Are Frogg Toggs Good For Backpacking?

One of the worries of hiking, hunting, or any backpacking trip during the pouring season is the fear of getting drenched. Since the 1990s, the Frogg toggs company has been known for making lightweight rain gear.

With most of their products are relatively available for under $50. You can comfortably use their products during the rainy seasons for hunting, fishing, or even hiking without getting wet and possibly catching a cold.

Can Frogg toggs be an ideal item for backpacking? In this article, we will get to know if Frogg toggs are good for backpacking and the reasons why they are.

Are Frogg Toggs Good For Backpacking?

Yes, Frogg toggs are good for backpacking. They are lightweight and very affordable. It is one essential you can’t go wrong with during a rainy season. First, it prevents the rain from soaking you, and second, it is very breathable. This way you won’t get soaked and dripping in your sweat while preventing the rain.

It is made of a three-layer polypropylene material melted together with the use of ultrasonic sound waves. There are quite various options to choose from on their websites. It is reported durable by many reviews on the website and also has a little heavy soft paperlike feel. 

How Can I Maintain A Frogg Togg?

  • Rather than bundle your Frogg togg after use, you should hang it to prevent any mildew or damage.
  • Always hang and keep in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid dry cleaning your Frogg togg. Hand washing them with mild detergent is always a better option. Use detergents with no additives.
  • After washing, always hang them and allow them to dry properly.
  • To avoid bundling them, hang them on a hanger, upside down, in a cool place away from sunlight or any electrical appliances.
  • Keep them away from flames or exposure to excessive heat.

Pros And Cons Of Using Frogg Toggs For Backpacking

Some of the pros and cons of using Frogg toggs for backpacking are:


  • Frogg toggs are very affordable, most of their items according to the website are below $50
  • They are made from good, quality materials that are lightweight and breathable.
  • It is good for rainstorms and wind blocking.
  • They are a bit baggy which allows air to circulate and keep you fresh
  • It is easy to wear over other clothes in cold conditions.
  •  The material makes you sweat a bit which in turn keeps you warm in extremely cold conditions.
  • Their hoods have good feet. It shelters you without obstructing your vision.
  • Pants can easily be put on while wearing shoes and hiking boots
  • They also have a lot of adjustable points and snug protection.
  • You can easily wear their pants on your shoes or hiking boots
  • The front zip has snaps that keep the zip secure and in place.


  • They can wear and tear easily.
  • It might be too large a fit for some people’s style and sometimes comfort.
  • Other jackets are more breathable than Frogg toggs. In very cold times you can probably sweat in the jacket and feel a bit warmer.
  • They lack armpit vents, which can be very uncomfortable and can make you sweat a lot.
  • If used for a couple of hours straight, it can get wet.
  • There are not many colors to choose from. Women only have a few color options ( two different sizes) while men have a safe green, black, and camouflage and other colors as well (single size) to choose from. 
  • There is no toggle to the hood string.
  • They do not have pockets on either their jackets or pants. You’ll have to keep your phone, money, or wallet in your jeans pocket or pockets or your cloth underneath. 

When considering a Frogg togg for your Backpacking activity, you can weigh your options of its pros and cons and you might just need it if the pros outweigh the cons. The decision all depends on your choice as a person and what you want the Frogg togg for.

What Are The Features Of A Frogg Togg?

With the following features you are going to see, also remember that Frogg Toggs are budget-friendly. For its price, you’ve to make some compromises. However, it has almost all the basics for an enjoyable outdoor experience during or under a downpour. Here are some of the functional features of a Frogg Togg:

  • A Frogg Togg has a hood. Without a hood, it will defeat the main purpose of keeping you away from the rain. These hoods are removable and adjustable when need be. It is an added advantage when compared to pricier waterproof jackets. You can take out the hoot from the collar if there is a simple tolerable drizzle. There is a string for adjusting the hood which you need to lock because they do not have toggles.
  • The elastic cuffs go a long way in keeping out cold wind and rain. 
  • They have adjustable hems. It has two drawstring toggles, unlike the jacket. This allows you to adjust the jacket and keep moisture out.
  • They have a waistband that is adjustable and elastic. You can easily adjust using the drawstring keeping the pants lightweight and easy to use. 
  • They have Velcro ankles. This is probably to accommodate wearing your rain pants with your shoes on. They do not have any side zips which would have made wearing and pulling out much easier with your shoes/boots on. It also allows a quick flow of air once the rain stops.

A Frogg Togg is not the most sophisticated waterproof rainwear for your backpacking. It lacks pockets and you have to keep your phone and essentials in your jeans or a trouser underneath the Frogg Togg pant.

Understandably, the Frogg Togg giving up some more sophisticated designs has helped in keeping it simple and lightweight. But it does the job without having to spend a lot of money.


Frogg togg are good for backpacking because of their lightweight and affordability. They are also made from breathable materials. It prevents you from getting drenched along the trail during rainy seasons. Frogg toggs are very easy to maintain, you simply dry them up after use and hang them in a cool, dry place and they shouldn’t be kept close to a flame or any electric appliances.

They are a bit baggy and do not have armpit vents, you might sweat in them if the weather is not too cold. The materials they’re made of easily wear and tear, so a little trail hazard is all it takes to get a.

However, looking at its affordability, and the various features it has to offer, you can’t go far too wrong. When looking for rainwear for your backpacking that is lightweight, easy to carry, use, maintain, and most importantly budget-friendly, then Frogg Toggs are the best fit for you.

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