10 Best Backpack for Hiking with Camera and Reviews

Hiking Backpack with Camera

Regardless of how long you spend photographing and hiking, your camera equipment always feels heavy after a few hours of carrying it on your back. The issue is that many backpacks aren’t designed to protect fragile devices, making them unsuitable for carrying cameras and photography equipment. because once you’ve packed all of your gear, you’ll be lucky to find extra space for snacks or sunscreen!

Now, if you need to transport something heavy, such as a tripod set, you might be better off hiring a taxi. You can often get by with just a backpack, which is why I created this collection.

Review of the 10 Best Backpack for Hiking with Camera

If you’re looking for a good camera backpack for hiking, I’ve spent some time researching the top 10 camera backpack models.

Let’s get this!

1. Lowepro ProTactic

Durability, comfort, features, and aesthetics all contribute to the Lowepro ProTactic’s popularity, and with its tough EVA molding and cushioning, it gets to protect your equipment from mishaps in all weathers as its cover protects against rain, dust, snow, and sand.

With this bag, the flexible dividers can be repositioned to fit your camera setup. Come with a slip lock tripod cup and water bottle holder and its multiple access points helps you acquire what you need without losing focus. Additionally, the waist belt that turns into a utility belt, I mean, it is fantastic.

This backpack’s ActivZone technology supports your shoulder blades, lumbar, and waist, so you can carry it all day without noticing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very durable
  • high-performance camera backpack
  • 15-inch laptops fit

2. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack: Best Travel Camera Backpack

Travel photographers understand that the most important rule of travelling with a camera is to never check in your gear. The Beschoi DSLR carry-on camera bag has been designed for maximum convenience on the road. There’s enough room inside for two DSLR cameras, six lenses, a flash, a small and lightweight tripod, and even a laptop up to 13.3 inches. There are also zipper pockets on the outside for storing lenses and other accessories.

It is water-resistant and has reinforced stitching at all major stress points to ensure long-term durability. Most importantly, it has anti-theft zippers, which are essential for travel—as is, of course, a pilot watch.

This rucksack, one of the best travel camera backpacks, has been designed with comfort in mind. When you’re on the go, the wide and adjustable shoulder straps leave you more than ready. Just add a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers and you’re ready to go.

Highlighted features:

  • Breathable air-mesh
  • Very comfortable
  • Strong quality materials

3. Altura Sling Bag

When you’re out and about in the city, keep an eye out for the right conditions to capture the perfect shot. You need something light and discrete so you can dash between traffic and crowds to find the perfect setup and if you want to keep a low profile, the Altura sling backpack is the bag for you, as this bag has a quick access side opening with a zip so you can grab your camera quickly when you come across a beautiful scene. In busy areas, you can also swing the bag onto your front for added security.

Inside, the padded dividers can be adjusted to hold your equipment neatly and snugly. a flash unit can also be accommodated. Despite its small size, this bag includes a tripod or monopod holder. This handy little camera bag is ideal for accompanying you on your daily adventures. Simply plug in some wireless headphones and you’re ready to go.

Highlighted features:

  • lightweight
  • Very discreet
  • Extra lenses
  • Best small camera bag

4. USA Gear

Some photographers prefer to edit their photos the same day they take them. Wedding photographers, in particular, frequently provide same-day photo editing services. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe place to keep your laptop in that case? This USA Gear camera backpack is ideal. Inside, you’ll find customizable storage space, as well as space for your laptop, phone, and charger. Outside, the materials are tough and long-lasting.

If you’re going on a photography expedition, whether it’s to photograph crowds at a festival or into the wilderness to capture rare wildlife images, you’ll need a safe way to transport your laptop. This bag does the job perfectly and at a very reasonable price.

One of our favorite aspects is that any extra straps can be tucked into the luggage handle slot. Because there’s nothing worse than being on public transportation and having your strap catch the eye of an unsuspecting passenger.

Highlighted features:

  • Best camera and laptop bag
  • Metal zippers.  
  • Soft rubber pullers
  • Exceptionally durable.

5. Lowepro RidgeLine Pro: Best modern design

If you need to look the part if you’re going to shoot at a cool event like a concert, party, or a special wedding, well, the Lowepro RidgeLine Pro will ensure that you make the right first impression. It’s the ideal camera for the fashion-conscious photographer. The exterior has been carefully designed to appear more streamlined and sleeker—less bulky and clunky than your average camera backpack. But it’s not just about looks. The padded and breathable air-mesh back panel ensures maximum comfort no matter how long you’re on the job.

When the going gets tough, you’ve got an all-weather cover with heat-sealed seams to ensure your gear can withstand even the most ferocious natural forces.

Additionally, it has a CradleFit compartment on the inside that protects your laptop and tablet. We love the idea of nestling our most valuable possession in a cradle. Do you need to travel? When paired with a rolling bag, the backpack has a built-in trolley handle for easy carrying.

Highlighted features:

  • Cutting-edge materials
  • A contemporary aesthetic
  • A water-repellent coating

6. Vanguard Alta Sky

You’ll need Vanguard’s Alta Sky 51D if you need to go off the beaten path to make the winning shot. Side pockets for large water bottles keep you hydrated on outdoor missions. The full-coverage rain cover gives you confidence amid heavy clouds.

Nature photography often involves chance, with so many uncertainties. This camera bag offers back, side, and top access ports so you’re always ready.

This backpack can store adventure photographers’ drones. Externally attach larger drones and tripods. This backpack does all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on capturing the most memorable photo while there in the wild exploring mother nature.

Highlighted features:

  • All-weather built
  •  All-terrain camera bag.
  • Very durable
  • Enough pockets

7. Neewer

To capture a truly magical photograph, you must be on the move, wandering and exploring, allowing for those wonderful chance encounters to occur. This Neewer backpack is designed for city use. First and foremost, it’s waterproof, so even the cloudiest of days won’t deter you from completing your mission. For added comfort, the shoulder straps are padded. You can secure a tripod on the outside to get those epic time-lapses.

There’s enough room inside for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, as well as a GoPro, flash units, radio triggers, batteries, chargers, and cables. All of this without being too bulky, making it the ideal lightweight yet durable backpack for carrying your camera and accessories around town.

As one of the best lightweight camera bags available, this camera backpack competes fiercely. And, just in case you needed more convincing, all of the compartments can be removed, allowing you to use it as a standard EDC backpack whenever you want.

Highlighted features:

  • Most compact
  • Perfect for mobile photographers
  • portable.

8. Wandrd Hexad

Wandrd’s Hexad is the bag for you if you’re happiest when you have your entire studio with you. This is so because, unlike any other duffel bag you’ve seen, it is tough and tough, ready for the most difficult photo expeditions. It’s a big bag at 45 liters, expertly combining capacity and comfort. However, it still counts as carry-on luggage, which is ideal if you travel frequently. It’s also easy to transport, whether as a standard hold-all or as a backpack.

Furthermore, on the top, there’s an organization pocket with a key hook to keep track of the essentials. The bag is made of weather-resistant materials, has spill-proof pockets, and an RFID secure passport pocket. So, whether it’s torrential rain or identity theft, this bag has already prevented two disasters. This camera bag takes care of all the practicalities, allowing you to concentrate on creative compositions, finding new perspectives, and capturing beautiful moments.

Highlighted features:

  • Contains padded laptop sleeve
  • Comes with a fleece-lined pocket for your phone
  • Perfect for expeditions.

9. CADeN: Best waterproof camera backpack

The CADeN Camera Backpack comes into play as my best shot on a waterproof camera backpack on our list is this one. So, you can set up camp in the middle of a downpour while other photographers are terrified. A moody and stormy landscape may look good framed and, on the wall, but when you’re out shooting, it’s more about your ability to keep your equipment safe and dry than it is about the beauty of the moment hence, you need this bag.

It’s also one of the larger bags available, with enough space for a camera body, four lenses, a flash, a tablet, and any other accessories like sunglasses, a tripod attached to the exterior, and water bottles in the elastic mesh bags. A drone can also be accommodated.

Even if your preferred method of photography is drive-by shooting—preferably from the window of a Bugatti—investing in a good waterproof camera is still a good idea. Who knows when rain will fall, and when you’ve spent that much money on equipment, you will agree with me that it’s not a risk worth taking.

Highlighted features:

  • Very spacious
  • High density waterproof
  • Made of polyester nylon
  • Contains rust-resistant alloy zippers.

10. AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag

With this bag, there’s enough room inside for a DSLR body, accessories like memory cards and batteries, and up to three lenses, including your favourite fish-eye or macro lens for artistic flower shots. The dividers can be adjusted to fit your camera setup, and there are straps on the outside for attaching a tripod. Finally, a slot for your tablet allows you to edit on the go. This camera bag will help you get the money shot for a very small investment.

Well, many photographers prefer messenger-style bags because they provide easy access to equipment and are easy to lift either over one shoulder or across your body and since you probably don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a camera backpack before the art world recognizes your undeniable talent as a photographer. Fortunately, there are a few great budget camera bags available, such as AmazonBasics’ DSLR Bag.

Highlighted features:

  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to carry
  • Highly comfortable
  • Long-lasting


In the end, I know that most hikers nowadays use their smartphones or a small travel camera to take photos, hence they don’t require a separate camera bag. But what if, like me, you travel internationally with a large amount of photography equipment?

Or do you want to go hiking with your gear? Several cameras, lenses, a drone, and so on. Perhaps you enjoy photography, have a YouTube channel, or work as a professional photographer.

You’ll most likely need a specialised photography backpack to transport your expensive equipment safely, and that is why I have provided this piece to make your purchase faster and easier. Enjoy!

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Written by Jane Miller

I'm Nomadic Jane, a digital nomad and travel blogger. Since 2009, I've been traveling the world and exploring cultures through my travel blog.