Caribbean-style boat docked here for the added historical ambience. Cleopatra Beach is located at the foothills of Alanya Castle, the city’s most famous medieval stronghold.

One of the best beaches in Turkey (and also most popular) is the Cleopatra beach, also known for its white sands and turquoise waters. This immaculately clean beach is bordered by a lovely boardwalk, stores, cafés, and restaurants.

This Mediterranean section is tranquil enough to swim in, yet there are enough large waves to make water sports even more enjoyable. Grab a drink and a leisurely meal at one of the many beach-side cafés if you’re looking for something a little more peaceful.

3. Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeni

Ölüdeniz, which means “Dead Sea” in Turkish, rose to prominence early in Turkey’s tourism boom due to the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings. The lovely golden sand at Ölüdeniz Beach is flanked by lush pine tree forests that ascend up the mountain slopes behind it.

The Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Turkey, and for a good reason. Few sites on the planet can rival its natural beauty. So visitors flock to the vivid blue water for a few hours of relaxation by the sea. With the Babadag mountains in the background, this large bay is located where the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans meet, inside a protected nature reserve.

The blue lagoon was a relatively unknown jewel until the early 1980s, only known to hippies and travellers. It is now well-developed, with pubs, restaurants, and a wide range of activities. A small vacation town with the same name exists, surrounded by the pine-covered Babadag Mountain.

Furthermore, you can jump over the summit while strapped to a paraglider and land on the broad Belcekiz beach below for a spectacular day out.

4. İztuzu Beach, Dalyan

İztuzu is a 4.5kilometer-long length of sand that is both appealing and relaxing. Often known as Turtle Beach, İztuzu is one of Turkey’s most important beaches for Loggerhead turtle conservation.

The beach is a visually spectacular natural setting, consisting primarily of a long spit of sand that serves as a barrier between the intricate nature of the Dalyan river’s freshwater and the bold beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

İztutu is known for its silky golden sands and steep surroundings covered in pine trees. The sea is great for swimming and surfing, and there’s plenty of space on the sand for seclusion. There aren’t many tourists at this beach, but there are a few cafés that will keep you occupied with tea and pancakes.

You can take a short boat ride across the river mouth to a little shady beach on the other side if you want to see more of the area. In addition, its absence of development only enhances the area’s natural beauty and quiet mood

5. Patara Beach, Gelemis

Patara Beach takes its name from the ancient Lycian city of Patara, which is located nearby. However, you must travel through the ruins (and pay a small admission fee) to get to the beach. The ruins of old temples, alleyways, and arches provide the perfect backdrop for this scenic length of coastline and the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.

Patara’s sand stretches for 18 kilometres down the coast, backed by undulating, natural dunes in some spots. All types of beachgoers are provided for because of the vast amount of area available. In addition, you may spend the day near the main entrance, where sheltered sun loungers surround the beach, and a café serves meals and refreshments.

Urban encroachment has not reached this area due to the protected Loggerhead turtles who, for 40 million years, have been returning to lay their eggs. This unique beach is about appreciating the unique beauty of this part of Turkey and comprehending the historical and ecological significance of the beach and surrounding area.

6. Çirali Beach, Kemer

Çirali is a jewel of a beach, lapped by dazzling blue waves and surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, around an hour’s drive from Antalya. This lovely shingle beach along the Turquoise Coast should thrill both nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

Sun worshippers will also be eager to unwind in magnificent, unspoiled surroundings, with the ruins of Olympos (Tahtal Da) at one end and the eternal flame of Chimaera towering above.

Unlike many other Turkey beach resorts, Çirali has avoided considerable development, preferring guesthouses and low-lying small hotels to mega-resorts. This maintains a low-key ambience where the emphasis is on relaxing on the beach. Visitors will enjoy the crystal-clear waters as well as have plenty of room for themselves.

7. Konyaalti Beach, Antalya

Antalya, one of the best beaches in Turkey, is located along the Mediterranean coast. Antalya is a large, vibrant, and vast city with a historic old town. It is full of cobblestone streets, Ottoman houses, and Roman ruins.

This stretch of resort-quality beach is known for its entertainment and nightlife, with a tree-lined beach park filled with Turkish pine and hibiscus, as well as a waterpark, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants – all overlooking the stunning Beydalar mountains.

The seven-kilometre-long Konyaalti Beach is located west of the city centre. It is easily accessible by tram from the old town. The beach area has large resort hotels, restaurants, and cafés. All amenities a family may need for a day at the beach, plus a water park for the kids, are available.

Since it’s one of Antalya’s most popular beaches, there are lifeguards on duty and free changing rooms. There are also restrooms, and showers for all guests, making it a convenient spot to visit with a family.

8. Butterfly Valley Beach, Fethiye

Butterfly Valley, also known as Kelebekler Vadisi, is a hippy haven in Fethiye. The location attracts campers and travellers who appreciate reconnecting with nature and revelling in the welcoming ambience.

It’s a location where people come to live simply, and the residents work hard to maintain that mentality. Butterfly Valley is undoubtedly among the best beaches in Turkey. It is called Butterfly Valley because of the hundreds of species of butterfly that are endemic to the place. This includes the Jersey Tiger.

Butterfly Valley is a bit off the main path. It is accessible by boat from Ölüdeniz or an extremely steep hike. It’s a picture-perfect cove with turquoise ocean, white and white sand, with the Babadag Mountains in the background. There are various excellent hiking paths in the area, some of which lead to hidden waterfalls in the hills.

9. Kaputaş Beach, Kaş

Kaputaş Beach is located just off the coastal road that connects the cities of Kaş and Kalkan. It entices with its blonde beaches and magnificent turquoise waters. This small area of shingle beach is one of the best beaches in Turkey because of its stunning setting, sandwiched between soaring and craggy rock sides.

Beachgoers can either walk down the lengthy, 200-step stairs from the coastal roadway above or take a boat from Kalkan or Kas to get here. The best way to see Kaputas is from the water; thus boat trips are the best method to get there.

After descending, relax on a sunbed on the pale pebbled beach or go swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise seas. If you’re travelling with kids, you may relax and let them play in the shallows while enjoying the modern amenities.

10. Bodrum Peninsula

The Bodrum Peninsula, one of the best beaches in Turkey, is located along the South Aegean coast. The forested, mountainous slopes of the peninsula give way to curving shingles and sand beach coves. These features attract both European and Turkish visitors throughout the summer months.

Some of the loveliest stretches of coastline can be found near the towns of Yalikavak, Bitez, Gündogan, and Gümüslük. They are home to luxury holiday villa projects and boutique hotels.

Most guests, however, stay in Bodrum Town, which has a castle, an old town centre with white-washed homes, and convenient access to the beach.

11. Çesme Peninsula

This peninsula on the Aegean coast is still largely unknown to Western visitors. However, it has become a popular vacation spot for well-heeled Turks.

When the sunbathing is done for the day, the excitement moves to Alaçati, where gourmet eating and café culture keep a trendy population occupied.

It is worth noting that the beach landscape on the Cesme Peninsula was originally known for windsurfing. The area is now Turkey’s top windsurfing destination.

12. Bozburun & Datça Peninsulas

These two small fingers of land are one of Turkey’s principal package holiday destinations. They stretch into the South Aegean Sea from the city of Marmaris. Every summer, a large number of Northern Europeans flock here for relaxing beach vacations at all-inclusive hotels along the coast west of Marmaris.

The crowds may get suffocating in the summer, especially on beaches near Marmaris like Turunc Beach and Içmeler Beach. So, it’s definitely worth the effort to travel further west for a less sardine-like experience.

 13. Icmeler Beach, Marmaris 

The beautiful sands of Icmeler Beach are nestled in the same-named resort town, which is only 8 kilometres from Marmaris. For a beach bordered by pine forests and flanked by the Taurus Mountains, Icmeler has a surprisingly Caribbean atmosphere.

What was once a little fishing community has blossomed into a flourishing tourist destination. This little tourist centre features beach bars, restaurants, and water sports.

This lively beach has everything you might want for your vacation. When you’ve gotten your fill of splashing in the shallows and sunning, head to the adjacent hills for some trekking and some nice views of the beach from above.

14. Ovabükü Beach, Datça

Lovely small Ovabükü bay on the Datça peninsula offers cobalt blue oceans, gorgeous natural landscapes, and soft sandy shingles. The beach is home to several locally-owned restaurants that serve bread, fresh fish, and salads to visitors.

The beach itself is modest, but Ovabükü is concealed within its rocky enclave and surrounded by the freshness of the forested hillside. It offers a true slice of isolation away from the duties of contemporary life.

Also, there are a few lovely little pensions here where you may stay for a night or two and enjoy the genuine charm of Ovabükü beach.

15. Ortakent Beach, Ortakentyahşi

The delightful tiny resort Ortakent has it all when it comes to low-key pleasures. A nice organized beach of dark golden sand is dotted with white-washed cottages and boutique hotels.

Behind the beach are restaurants, beach bars, and tea gardens nestled in the woods.

6 Reasons Why Turkey Has the Best Beaches

Just like every other country, Turkey has its fair share of beautiful beaches too. While some of them are well-known, some of them are lesser-known, but they all have a few things in common: they’re all the best beaches in Turkey.

Here are some of the top reasons why Turkey has the best beaches.

I. Turkey is a Land of Contrasts

Turkey is a land of contrasts. You’ll find amazing natural beauty and history all in one place. On top of that, Turkey is beautiful and diverse with its wide range of cultures.

Turkey’s beaches are a part of the natural beauty that is inside and outside the country. They’re also the perfect way to get away from it all and relax when you need to. The best part about them is that they’re located all over the country, so you can be near plenty of beaches no matter where you live.

II. There are Many Gorgeous Places to See

Turks are known for their love of the beach and with so many beautiful beaches in Turkey, you will never be disappointed. You can find white sand beaches, black sand beaches, and even pebble beaches.

You can choose to go to one of the popular cities close by or venture out further into the country to hit up some remote places on your vacation.

These beaches can vary in size and form. Some are very small while others are huge and span across an entire coastline. But they all have something in common: they’re all gorgeous.

III. They are Easy to Reach

One of the top reasons why Turkey has some of the best beaches is that they’re easily accessible. There are lots of airports and seaports in Turkey, and these make it easier to reach these places. For example, Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world, so it’s easy to find a way to get around.

Another reason why Turkey has some of the best beaches is that there are plenty of ways to get there. You can rent a car, take a bus or train, or even fly in for your vacation. You can also use public transportation if you prefer not to drive yourself.

Additionally, there are many forms of transportation that can get you from one beach to another; this makes it easier for you to explore all the different ones throughout Turkey. You may have never been on a boat before during your vacation or holiday but now you have an option.

IV. Turkish People are Welcoming

Turkey is a beautiful country and this is why it has so many visitors. The Turkish people believe that everyone deserves to have a safe, fun, and welcoming beach vacation.

This is why they are always very nice to visitors and are eager to help you find the perfect place for your beach experience.

V. The Water is Crystal Clear

The Mediterranean Sea is not only the most beautiful, but also the clearest sea in the world. This makes Turkey’s coastline one of the prettiest and most attractive coastlines in Europe.

There are gorgeous beaches throughout Turkey’s coastline, but some of the best are found at Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris.

VI. There are Plenty of Activities to Do and See

You never have to worry about being bored at Turkey’s beaches because there are so many things to do and see.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, enjoy a refreshing swim, go out for a boat ride, or just lay out in the sun, these beaches have it all.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Have some other things you’d like to know about on choosing the best beaches in Turkey for your family? Don’t worry, we’ve collected some of the common questions that we think are worthy of your attention.

Can you Surf at Turkey Beach?

The natural beauty of Turkey is mesmerizing. One of the best ways to explore this beauty is by taking a dip in one of the country’s world-class beaches. You can enjoy the crystal clear turquoise water and watch as waves crash against the shore.

Yes, you can surf at Turkey Beach! For those who are new to surfing, it might be difficult to learn how to surf in the first place. But for those who already have some experience, Turkey Beach is an excellent place for you to keep that skill sharp.

Are There Any Sandy Beaches in Turkey?

There are actually a lot of beaches in Turkey. They’re made up of many different types of sand, which makes them unique in the world.

Some of these sandy beaches are covered with stones and some have greenish water, which is why they’re known for their natural beauty.


Turkey has the best beaches because it’s a land of contrasts. It has many beautiful places to see and it’s easy to reach. There are many activities to do and see, and there are also plenty of beaches in Turkey.

There are even sandy beaches in Turkey! Turkey Beach is not just an idyllic Turkish beach. You can also enjoy swimming and surfing at Turkey Beach and if you’re brave enough you can even try to surf at this beach.

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